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Just a few subscribers away from earring the silver button, Deepthi Desiken is becoming a light for the people dealing with skincare and makeup issues. From beginners to makeup artists, Deepthi has something to offer to everyone with her love for makeup and excellent understanding of the products and the skin types.

Deepthi Desikan has come up with a much-awaited video where she has shared all her favorite products that she is currently obsessed with. In the video, she has talked about the products that include makeup, perfumes, skincare, and hair care products.


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While starting the video Deepthi mentioned that it’s been a while she has not shared her favorite products and she is excited to share her latest favorites because she loves her viewers knowing about the products she is currently enjoying. Mentioned in the list of the plethora of products that Deepthi has mentioned in the video in depth.

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Furr by Pee Safe Sea Algae Daily Repair Face Serum

Deepthi looked absolutely smitten by this product! She mentioned that this product has all the good ingredients like ethyl ascorbic which is a staple form of vitamin C. Deepthi said it’s her favorite derivative of vitamin C and is good to use on daily bases. The product also has Sea Alge extract, aloe vera extract, green tea extract and oatmeal extract. Overall, the product fades away the tan and gives you an even tone. Moreover, the presence of liquorice extract works amazingly on hyperpigmentation and pigmentation.

You can get this serum at INR 499 for 10 ml and can avail a special discount of 15% with the code DEEPTHI15. This serum revitalizes your skin and hydrates it to the core for giving you a radiance, maintaining the texture of your skin.

Deepthi also mentioned that she has been facing a weird kind of skin issue in which she was having strange breakout that leaves scars. This condition has left her face dull and rough, hence she switched some of her skincare products and this serum was one of them. She told that, ever since she has been using this serum, her skin is glowing and has become really smooth and got a glow.

The consistency as explained by Deepthi wasn’t too thick or too runny, it was in between. You just need to let the serum soak in weel and then you can apply your moisturizer over it. She says that this serum works with all the skin types (as per her knowledge) and gives you a beautiful glow. She said that she is using this serum religiously in the morning and the nighttime followed by other combinations of skincare products that work best for her.

Deepthi shares that the product has a mild fragrance and it doesn’t have overpowering notes that can trigger your skin or nostrils. She said that, if you have normal to dry skin you will really like this product and you can also have it underneath your makeup as it has a stick structure that will hold your makeup for long periods of time.

Furr by Pee Safe Sea Algae Daily Repair Face Serum

Too Faced Born This Way Matte Foundation

The next product that Deepthi talked about was the Too Faced foundation.  It works perfectly for normal to dry skin and as she uses a lot of glowy products she looked impressed with the kind of glow this foundation gives her. Deepthi said that she is using the Parline shade and it’s just amazing.

If you have oily skin and are looking for a good foundation then this foundation is the must-grab for you. It stays long and doesn’t look too cakey or clingy. It can be your bridal foundation too, keeping the glowy factor into consideration.

Too Faced Born This Way Matte Praline

Too Faced Born This Way Matte Praline



Bioderma Atoderm Creme

This is the base that Deepthi love putting underneath her foundation. She prefers glowy finishes and this base works just fine for her. She said that she has talked so many times about this product and still can’t get over it. This base gives her a well-hydrated look and is fragrance-free. Moreover, it works well with every product and you can use it as a base with almost everything.

Ikkai c The Glow Dry Oil

This product is quite similar to Colorbar Cellular dry oil but it is cheaper and at a discount too. Deepthi prefers wearing it underneath her foundation and it adds beauty to her as well as pre her skin well for the other layers of makeup.



Nybae Dewy Drops Foundation Moca

Talking about this foundation she mentioned, it is a newer purchase and she has been mixing it with other foundations. Later she mentioned that this foundation has a thick consistency and one needs to use a brush to apply it. She later mentioned that it would be great if its packaging or consistency could be modified. She then said that maybe in summers the consistency would be different.

Deepthi adds that if you consider the price point, this foundation gives you that HD high-end finish at a low price. It gives you a photographic perfectness and looks really good on the skin, it is not too glowy, not too matte, and gives you a perfect satin look, without any aggregations. Later she mentioned that one can use this foundation in combination or alone, like in the video she was wearing is with Too Faced foundation and it all gave her a dewy glowy look.

Insight HD Foundation MN 30

The next product that Deepthi showed was insight HD Foundation MN 30 and it has a bit dewy finish. It is suggested that it shouldn’t be used for oily skin but work wonders on normal to dry ones. This foundation gives you the blurred and HD look. One can even use it in combination or as it is.


Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer – Sand

While showing this concealer, Deepthi shared that Too Face products works really well in combination and this concealer covers the dark areas perfectly and gives good high coverage. Moreover, it is a long-lasting product and stays for really long.


Insight Full Coverage Concealer MNY20

Deepthi mentioned that this concealer is pure magic at such a price! It has a creamy base and so far none of the concealers has lasted under her eyes this long. Later she said that she can’t say how it will work for the oily skin but for her skin it worked wonderfully.



Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer Caramel

This concealer by Maybelline gives high to medium coverage and doesn’t need any colour correction as it has a warmer tone. Its tone pretty much corrects the under-eye areas on its own. Moreover, it is a buildable concealer and stays at the place for really long.



The Balm Anti Orange Bronzer Greg

Deepthi has shared that she is not a fan of bronzer and hence if she really needs to use the one, she goes for Anti Organe Bronzer. This bronzer doesn’t give the stark undertone and looks really natural.


Renee Pandora Pink Blush

While talking about this blush, Deepthi said that this pride gives her the subtle blush and is quite long-lasting. She hardly gives it touch-ups after wearing it. Also, you may choose to not use a highlighter after using this blush as it does the work itself by accentuating your cheeks in a natural manner.

Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

Talking about the eyeshadow, Deepthi showed the beautiful shades by Anastasia Soft Glam and told that if you are a beginner and find it difficult to blend your eye shadow then this pallet is the one for you. It has a powdery texture, and it’s quite blendable. Moreover, all the shades look beautiful on black, or brown eyes.




Nykaa Strobe and Glow Highlighter Glazed Bronze

Deepthi said that this highlighter can give you an editorial magazine cover look as it’s quite wet and make your face look beaming. She said that the only issue with this highlighter is that it’s quite thick in consistency and one has to scoop it out. But, if you are looking for a wet and glossy look it’s a perfect purchase. Moreover, you can use it on your body too.

Swiss Beauty Liquid Illuminator

While showcasing this product Deepthi, told the viewers she mostly, in fact, every time she uses the product like a body highlighter. This product gives a really illuminating look to the collar bones and shoulders.

Huda Legit Lash Mascara

Talking about the mascara, Deepthi showed her Huda Legit Lash Mascara and looked pretty impressed with the kind of volume it can give to her eyes. She also mentioned that she has been waiting for this one for a long and she is amazed at the way this mascara is giving that thicker look to her eyelashes She has got it in the travel variant and looked quite happy with it.

Huda Legit Lash Mascara

Huda Legit Lash Mascara

Mac Lipstick Paramount

Deepthi said that this orange shad looks stunning on medium to deeper skin tones and is quite long lasting. In fact, it’s her everyday look lipstick. It has a creamy base and is an iconic lipstick for sure.

MAC Satin

Mac Marrakesh

Deepthi seemed in love with this product’s solution. She got this lipstick in the burnt orange shade and said that it has an undertone of brown, orange and red. It is long-lasting and goes well with every skin tone.

MAC Lipstick

Lakme Mocha Shot

It’s a great formula, looks amazing and gives a brown undertone on a deeper complexion and this is something that can be worn as a no-makeup look. Extremely stunning and long-lasting.

Kiro Nude Garnet Lipstick

The formula of this lipstick is a lot more glossy than matte ones and it can be women as an everyday look too. Its nude shade is stunning and will give different looks on different skin tones. Moreover, this lipstick will sit perfectly on the lips and won’t give you any flakiness or cakey look.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Divine Dark

Deepthi said that this shampoo works like a magic for the one with oily scalp and has tried all the dry shampoos. She said that most of the time, dry shampoos can give you dandruff but this won’t. It will remove all the oil from your scalp and it smells like its name, it smells divine!

Iba Halal Raindrops Perfume

The scent of this perfume is more like David off and on fabrics, it lasts really long. It has citrus and aquatic notes and if you are a fresh and fruity fragrance you can go for it. It is quite mild and will make your feel fresh for a long.

Moi by Nykaa Joi De Vevre

This perfume is Deepthi’s favorite and she mentioned that if you will wear this perfume people will definitely ask what you are wearing? This citrus tone and grounded with pepper with the woody notes of amber and oaks mess. It’s long-lasting and now overpowering at all.



Moi by Nykaa Joi De Vevre

Moi by Nykaa Joi De Vevre


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