You cannot compromise your health, can you? Air purifiers have been gaining good traction recently, and due to the pandemic, it has become the most basic household device. As the name suggests, it cleanses the air, purifies dust, pollens, smoke particles, and other harmful air pollutants. Whether you want to filter out particles, protect your home from viruses, and eventually improve the indoor air quality. Well, now you know there are hundreds of best air purifiers in India, but choosing the right one could be a massive task. However, specific care and maintenance are to be looked for once you have bought the air purifier.

One should consider several factors before purchasing an air purifier, and before you buy an air purifier, you should be aware of your air purifying needs. A basic air purifier will clean the air with just a few buttons. There are smart air purifiers that come with IoT enabled feature, and you can also control it with your smartphone. To make it easier for you, we have put together a few best air purifiers to buy on Amazon; take a look-


7 Best Air Purifiers to Buy on Amazon

  1. Honeywell air purifier

Not many of you might have heard about this particular brand, but it’s a powerful purifier that delivers assures and claims. This device is for those who require good air quality in their space or home, regardless of the product’s price. It’s an excellent product for those who have breathing troubles and are allergic to polluted air. The pre max filter equipped with the F8 PreMax filter, activated carbon filter, V5-Cell MG filter, and HEPA filter with hospital-grade class can cover around more than 1000 sq.ft and give the best performance.

best air purifier


  • Tap controls are easy.
  • Shuts off automatically according to the timer set.
  • HEPA filter removes 99.99% allergens.
  • Energy efficiency and consumption.
  • Zero noise in every mode.
  • Indicates light when the filters need to be changed.


  • The air purifier is heavy.
  • The filter lights don’t work sometimes.


  1. Philips Stage 4 filtration AC1215/20

Indeed, a well-known brand with the best performance and quality that you can always expect to stay the same. The purifier removes around 99.96% germs and pollutants from the air and is also qualified and capable of eliminating airborne diseases such as the H1N1 virus. The smart air sensor detects the bacteria and other harmful gases in the air and cleanses it. Yes, the hospital-grade air filtering process that comes with HEPA keeps the room clean, even when you are asleep with the night mode sensor.

Philips air purifierPros

  • Can be used in both home and office.
  • It’s portable, light, and easy to carry.
  • True HEPA filter available with activated carbon.
  • Detects air quality with fan speed adjustments.
  • Supports smart touch controls.


  • It doesn’t monitor the temperature.
  • Auto filter change is not available.


  1. MI True HEPA Filtration

The ultra-clear OLED display is the highlight of the MI True air purifier as it has a smooth touch control panel. Yes, it’s a smart air purifier, which can also be controlled and managed using your smartphone. You can also check through other smart features enabled to connect with Bluetooth. The touch display allows you to be aware of the temperature and the humidity both. You can easily connect the device to WiFi. The 99.97% filtration technology is everything for cleansing, even the smallest particles up to 0.3 microns from the air. Connecting the purifier with Alexa and Google’s assistant proves the product to be one of India’s best air purifiers.

MI Air purifierPros

  • It is portable and convenient.
  • Comes with smart features and a touch control panel.
  • Control temperature and humidity.
  • EPA filter works as a standalone and removes 99.7% of the dust.
  • Covers a wide space/room, and gives the best performance.


  • Dust sensors malfunctions after some time.
  • Delayed and inefficient customer service.


  1. Coway Professional with True HEPA filter

One of the renowned Korean brands that manufacture the world’s best class air-purifiers. The three-stage filtration gives it all, from removing foul odor to massive dust particles, and allows only clean air to pass free. The purifier deals with an ideal space, covering around 500 Sq.ft of a place or house. This means you can easily place the purifier in any large room, and it would be beneficial. It purifies about 303 cubic meters every hour, which states that you are free of pollutants and dust. Coway has suitable quality dust sensors that keep the air clean and has the most extended HEPA filter life of 8500 hours. Just one touch air-speed adjustment benefit with sleek and attractive design.

organic air purifier


  • Silent and quiet mode operation.
  • Intuitive and sleek design.
  • Automatic airflow control.
  • Green Anti-Flu HEPA filter, removes smoke, germs, and micro-dust.
  • Filter life of 8500 hours.
  • Comes with dust sensor technology.


  • It is expensive.
  • No numerical indicators are available.

5. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-enabled air purifier

The LCD screen displays the air quality, and you can get reports about the dust and pollutants in the air. Its advanced 360 degrees HEPA filter helps in preventing the pollutants. The Tris Activated carbon filter captures and cleanses 99.95% of harmful and fine allergens and dust. It has 10 different speed settings to support the 350-degree oscillation to clean every corner. It’s asthma and allergy-friendly; hence it’s healthy for people with wheezing and bronchitis too. Using and operating these best air purifiers in India is easy; you can also customize these primary settings using the Dyson mobile app.

best air purifier


  • Senses pollutants in real-time.
  • HEPA filter with activated carbon.
  • Works as both bladeless fan and air purifier.
  • Filter changing is easy and instant.
  • Dyson link app available, and provides smart data reports.
  • Night-time mode is available for quiet operation.


  • Noisy when increased to maximum speed.
  • Expensive if compared.

6. TruSens HEPA Air Purifier

The 4 levels of filtration, with pre-filter, carbon filter, UV sterilization, HEPA filter make the brand outstanding in the crowd. It eliminates smoke and odor while capturing dust and pollutants. Remote sensing helps with monitoring the air indoors, and the readings are clearly to know the air quality. The LED displays the air quality according to the color. It also has 360-degree dupoint filtration which easily captures and destroys the allergens and pollutants with the use of ultraviolet sterilization. Of course, it has comfortable touch controls, which lets you access and operate more conveniently.



  • 4 stages of purification give you fresh air to breathe.
  • Filter change alerts and indications.
  • Touch controls are available and are easy to use.
  • Fan speed to turbo mode available.
  • Soundless operation during night mode.


  • It gets noisy when on turbo speed.
  • Sometimes, fails to alert for a filter change.


7. Sharp Best Air purifier

The brand isn’t a popular one, but yes, the plasma cluster technology is the perfect opener for this brand. It purifies the air with the highest grade of HEPA filter with H14 with an activated carbon filter. It works on double purification mode which also helps you to get fresh air to breathe. Removes dust from the microscopic levels, from pet hair to debris to invisible pollutants. The brand claims to remove 99.99% of allergens, senses, and removes every type of foul odor, making the room free of viruses and bacteria. However, the HAZE mode in the purifier is designed to use every time the pollutants are maximum in the air.


  • Indicates and alerts for a filter change.
  • The plasma cluster helps you to remove the dust particles.
  • The 20-degree airflow helps in cleaning a high level of pollutants.
  • Ionization technology and it doesn’t make noise too.
  • Energy-efficient and consumes less power.


  • Does not indicate for filter change.


How to buy Best Air Purifier in India?

Buying an air purifier could be hectic, but don’t worry, we have spread a few crucial factors to consider when buying air purifier. Take a look-

1. Look for features like,

You have to look for pre-filters and digital control features that give convenience to regular operations. Make sure it also has timers, and filter replacement alerts and indicators. A mobile app can be considered a must, as it lets you know the air quality.

2. Energy efficiency

Check how much energy is consumed during its use. Too much energy consumption can become difficult for you. Hence, look for air purifiers with good energy ratings.

3. Noise levels

Air purifying noise at night could be an interruption, hence make sure you choose an air purifier that isn’t noisy, especially during the filtration process and high-speed settings. HEPA filters and carbon filters air purifiers could be a great choice, as there is minimal to zero noise made while in use.

4. Brand

Keep an eye on the brand that you are going up with, and ensure that the brand is reputed and well-known. Of course, you can also check for online reviews, as they play a major role in the purchase.

5. Price

Last but not least! Ensure that you also check the price tag before you go for an air purifier. Of course, many top branded air purifiers are expensive, but yet, there are other brands as well, like the ones we have mentioned here. Go for it!


FAQs on Best Air Purifiers in India

1. Which air purifier is great in performance?

Any purifier that comes with three or four stage purification process which includes, pre-filters, activated carbon filters, UV filtration and HEPA filtration are great in terms of performance.

2. Is HEPA filter effective?

Yes, it is! It can eliminate around 99.99% dust and health affecting viruses from air, which proves its standards.

3. How much coverage does air purifiers does?

Air purifiers can cover your whole room. However, it also depends on the confiigurations and the capability of the purifier. Some can cover the entire house, while some could cover only a single room.

4. How can I check the air quality?

You can opt for an air checking kit, or some air purifiers come in handy with their mobile applications. You can connect and check the air quality in the app.


Our Final Verdict

There was a time, air purifiers were a luxury, but not anymore. With increasing air pollution and air-borne diseases spreading around, every house must consider having an air purifier. Of course, we cannot change the air we breathe outdoors, but we can definitely freshen up the air that we breathe indoors. Good air to breathe gives you a healthy and long life.

Note: We recommend Mi air purifier after careful consideration of all the factors.

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