Adding an icing to your home decor with innovative and unique products doesn’t always have to be a major project and you don’t have to shell out king’s ransom for it. And what good is house if it doesn’t have a peace and love sprinkled around in form of antique things. There are products that’ll add to the charm of your house without breaking your wallet.
1. Explore the joy of festivals and keep your senses strong with this contemporary handcrafted item.

2. Music Flowerpot,Smart Plant pots,Touch Music Plant Lamp with Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker adds a dash of style to the nooks and corners of your abode.

3. An absolutely classic set of terracotta vases with warli art at it best. The lovely combination of black and white with gold as an ornamental covering, making it a must have for art lovers.

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4. You can use these decanters in clusters to create a dash of colour in any room in your house.

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5. These hanging planters made by upcycling the doodhwala bhaiya’s measuring cup can be hung on your grill or even indoors on a curtain rod!

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6. A stylish wine bottle rack for your bar or kitchen.

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7. When there is a book in hand, time passes as swiftly as winters in Mumbai. But hey, we have something to add to the irony.

8. Crafted from metal with intricate cutouts, this moroccan lantern will add an exotic and antique charm to the space

9. Use a couple of these bottle coasters as beautiful gifts for your house.

10. Seize the day my friend because you only live once.

So what flavour are you adding to your house this season?

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