Creating a Beautiful Home with Treasured Objects for Vintage Living

Vintage Living is our desire to surround ourselves with belongings that transmit beauty and add meaning to our lives. A passion for antiques or any object which transports us into the historical past.

This style can be applied to interior design and decor as well. Outlets of vintage design have shifted from thrift store to chic stores and most recently online. Vintage home decor is something that will never go out of style, but it can be tough to search through antiques and find true gems that are really worth it.

The best part about adding some vintage feel to your home is that you don’t need antique furniture to make a statement, even small home decor items like mirrors, boxes and knickknacks can all add a quaint edge to your home without compromising your contemporary style.

Get inspired by our pick of 15 must-have vintage home decor items, from lamp shades to cushions, and give your home a timeless finish and a unique and charming appeal. (hint: buy what you love, express yourself through it, and don’t be afraid to mix periods).

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1. Vintage Handmade Nautical Astrolabe Zodiac Globe Home Decor

2.Vintage Antique Telephone, Classic European Retro Landline 


3. Handmade Vintage Home Decor Gramophone

4. Vintage Design Jute and Wood Wall Light Wall Lamp

5. Classic Vintage Radio with FM, Bluetooth Speaker, Rechargeable and Portable


6.Vintage Station Wall Clock Home Decor

7. Antique Finished Incense Dhoop Holder 

8. Vintage Bathroom Faucet with Single Lever

9. Vintage Style Wall Mirror

10. Antique Self Adhesive Soap Dish

11. Vintage Stainless Steel Folding Towel Rack for Bathroom

12. Vintage Flower Vase

13. Antique Wooden Stool

14. Antique Door Knob

15. Vintage Style Embroidery Patchwork Cushion Covers

Adding a few vintage object into your home is a simple way of adding colour and print to your space and instilling it with charm and elegance.

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Author: Aparna Malhotra

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