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Mamaearth Castor Oil Reviews

Mamaearth castor oil has put together a 100% pure, natural, and cold-pressed oil without using any heat or harmful chemicals. This oil has multiple benefits for our hair skin, scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes. Not only this it can help fight skin infections when used regularly on any skin or hair type. Castor oil is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments.

Benefits of Mamaearth Castor Oil

Castor oil is a natural skin moisturizer and anti-aging agent. It helps to restore the skin’s moisture balance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Castor oil is a natural moisturizer that aids in nourishing hair from root to tip. It enriches the scalp, helps increase blood circulation, and gives healthy & shiny hair. Castor oil can be used to treat dandruff and make hair smooth and shiny.

Castor oil is a great treatment for the fingertips as it is the richest oil and it’s great for weak nails in need of shielding and nourishment.

In summary, mamaearth castor oil

  • Is a natural moisturizer
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Impressive anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduces acne
  • Fights fungus
  • Keeps your hair and scalp healthy

Reviews by 3 Top Indian Influencers & Beauty Website

Sagarika says, “Mamaearth Castor oil is 100% natural, pure and cold-pressed. It helped in my hair growth and even it’s great for my skin. This oil hydrates and moisturizes skin helps in soothing irritated skin. Thanks a lot, mamaearth.in for such a good oil


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Kritika Beohar adds, “Castor oil helps in the brow and lash growth (personally love mamaearth, highly recommended!)”


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Anjali Jha recommends Mamaearth Castor Oil only out of all the other similar products available in the market. This oil is one solution to multiple problems. She also suggests using this oil on thin eyelashes or hair overnight and to be used regularly cause it 100% natural and has no side effects. This product can be added to our night skincare or haircare routine.

Akansha says that Mamaearth castor oil is very effective and reduces hair fall only after one week’s use of this product has shown her promising results on her hair, skin, and nails.

RARA says she used this product which made her hair soft and smooth without tangles only after one use. This is 100% pure, natural & cold-pressed Castor Oil and has deeply moisturized & conditioned her hair. She recommended this oil for everyone facing hair issues.


This product can be purchased at Amazon INR 299 per 150ML of product

Tell us what do you think about Mamaearth Castor Oil. You can also checkout other quality products from Mamaearth on Amazon

Our Verdict

Overall, we recommend this product since it is one of the most beneficial carriers or base oil. Mamaearth’s Castor Oil is not only good for hair, skin & nails but also improves nails, scalp & cuticle health, reduces skin infections as well. Mamaearth’s Castor Oil is 100% pure, natural & cold-pressed, and made without using any heat or chemicals. This oil is suitable for all skin & hair types. Overall, castor oil is a good product, but it may not be for everyone.

Please note: Castor oil can cause side effects, such as allergic reactions and diarrhea, in some people. Not recommended for pregnant women.


For (+) Against (-)
Suitable for all skin types Price
Multiple purpose use Thick Consistency
100% Natural, no harmful chemicals
Beneficial for hair, skin, and nails

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