Refrigerator Organization Hacks According to Rabia

Rabia Khan is a popular skincare and lifestyle YouTuber, with 4 million subscribers. She often has a different perspective and takes on organizational skills that sets her apart from other influencers.

Her way of approaching a situation is quite simple and that’s why people are blown by her ideas and skills. One thing that often gets cluttered easily is our refrigerators; we use them frequently for storing food (cooked or raw) along with beverages and sauces that get messed with the time. To solve this issue of perpetually messy refrigerators, Rabia has come up with a set of rules that will keep your fridge clean and organized.

According to her, a clean and organized fridge is not a one-time trick, but it has to stay that way for long. A clean and organized refrigerator is a habit that needs to be inculcated. She is very confident that by following these rules your fridge will be organized 24/7 and it will look perfect every time you open it.

Rule 1: Microwave Oven As An Extension For Storage/Pre-Heat

Rabia suggests getting a microwave oven if you are looking for an organized fridge. According to her, the idea is not to make dishes, but it has usage beyond that. It is not very expensive to buy a microwave oven. This is one of the most easy-to-follow refrigerator organization hacks.

Rule 2: Containers For Food

Rabia suggested keeping the cooked food in containers that are microwave safe. She mentioned that in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh we have a habit of keeping the entire utensil in the fridge, which consumes a lot of space unnecessarily and makes our fridge looks aesthetically unpleasing. Hence, she suggested getting rectangular or square containers that are easily available and are easily affordable. You can get a set of three containers for less than INR 100 and you are sorted for many years to come.

She said that if you want your fridge to look great, you can also choose glass containers. Now, whenever you need to eat the leftover food, all you must do is take the container and reheat it in the microwave. This will not only make your refrigerator organized but your utensils clean too.

Hoppingo – We might not be in so much agreement here. But people who are time-pressed usually use microwaves to heat food. As much as possible avoid microwaves.

Rule 3: Organizers For Easy Storage

Rabia suggested getting mason jars, zip locks, vegetable bags, and baskets for easy storage. She said that it may sound like an expensive deal, yet you can get all this in under INR 1000, and you will be sorted for a long time. Moreover, the way it will make your fridge look, you will feel the investment was an absolute worth! This is one of the must-follow refrigerator organization hacks.

Rule 4: Crisper Storage For Easy Identification

In rule number 4, Rabia suggested keeping the easily identifiable veggies like pumpkin, potatoes, bottle gourd, and tomatoes on the bottom-most shelf, which is known as crisper.

Rule 5: Kitchen Towel for Green Leafy Vegetables

Rabia said that it is vital to keep a kitchen towel with you to store the green leafy veggies like spinach and alike. You can also keep herbs like mint and coriander in these towels and later keep them in a ziplock, this will keep the veggies and herbs fresh even after a week.

Rule 6: Daily Usage Items In A Kitchen Towel

Rabia suggested that the things that you need to use daily can be kept in a container, after being warped in a kitchen towel for easy access. Like garlic leaves, parsley, or coriander leaves.

Rule 7: Opened Packets In Mason Jars

Anything that is opened from the packet and its constancy or form doesn’t allow it to be kept in a zip lock or crisper should be kept in a mason jar. Like peas, breadcrumbs, oats, and so on. You can also get zip locks that look like mason jars, which are easily available at retail or online stores. This is one of the best refrigerator organization hacks.

Rule 8: Breathable Vegetable Bags

For chopped vegetables like cauliflower, potatoes, eggplants, and cabbage use breathable vegetable bags. This way it won’t get rotten or smelly and will be fresh for long.

Rule 9: Loose Vegetables In Basket

Keep the loose vegetables in the vegetable baskets and keep them inside the fridge instead of crisper. This way they won’t get loose in the heap of another easily identifiable vegetable in the crisper and can be used appropriately.

Rule 10: Peeled Veggies In Separate Containers

Rabia suggested keeping the chopped and peeled veggies in the boxes for easy accessibility and tidiness. Keeping chopped vegetables in separate containers will not only make your fridge look neat but make your cooking and entire routine organized too.

Rule 11: Don’t Store Bulk Vegetables In Polybags

Rabia said that sometimes we get a vegetable in bulk. Keep that in the vegetable container only instead of a polybag or something like that.

Rule 12: No Open Packets In Refrigerator

Rabia emphasized not to keep anything in packets, or randomly laying open. She insists on keeping everything in containers for a neat and tidy look.

Rule 13: Cheese and Sauces Storage

She said that things that come with good packagings like sauce bottles, butter, and cheese can stay in the packet only. In fact, it will add color to your fridge and make it look more attractive.

Rule 14: Keep Chicken-Mutton in Containers

Rabia insisted on keeping chicken and mutton in containers and then in a deep fridge, as polybags can make the fridge look untidy and will give a foul smell too.

Rule 15: Use Trays for Sauce Bottles

Rabia suggested keeping a basket or tray to keep slim and small bottles of sauces. This way the bottles won’t be lying anywhere, and you can access them easily. Also, it will make your fridge look more organized. This is one of the most unheard-of refrigerator organization hacks.

Rule 16: Proper Utilization of Fridge Door

The vast majority of people use fridge doors for keeping water bottles in summer. However, you can also use the door for storing jams, sauces, mayonnaise, peanut butter, and extra. The thing you need to keep in mind is, to keep the opened foods in front and unused ones in the back of the door.

Rule 17: Beverage Storage Hacks

If you keep beverages like cold drinks, cold coffee, and others in the fridge; keep them in a basket as well.

Rule 18: Fruit Storage Hacks

Just like any other thing, keep the fruits inside fruit baskets, containers or outside the fridge. You can keep fruits like bananas or guava outside, while you can keep fruits like watermelon and pineapple inside the fridge and if you have chopped them, keep them in a container.

Rule 19: Store Curd In Mud Pot

She said you can put the curd in the mud pot too if that is in excess.


Refrigerator Organizers Recommended By Rabia

While sharing her suggestions on refrigerator organization hacks, Rabia said that these are purely her recommendations, and you can choose as per your feasibility. The following mentions are her top picks.

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