A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and having a lustrous mane is every woman’s desire. The importance of hair care is taught to us at a very young age by grandmothers oiling our hair and telling us how to look after it.

Today, things are much easier with new innovative hair care products easily available in the market. There are products available for different hair types, hair concerns, scalp conditions, etc.

We spoke to experts in Hair care and used their inputs in bringing to you various hair care products that will give you a shiny long and lustrous mane. We will also tell you which ones are absolute must-haves to build your beauty Arsenal.


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Hair Oil

What are the types of hair oil?

Hair oils are oils derived from fruits, herbs, and plants. The importance of hair oil goes back centuries for getting those lustrous tresses. Ayurveda recommends oiling your hair at least twice a week with warm oil.  Based on the fruit, oils can be of different types, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and grapeseed oil.

Oils can also be combined to make different formulations. Cold-pressed oils are also becoming very popular as they help to preserve nutrients. As are Ayurvedic hair oils like Bhringraj, Amla, Brahmi, Sesame, Neem, and Kumkumadi.

How to select the best hair oil?

The selection of hair oil depends on the hair concern you might have. Different oils have different properties for various hair and scalp conditions. Choose the one best suited for your hair type.

Coconut Oil will make your hair grow healthier and thicker as it contains vitamins and fatty acids that can penetrate the cuticles of your hair. Coconut oil comes as regular coconut oil or virgin coconut oil. The latter has more antioxidants as it is derived from coconut milk.

Sesame Oil is derived from sesame seeds and is helpful in removing dandruff and nourishing and repairing damaged hair.

Neem Oil is very effective in promoting hair growth by supporting healthy cell division. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which makes it an ideal oil for treating dandruff and lice. It is also known to prevent premature greying.

Bringraj Oil, also known as false daisy or the king of herbs is a very beneficial oil according to Ayurveda as it is a rich source of iron, magnesium, vitamin E, and D. It improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth. It also prevents scalp infections.

Almond Oil is a great oil to be used if you have weak or damaged hair. It consists of magnesium and Vitamins which repair damaged hair and aid hair growth.

Argan Oil contains phenols and antioxidants that support and strengthen hair follicles and increase cell production. The vitamins in argan oil promote hair growth and help you grow thick and healthy hair.

How to apply hair oil?

There are different ways to apply hair oil. Always comb your hair out and divide your hair into sections. Oil can be massaged into the scalp gently in circular motions for 10-15 minutes and left on for at least 30 minutes before washing it off. According to Ayurveda, oil can benefit more if left overnight.

You can also apply a few drops of hair oil on wet hair for those shiny curls and flyaways. But only apply oil to the ends and not the scalp as it will make your scalp oily.

Is hair oil an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, a good oil that addresses your concerns is definitely a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

Let’s take a look at different Oils available on Amazon.

1.Biotique Bhringral Oil

2.Dabur Amla Hair Oil

3.Parachute Advanced Coconut Oil

4.Urban Botanics Cold Pressed Olive Oil

5.Skin Routines Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

6.Dabur Almond Oil

7.Navratana Ayurvedic Cool Oil

8.Dabur Vatika Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

9.Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

10.WOW onion Blackseed Hair Oil


What are the different types of Shampoo?

Shampoos are used as cleansers for the hair. Walking through the hair care aisles, you will come across various labels on shampoo bottles for different concerns.

Some of the different kinds of shampoos address concerns like dandruff, colored hair, damaged hair, falling hair, limp hair, Clarifying shampoos for hair residue, medicated shampoos for bacterial and fungal infections, organic shampoos, shampoos with conditioner, hydrating shampoos, sulfate and paraben-free, Ayurvedic shampoo and many more.

How to select the Best Shampoo?

Choosing the right shampoo can be quite overwhelming with 100’s of shampoos in the haircare Aisles.

We spoke to Sam, a hairstylist with Monsoon Hair Salon with over 10 years of experience in hair care, and according to him, shampoo has to be selected on the basis of your scalp type as shampoo is for the roots and scalp.

The scalp is of different types, dry, oily, or normal. So if you have an oily scalp, you need to look for a shampoo for oily hair which has deeper cleansing and is less moisturizing. Whereas if you have a dry scalp you need to opt for a shampoo that is gentle and more moisturizing. In case you have a combination scalp, neither too oily nor too dry then consider yourself lucky and use a shampoo for normal hair.

Shampoos that contain menthol and tea tree oil help with an itchy and dry scalp. Opt for a volumizing shampoo in case of thin or fine hair. For frizzy and curly hair opt for moisturizing shampoos to tame those curls. For colored or highlighted hair use strengthening shampoos as these have extra protein to repair hair damage.

How to use a Shampoo?

All of us shampoo our hair at least once or twice a week. But are we doing it correctly? Here are a few tips to make sure you are washing your hair in the correct manner.

Is your hair completely soaked? You needed to wet your hair thoroughly, each and every strand should be drenched to make it shampoo-ready. You can do that by standing under a warm shower for at least a couple of minutes. Shampoo lathers better and spreads more easily on wet hair. Only when that is done is the time to use shampoo.

Take some shampoo into your palm and using your fingers and not your nails spread it all over your scalp, yes scalp not hair strands. It is very important to massage the shampoo into your scalp at least for a couple of minutes to dislodge the sweat and grime. The lather will travel down to your hair strands and you can give your hair a gentle massage as well. In case you have difficulty in spreading the shampoo or end up using too much of it, mix it with some water and then use it.

In case your scalp is very oily, you have oiled your hair or your hair has a lot of product residue then you can shampoo twice.  However, keep in mind that the hair ends are always drier, and using too much shampoo will end up drying them further and strip your hair of its natural oils.

Another important step is rinsing your hair after the shampoo. Proper rinsing is important to remove the shampoo completely from the hair. Once your hair is rinsed it is conditioner-ready.

Is Shampoo an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

The shampoo is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal as it’s a hair cleanser and keeps your scalp and hair clean.

Let’s take a look at different shampoos for various hair concerns.

1.BBlunt shampoo

2.Dove Intense Repair Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair

3.Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo

4.Herbal Essence Morrocan Oil Shampoo

5.WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

6.Indulekha Bhriga Shampoo

7.L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Shampoo

8.Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

9.L’oreal Paris Color Protect Shampoo

10.Pantene Advanced Hair Care Shampoo


What are the different types of Conditioner?

Conditioners are used to keep the hair healthy, smooth, shiny, and looking good. It also helps with detangling and combing and prevent split-ends. All kinds of hair, be it with oily or dry scalp, need conditioner. Conditioners are formulated for different hair types, no matter what your hair type, there’s a conditioner that will suit you.

Different types of conditioners available in the market are volumizing conditioner, Deep conditioner, hydrating or moisturizing conditioner, restoring and repair conditioner, protein conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair fall conditioner, organic conditioner, and many more.

How to select the best Conditioner?

According to Sam, a conditioner should be selected on the basis of your hair type. curly, frizzy, straight, fine, or thick hair.

A volumizing conditioner works well for thin or fine hair as it consists of protein and collagen that add body to the hair. A deep and hydrating conditioner or an oil conditioner is good for dry, frizzy, and brittle hair. Healthy hair needs a normal everyday conditioner.

How to use a Conditioner?

Sam says that conditioner should not be used on the scalp as the scalp already produces natural oils and using conditioner will make them oily and limp. Conditioner should only be used to hydrate your hair strands. It’s best to use conditioner on towel-dried hair if you have the time, or at least after squeezing the water out. Use conditioner starting from the mid-section to the end of your hair. The ends of the hair are the driest and need extra care so be sure to apply conditioner and leave it on for 3-5 minutes and let it emulsify. It is best to continue with your shower while the conditioner hydrates your hair. Rinse off properly once you are done using cool water as the cold water will help in closing the hair cuticles and retaining the moisture.

Once you are done with this hair wash routine, do not rub your hair too hard with the towel, as wet hair is weaker and vulnerable to breakage and damage, instead, use the towel gently to soak in excess water and let your hair dry naturally.

Is Conditioner an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, a conditioner is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal as it completes the hair wash routine by hydrating the hair.

Choose the conditioner that is for your hair type from our curated list.

1.Dove Conditioner

2.Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution Conditioner

3.L’oreal Paris Color Protect Conditioner

4.Herbal Essence Coconut Milk Conditioner

5.Himalya Herbals Damage Repair Conditioner

6.L’oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Conditioner

7.WOW Science Onion Conditioner

8.Tresseme Smooth and Shine Conditioner

9.Sunsilk Almond and Honey Conditioner

10.Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Conditioner

Hair Spa/ Hair Mask

What is a hair spa?

A hair spa or hair masque is a deep conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp. This treatment is used for hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating dry and damaged hair. It mostly comes in the form of a cream masque. It restores the health of damaged hair and reduces breakage. If your hair is very dry and dull then start by using it once in two weeks. Massaging the mask on your scalp improves blood circulation and improves hair growth. Most hair masques contain moisturizing agents such as Avocado oil, Moroccan oil, shea butter, argan oil, keratin, and ceramide.

How to select the best hair spa?

Selecting the best hair spa for your hair depends on the condition of your hair. Hair masks are mostly used for dry, brittle, colored and damaged hair. Choose the one which has moisturizing ingredients that suit your hair type.

How to apply hair spa?

Hair masque is applied to clean washed towel-dried hair. Massage the cream gently from the roots to the tips, covering all strands completely. It’s easier to do that if you divide your hair into sections. Once that is done, use a wide-tooth comb and comb your hair gently to make sure that the cream is evenly distributed. Leave the masque on for at least 5-10 minutes or as specified in the instructions given. Then rinse your hair and dry it as usual. Sam suggests using a hair masque at least once a month.

Is hair spa an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

If you suffer from dry, brittle, and damaged hair or hair that lack luster and shine then a hair spa is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal.

Take a look at various Hair masks available on Amazon.

1.Devyan Argan Oil Hair Mask

2.WOW Skin Science Sunflower and Argan Oil Hair Mask


3.Godrej Proffessional Keratin Rich Mask

4.Forest Essentials Hair Repair Masque

5.The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask

Hair Serum

What is a hair serum?

Hair serum is a liquid silicon-based hair care treatment that coats the hair giving it a shiny and smooth finish. Thereby smoothening frizzy hair. It also helps to tame wavy hair and detangle as well as conceal split-ends giving your hair a smooth neat look. Using serum also protects your hair from heated tools used for styling hair by acting as a heat defense.

How to select the best hair serum?

As with any hair care product, finding the best hair serum depends on the type of hair you have. Your hair concerns also play an important role in the selection of hair serum. If you have light or thin hair then you need to opt for a light serum as a heavy serum will weigh your down. An extra-strength serum works well if you have very thick hair as it helps in keeping it in place. For damaged hair use a protein-rich serum as proteins help in hair repair. For frizzy hair use a serum containing dimethicone specially formulated to tame frizz.

How to apply hair serum?

Apply Hair serum to towel-dried hair after shampooing and conditioning. Apply a little serum on your palms and rub them together. then use your palms and fingers to coat your tresses from roots to the tips evenly distributing the serum.

Is hair serum an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Hair serum is an absolute must-have as using it protects the hair from heat, keeps your hair shiny and manageable.

Here are some hair serums enriched with different nutrients, chose the one best suited for you.

1.Cocoon Hair serum with Argan Oil

2.Biotique Serum for Falling Hair

3.Streax Hair Serum with Walnut Oil

4.Livon Hair Serum with Argan Oil

5.L’oreal Paris Oil Hair Serum

6.BBlunt Hair Serum

Dry Shampoo

What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo comes in the form of powders or aerosol sprays, foams, and tints and is sprayed on dry hair. The alcohol or starch in the formulation soaks up the excess oil from your hair leaving it looking less oily giving it a cleaner look and a fresh smell. It is a great way to extend the time between washing or if you need to step out and don’t have time for a hair wash. It also helps to maintain a blow-dry for longer.

How to select the best dry shampoo?

Once again like regular shampoo, choose the dry shampoo based on your scalp as the scalp gets oily and greasy. If you have a very oily scalp then opt for a dry shampoo that is more absorbent. For dry and curly hair go for one which provides moisturizing. Always read the label carefully to find the right one specially designed for your hair type. If you are going for the tinted shampoo then chose the one that matches your hair color, this also helps to cover your roots in between touch-ups.

How to apply dry shampoo?

Always apply Dry shampoo to dry hair close to the roots. The purpose is to absorb the oil that sits on your roots. It is important to shake the bottle before spraying it on your hair to ensure even distribution inside the bottle. Hold the can at least 10 inches away and spray so that it does not leave white residue on your hair. The amount of product needed depends on the thickness of your hair. Start with the greasiest part of your scalp.

Is dry shampoo an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, dry shampoo is a must-have for those in-between hair wash days.

Choose your dry shampoo from our curated list of the best ones available on Amazon.

1.Juicy Chemistry Organic Dry Shampoo

2.Batiste Dry Shampoo

3.Enliven Dry Shampoo

4.Colab Dry Shampoo

5.Dove Dry Shampoo

Hair Spray

What is a hair spray?

Hairspray is a hair styling product to keep your hair in place. They dry quickly and contain ingredients that stick to the hair and keep it temporarily in place. Hair spray can even lift and give volume to the hair and also takes care of the flyaways and frizzes.

How to select the best hair spray?

Hair spray comes in different formulations, from flexible light hold to stronghold. Light hold sprays are easy to brush off yet help you to maintain your style. On the other hand, use stronghold hair sprays to lock the styles in place and to add volume and extra hold.

Keep hair straight and maintained using a light hold spray, For a tied hair look, use a medium spray, and for making your style last into the night make sure to use a stronghold one.

How to apply hair spray?

Apply hair spray to clean dry hair. Applying it to damp hair might not give the desired results. Hold the hair spray can about 6 inches away from the hair and spray evenly without spraying in one area for too long.

A good idea is to spray a little spray onto the bristles of an old toothbrush to tame flyaways. Do not brush your hair once it is set. For curly hair, try and spray on curls separately rather than spraying your entire hair. It can also be used to spray hair strands before styling them with a curling iron or rod.

Is hair spray an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Hair spray is not a must-have in your beauty arsenal. It’s only essential if you need to keep your styles in place.

Choose your hair spray according to your requirement.

1.Moroccon Hair Spray

2.Schwarzkopf Taft Hair Spray Strong hold

3.Gatsby Strong Hair Spray

4.L’oreal Paris Anti-frizz Fixing Spray

5.Treseme Hair Spray

6.Giovanni Organic Hair Spray

Hair Cream

What is a hair cream?

Hair cream is a hair care product that adds shine to rough hair. It helps to tame flyaways and frizzy hair and make it more manageable.

How to select the best hair cream?

Select Hair cream on the basis of the ingredients it contains. If you wish to nourish and moisturize your hair then opt for the organic paraben-free ones. Hair creams come enriched with keratin, olive oil, flaxseed oil, argan oil, shea butter, etc.

How to apply hair cream?

Apply hair cream to damp hair. Spread a little cream in your palms and use your fingers to spread it evenly in your damp hair.

Is hair cream an absolute must have in the beauty arsenal?

No, hair cream is not absolute in your beauty arsenal unless you have rough hair. It is a personal choice.

1.Arata Hair Cream

2.Himalya Herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream

3.Himalaya Anti Hair Loss Cream

4.Meera Hair Mask with Aloe Vera

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