Appliances, gadgets, and hairstyling tools have remodeled our beauty regimes be it for the skin, hair, or body. Now there are tools available for all beauty-related dilemmas which make life so much easier without stepping out of your home. We spoke to beauty experts to understand the best tools in their fields and curated a series of articles for you for the same. Let’s take a look at different hair tools to know what to add to your beauty arsenal according to experts.

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All of us have bad hair days and hair styling tools are a woman’s best friend during these times. There are hairstyling tools available for every kind of hair. To straighten the hair, curl it, wave it or crimp it. So whether you want a straight look for the office, waves for the beach, or those Goldilock curls, hair styling tools can make your wish come true.

We spoke to experts like Sam Chandel, who suggested tools like curling irons, hair straighteners, and crimpers for styling hair at home.

We also spoke to Prem from Hairmasters Salon. Let’s hear what he had to say.


There are different types of hairdryers available in the market and choosing the right one can make all the difference to your hair styling. According to hair experts, the hairdryer you choose needs to be according to your hair texture and length.

The two common hairdryers are Ionic and Ceramic. The Ionic ones use negatively charged ions which do not open up the hair cuticle thus keeping your hair smooth while fast drying. If you have thick or frizzy hair then this is for you as the negative ions produced by these hairdryers dry your hair faster while keeping them shiny.

The ceramic hair dryers come with a ceramic coating inside that distributes heat evenly and style the hair with fast drying and reduced speed. However, they do not produce too many negative ions and are less expensive than ionic dryers.

If your hair is flat and limp and you are looking for volume then opt for a ceramic hairdryer as the even heat distribution protects your fragile hair while giving it volume at a low setting.

Hairdryers with diffusers are good for curls and dull hair as they help to smooth the curls and restore shine to dull hair.

Wattage plays a very important role while choosing a hairdryer. Thin and fine hair dry easily and do not need a hairdryer with too much wattage while thick hair needs more heat to dry and thus more wattage.

The weight of the hairdryer is another consideration especially if you have thick or long hair as it will take longer to style and dry. Holding a heavy hairdryer will not be a feasible option in this case.

A nozzle is an important attachment for a hairdryer as it helps to direct the heat in one direction without frizzing your hair. Undirected hot air will result in flyaway hair.

We have curated a list of the best Hairdryers for you to select the one best suited for your hair type.

1. The Vega Pro-Expert

This hair dryer comes with a high wattage of 2200W, a diffuser, and two nozzles. The diffuser is perfect for wavy and curly hair as it distributes heat evenly and the heavy motor dries your hair in no time. The large nozzle aims at a larger area and is good for long and thick hair whereas the medium nozzle is for targeting smaller areas like fringes. This hair dryer comes with two heat settings and a cool shot button.


2. Panasonic Hair Dryer

This hairdryer with Panasonic Nanoe technology infuses 1000x more moisture into the hair than normal Ionic technology that ensures smooth and shiny hair. It comes with 3 Nano attachments, a quick-dry nozzle that dries hair faster, a concentrator nozzle for concentrated drying, and a diffuser for combating frizz and adding volume.

3. Havells 1500W Ionic Hair Dryer

The Havells 1500W Ionic Hairdryer comes with 3 settings of Hot, Warm and Cool. The Ionic flow reduces frizz by flattening the hair cuticles giving a shine to your hair. The cool shot after styling helps to set the style. It comes with a fixed nozzle for precise blow-drying. It’s a good option for frequent use.

4. Philips Professional Thermo Protect Hairdryer

This Ionic hairdryer generates 20 million ions per drying session giving shine to your hair. It is a good option for everyday use as the Thermo protect airflow mixes warm and cool air for everyday use. It comes with 6 speed and heat settings and a cool burst setting for setting your style. The nozzle attachment helps with targeted styling.


5. Vega Go Pro 1800-2100 W

The Vega Go Pro 1800-2100W hairdryer is a ceramic hairdryer and a part of Actress Ananya Pandey’s Signature Collection. The ceramic constitution of this hair dryer ensures damage-free drying. It consists of two speeds and three heat settings. The cool shot button ensures a longer-lasting Blow Dry. It comes with an overheat cut-off button which ensures safety and a detachable nozzle.


6. Philips Hp 8142 Hairdryer

This Philips 1000W hairdryer optimizes airflow for gentle drying. It has a two-speed setting and is lighter in comparison to other heavier dryers and is small enough to be stored anywhere. The concentrator ensures airflow into specific areas.


7. Carrera Professional Hairdryer

This German hairdryer has a powerful 2400W motor with 3 heat settings, 2-speed settings and a cool shot button. Its ceramic technology ensures quick drying with less damage and the Ionic technology ensures smooth shiny no frizz hair.


8. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is quite heavy on the pocket however it ensures 6x faster drying with high pressure, high velocity of controlled air. It also ensures no heat damage by checking air temperature 40 times a second and regulates the heat. It comes with different attachments for styling different types of hair.

The styling concentrator attachment concentrates on one section at a time not disturbing the rest of the hair. The diffuser attachment distributes air evenly around the curls and helps to define them by reaching deeper into the hair. The Gentle Air attachment is designed for fine and thin hair as it defuses the air and makes the airflow gentle while still ensuring fast drying. The wide-tooth comb attachment is specially created for curly and wavy hair. The wide teeth help to detangle and dry hair faster giving it shape and volume.


Blowdryer Brush

A blowdryer brush is a combination of a blow dryer and a brush in one appliance. It dries and styles your hair with every brush stroke. It dries the hair strands without damaging the hair making it ideal for fine hair. This appliance saves time as well as is easier to use rather than using a dryer and a brush separately for hair styling.

1.Beurer HT 50 Hot Air Brush

This German ceramic coated hot airbrush comes with 3 attachments, a round brush for curls, a heated brush for volume, and a concentrator nozzle for quick drying. It has 2 heat and 3 blower settings. The Ionic technology ensures shiny and smooth hair. It also boasts of a cool air function for a strong hold.

2.Maycreate Hairdryer Brush

This Ionic Airbrush comes with Ionic technology and 3 attachments for curling, brushing and styling. It is lightweight and has 2 heat settings and a cold setting.

3.Panasonic EH-KA42-V62B

This 650W Panasonic Air styler comes with 4 attachments. It has a nozzle attachment, a slim roller brush, a blow brush, and a siliconized brush It is small, low weight, and compact for easy styling. It has a 2-speed setting that provides a simple and easy way to style your hair.

4.Ucravo Hot Air Brush

This 1000W airbrush is great for styling hair and is a perfect combination of a dryer and curler. The Ionic technology smoothens the hair while retaining its shine. The ceramic plate design ensures even heat distribution eliminating frizz and static.


Air Stylers with Multiple Attachments

1. Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair styler

This Air styler includes a curler, crimper, brush, straightener and conical curler.


2. Havells HC 4085

This 1000W air care styler comes with 5 attachments for all kinds of air styling. These attachments combine hair drying, brushing, Hair curling, and styling functions in one appliance. The holes in each attachment are designed for even distribution of heat ensuring no damage to the hair. It comes with 2 heat settings and one cool shot button to retain the style.


3. Dyson Air Wrap

This innovative hair tool from Dyson uses air instead of heat for hairstyling. This Airwrap does not exceed temperatures above 150degrees. The airwrap comes with different barrels to curl and wave and brushes to volumize. It uses the aerodynamic formula called the Coanda effect to wrap the hair into the barrel. It can dry and style the hair without using extreme heat.


Hair Straightening Brushes

Hair straightening brushes are another two-in-one appliance that is a combination of a flat iron and a brush. These are hairbrushes that heat up and you can detangle and straighten your hair with every stroke giving you frizz-free hair. Do not use these on damp hair for best results.

1.Brosen Hot Air Brush

This boasts of a perfect combination of a hair straightener, hairdryer, and hair comb. It consists of 3 heat settings. Its built-in thermostat prevents overheating and is suitable for all hair types.



2. Philips Air Straightener Brush

This air straightener brush from Philips has Keratine infused ceramic coating to minimize hair damage and give smooth shiny hair. It comes with different temperature settings for all hair types and is ready to use in less than a minute of plugging in. The triple bristle design detangles the hair easily and the Thermo protect and Silk Pro care Technology prevents overheating and gives shiny hair.


3.Philips HP8672 Air Styler

This 650W Air styler from Philips with a narrow airflow concentrator gives volume from the roots. The Thermo protect technology prevents heat from damaging the hair. It comes with 2 heat settings and a two-year worldwide warranty.

4.Havells HC 4030 Ionic and Keratine Smooth Straightening Brush

This Ionic and ceramic bristle hair brush ensures smooth and silky frizz-free hair. It has adjustable temperature settings.

Straightening Iron/ Flat Iron

The important factor to look for while selecting a hair straightener is multiple heat settings. It is important to be able to select the heat setting for your hair type. Thin hair tends to burn easily so requires a lower setting than thick hair.

Equally important is the material used, so opt for a ceramic coating or tourmaline for even heat distribution. If you have very curly hair then look for wider plates as they provide better coverage.

1.Philips Kerashine Titanium Wide Plate Straightener

This straightener from Philips comes with Silk Protect technology for minimizing heat damage by even heat distribution. The keratine plates infused with titanium ensure smooth gliding on the hair and even heat transfer. The wide plates are designed specially for thick long hair. It is equipped with special Ion for frizz-free hair.

2.Havells HS 4121 Hair Straightner

This is a wide plate straightener for thick long and coarse hair. The ceramic plates glides through the hair eliminating frizz. Easy temperature control buttons adjust the temperature from 150-230 degrees while using. Boasts of a plate lock system for easy travel.

3.Havells HS4101 

The ceramic coated plates help glide the straightener into the hair. Straight hair, curls, or waves will be easy to achieve with this hair tool. The moving plates adjust to the thickness of the hair and avoid pressure on the roots thus avoiding breakage. It comes with a 210 degrees temperature heating.


4.Philips Selfie Straightener BHS384/00

This straightener has Philip’s Silk Pro care technology that controls heating and ceramic plates for easy smooth gliding that styles your hair with a shine. And two temperature settings.

5.Vega 3 in 1 Hair Styler VHSCC01

This hair hairstyler is a straightener curler and crimper all rolled into one hair tool. This has ceramic coated plates for silky smooth hair. The 3 ridge design creates the crimps in your hair and the barrel curls your hair very quickly.

6.Dyson Hair Straightener

The Dyson hair straightener comes with intelligent temperature control which checks the temperature 100 times in one second ensuring the chosen heat setting. It can support cordless styling for 30 minutes. It supports the styling of curls, waves, and straight hair and comes with 3 heat settings for all kinds of hair.



Curling Irons/ Wands

While choosing a curling iron, it’s important to note the barrel size as different barrel sizes give different kinds of curls. The smaller the barrel the tighter the curls or spirals while the bigger barrel will give you loose curls or waves.

Opt for curling irons with ceramic coating or tourmaline for even heat distribution. A cheaper material might damage your hair. A swivel cord is an added benefit as it will prevent your hair from tangling.

Opt for a curling iron that has different heat settings so it can be adjusted to your hair type in terms of less or more heat required for the styling.

1.Vega Ease Curl 19mm Barrel with Ceramic Coated Plates

This curler from Vega is a chrome-plated curler with a 19 mm barrel. The clamp on the curler help to hold the hair in place. The temperature setting for the curler is 200 degrees. 

2. Philips BHB862/00 Hair Curler

This hair curler from Philips comes in a 16mm barrel with ceramic coating that adds bounce and shine to the hair. It comes at a 200 degrees temperature.


3.Havells HC 4041 25mm hair Curler

This curler has a 25mm ceramic coated barrel for quick and easy styling. It has a cool insulating tip and a clamp to keep hair in place.



Hair Wavers

1.Revlon Jumbo Perfect Heat Three Barrel Waver

The Tourmaline Ceramic coating reduces damage to the hair from over heating and helps to seal the hair cuticle. It has various heat settings for different kinds of hair. It is a Jumbo size for faster styling.


2.Style House Professional Hair Crimper

This crimper comes with Tourmaline-ceramic plates for a smooth finish.


3.Professional Hair Crimper



Innovative Hairstyling Tools

1. Dratal Automatic Curling Iron

A fast heating ceramic plate and reaches 210 degrees temperature to give you perfect styling producing negative Ions for frizz-free and shiny hair.


2.Levotech Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

This portable and cordless hair curler uses the automatic air wrap function to create curls and waves. It has 6 temperature settings and an LCD Display. The anti-tangle design ensures hassle-free styling.


3. Saifee Solutions Professional

Automatic wrapping technology in a nano-ceramic curl chamber makes for easy styling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hairstyling tool?

Hairstyling tools are products that add texture, volume, curl, waves or just hold a style together. These include hairdryer, hair iron (curling tongs, straighteners, crimpers), electric hairbrushes, blow dryer brush, hair curlers, etc.

How to select the best hairstyling tool?

The selection of the best hairstyling tools depends on your budget, lifestyle, and styling requirement. We have curated a list of the best hairstyling tools available on Amazon.

How to use a hairstyling tool?

A very important point to keep in mind before using any hairstyling tool is to use a hair protection spray to protect your hair from damage caused by the heat.

It is also important to use the right temperature setting for your hair type. Extreme heat can decrease the shine in your hair.

For fine and thin hair, a low-temperature setting can get the job done without damaging the hair as fine hair heat up faster. On the other hand, thick or curly hair needs a higher temperature to heat up for styling.

It is also advisable to use the cool air shot after heat styling to lock in the style for longer.

As hairstyling tools are of different types it is best to read the instructions carefully or get a demonstration before using them to easily get the styles you desire.

Are hairstyling tools an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, hairstyling tools are an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal for any hair emergency that might arise.

Also, do read best beauty tools



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