If you are from the Pinterest-struck generation then Amazon is nothing less than living magic that can turn your space into a gush-worthy fairytale. Everything possible in this world is available on Amazon and thus you can make elevate the look of your space, along with organizing a specific set-up. When referring to the setups who have never imagined having an oh-so-romantic date night with their lover or having a calming nook of their own. Well, the layout that you can construct with today’s #FoundItOnAmazon is just perfect in so many ways. Be it your parents feeling proud of your aesthetic senses, your best friend finding a new place to chill, you slipping inside for peaceful sleep after a self-pampering session or your beau is coming over for the diner date.


The magic that an ensemble of products created by Slipi Gosh, a member of the #FoundItOnAmazon community, will take hack your heart, mind, and soul in an instance. As putting a beautiful picture of the entire setup Shilpi stated, “This colorful canopy bed set up has all my favorite elements in one frame, from floor beds to Katha bedsheets. The Katha bedsheet is made of pure cotton and is soft on the skin. The bright color can add the right pop of color to any space.  Tap here to get yours.”


Shilpi’s Date Night Setup with FoundItOnAmazon

Guess what all the things that have actually put the life or rightly can say magic, inside the picture are all available at Amazon. Moreover, if you are a gentleman and look to woo your lady then there is no harm in getting that extra mile to literary surprise her. Pro tip: if you are the one who usually chickens out when preparing surprises then this would be your time to shine and make it memorable. Hence, without much ado, let’s get started with the list.

Ikea Polyester Solid Curtains, 98 X 110 Inch, White


Ikea never disappoints its customers and the same goes with its white curtains. According to many reviews, they look absolutely dreamy and that’s indeed wasn’t an overstatement for this gorgeousness. These curtains can actually set the backdrop of the setup just as they themself are; absolutely dreamy! Besides this canopy, you can use this product for many other things attributed to the astonishing from it has. These lace curtains let light in while providing seclusion, making them ideal for use in a layered window solution. Furthermore, the rod pocket allows you to hang the curtains on a curtain rod directly. Without hemming, it’s simple to cut to the appropriate length.


TEXTILE ART TI AMO Cotton Ikat Kantha Embroidery Cushion Cover (16×16-inches, Multicolour) – Set of 5


These works were created with the intention of preserving the integrity of two ancient textile arts: block printing and hand-embroidered Kantha work, which is done by highly trained craftsmen in our country. With only the description, you can imagine what a fantastic atmosphere the above-mentioned Ikea curtains will produce. It is, in fact, a meeting of old and new age pioneers.


Gesto LED String Serial Lights 20 Meter/ Copper Led Pixel String Light -Corded Electric (Warm White)-Pack of 1


LED lights are commonly known as fairy lights and that’s for all valid reasons. After all, the way these fairy lights can leave anyone awestruck with their form and can bring calmness in no time to any wandering or wounded soul. Thus, needless to say, the calming romantic canopy was incomplete without these LED lights. Furthermore, the LED lights are equipped with safe plastic wiring that protects the user from electric shocks and short circuits. The copper wire bends easily and is difficult to break. They glow in every direction since they have a constant 360-degree viewing angle, making it simple to build any form out of them.

Fortune Creation Double Bed Katha Work Hand Stitched Double Thick bedsheets Bed Cover (Size: 90×108)


Curtains? Check, LED Light? Check, Cushion? Check. Yet the thing that is left is something extremely essential. Essential enough to be either in the setup and right selection can elevate the decoration by multi-folds. Yes, that is a bead cover, and the bed cover used here is a double Katha work bed cover made of 100% cotton. Which is extremely comfortable and cosy, and which, thanks to its lovely pattern, enhances the appearance of your room.


Here is how you can create a small structure that can be your cozy nook easily available on Amazon products.

Author: Swati Gauba

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