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The world is full of misconceptions and full of perspectives along will the chance to chose the best for us in every domain. Be it history, politics, culture, or the way we carried ourselves. One such crucial part of our existence is taking care of ourselves. Yes, misconceptions do not have to be as complex as conspiracy theories but at times they are as minute as what product we use or how we use it.

Talking particularly about haircare, everyone around the world follows a certain routine that usually has a shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, or maybe a hair mask as an addon. But, have you ever contemplated the vitality of a hair serum? If not then Shalini from Knot me Pretty will explain how using hair serum will change your life for the better.

Who is Shalini?

Shalini calls herself a girl on the run and knows how a hectic lifestyle can throw the beauty and hair routine out of the window! Thus through her YouTube channel, she brings to you easy tips and tricks that take the least amount of time, effort, and products so you can still look fabulous while you’re on the go.

From easy everyday hairstyles to cute buns and braids, her channel will help you master them all in just a few minutes. These are great hacks for the real busy bee!


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Everything Related To Hair Serum According To Shalini From Knot Me Pretty

Shalini says that all of us have believed that using shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil is enough to complete your hair care routine. However, adding a hair serum actually completes the hair care routine.

What Does a Hair Serum Do?

Takes Care of Rough Hair Post Shampoo

Shalini says that shampoo cleans the scalp completely but it leaves the cuticles of the hair open. Which later can make your hair tangled and eventually break. Thus applying hair serum coats the cuticles of your hair and prevent them from tangling and breaking.

Gives Long-Lasting Softness

Shalini says that the conditioner seizes the cuticles and prevents them from tangling and breaking but does not add shine to your hair. Neither it can control the frizz and flyways, here you need hair serum to completely nourish your hair and keep the frizziness away.

Provides Finesse 

Shalini says that oil nourishes your scalp but is unable to give your hair the required finish like a hair serum. In fact, oil is a great product for your scalp but does nothing to your hair. Thus for adding the gloss and moisture to your hair you need a dash of hair serum.

Shalini stated a few more reasons to use hair serum in addition to talking about what is a Hair Serum.

Important Point On Usage of Hair Serum

Use in small quantity

With hair serum, even 2-3 drops are enough to give you a smooth finish. This way you do not need much quantity of it, and can be assured that it is not making any negative impact on your hair and it will last longer.

Only takes 1 minute to apply

Applying conditioner usually takes up to 10 minutes (including applying and rising), whereas on the other hand applying hair serum takes only 1 minute at max and you are good to go in no time.

Can be used even out of home

The usages of hair serum are not attached to a certain setup or don’t need a particular space. It is easy to carry and you can do a touch-up with it, anywhere. Be it inside malls or office washrooms or during traveling. It’s super compact and easy to apply.

Only shine not stickiness

Hair serums have the ability to make your hair look super glossy and shiny without making them look sticky. Don’t apply them to dry hair. Else hair may look sticky. Also, they are quite lightweight and dust won’t get stuck to your hair after applying the serum.

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How to Use a Hair Serum

As much as it’s important to use the right product and know what is a Hair Serum, it’s equally important to know ‘how’ to use it.

Step 1 – Dampen Hair. Hair Serum is applied to dampened hair. It is typically applied after a shampoo.

Step 2 – Take any Hair Serum

Step 3 – Take 2-3 drops of Hair Serum

Step 4 – Finger brush starting from mid-length


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Can I use hair serum daily?

Experts do not recommend serums to be used every day. Serums should be used on days when you wash your hair. In case of frizzy hair, oil-based serum can be used every day.

When should I use hair serum?

You should use hair serum to control frizz in your hair.  It is also used to add shine and protects against environmental damage. It also helps repair damage

Are hair serum and oil the same?

No, hair serum and hair oil are not the same. Hair serum is used to style hair and make them less frizzy whereas hair oil nourishes the hair. Hair oil is applied before shampoo and hair serum is applied after shampoo.

Is serum harmful to hair?

Excessive usage may harm the hair but overall serums are not harmful to hair. However, some hair serums can dry your hair. Hence it’s important to choose hair serums carefully.

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