Mira Rajput Kapoor Favorite Hair Care Products

Right from the moment celebrities entered the endorsement sector, the masses were either influenced massively or questioned the authenticity. Endorsements by celebrities have made us question everything! Celebes who vouch for their gymming and diet were spotted endorsing noodles or cold drinks and hence the illusion was broken.

This also resulted in a changed status quo. Presently, we may love their work but we choose not to follow them blindly. This is understood by celebs too and they are coming to the cameras to share their lives in a more authentic way. They have learned a great deal from influencers when it comes to promoting brands.

Recently, many famous people said no to advertising a product that doesn’t convince them or doesn’t resonate with them, and the entire society is growing as a whole. One such celeb who loves sharing her personal lifestyle choices is Mira Rajput Kapoor.

Mira, a graduate of Lady Shree Raam College, is the wife of Bollywood heartthrob Sahid Kapoor and has a strong fan following of her own. In fact, her marriage with the Bollywood star was the talk of the town and everyone was excited to get a glimpse of Shahid’s bride.


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Mira’s YouTube Channel

Mira Kapoor has successfully created her online brand as a young mother who loves skincare and Ayurveda since she went public on Instagram a few years ago. The social media queen had revealed that she will create her own YouTube channel on December 1, 2021.

Shahid Kapoor, her spouse, was ecstatic and made a confession in response. “My love..I am crushing on you all over again.” the actor said on his Instagram Story after re-sharing Mira’s statement.

Mira shared a few frequently asked questions in her debut video. “What have you done to adjust? Was it truly your intention to have two children before you turned 25? The most prevalent is: What’s the latest Bollywood rumor? “In the video, Mira adds. She went on to say that just a few people know who she really is. Mira explains, “It’s because I haven’t put my complete self out there.”

The YouTube channel is all about the real her. As she wrote in the descriptions, “ Hi I’m Mira Kapoor, and welcome to my YouTube Channel!!

Here’s a place where I get to be me and share what I really love. Talking about the things I’m truly passionate about; in my own words, through my eyes. So let’s Keep it Real! YOU & I … we’re just getting started.”

Mira Rajput Kapoor Favorite Hair Care Products

While browsing through her YouTube channel, one video got our attention. She’s spoken about her hair care routine and her favorite hair care products. She has simply shared her honest view in the video.

“I’ve always had wavy hair, and it gets frizzy in humid weather. I don’t want to be Monica in that Friends episode in the Bahamas with my hair like that.” Mira explained.

She said that she was apprehensive about moving from Delhi to Mumbai because of the humidity in the air, but luckily Mumbai water wonderfully suited her hair. Mira adds. “I have wavy hair, and like most ladies, I’ve never loved it. I’ve always wanted to go against the grain and do something different with my hair. I used to travel around with a hair straightener.”

She said she was cautious about oiling and caring for her hair even back then, especially because she was aware of the extent to which heat tools were harming her hair strands. “The more damage you inflict to your hair, sooner or later, it catches up,” she added.

Pregnancy Has Changed Her Hair Big Time

Mira Kapoor revealed that her hair altered dramatically throughout her pregnancy and after giving birth and she considers this to be the “greatest shift” she’d ever seen in her strands. “I had the hair of my dreams throughout my first pregnancy.” I had no idea it was possible for a person to have so much hair. I used to have the tiniest ponytail since straightening caused it to fall out. I was just ecstatic. The nicest aspect is that I didn’t have any hair loss after giving birth. In reality, the hair that my darling daughter had blessed me with remained with me. I was ecstatic. I wore my hair in a thick ponytail. “Whenever I had my hair done, I would get bouncy curls,” she revealed.

However, things were different when she gave birth to her son Zain two years later. “With a boy, the hormones were different, and I had a thick magnificent mane of hair, but as soon as I delivered, it was like this kid came and snatched all my hair,” she explained, revealing that she had bald patches on the front of her head. “I was still suffering from post-partum hair loss until around 9-10 months ago and then I realized it had to do with my food, so I altered it,” she explained.

Sharing Mira Rajput Kapoor Favorite Hair Care Products

Kama Bhringandi Hair Oil

A pre-shampoo oil regimen is essential for Rajput Kapoor. “I oil my hair with Kama Bhringadi Hair Oil before I rinse it.” It stinks, and some of you might not enjoy it. “Because my spouse doesn’t like the fragrance, I’ve stopped sleeping with it at night,” she explained. However, because keeping oil in her hair overnight gave her a stuffy nose, she now only oils the base for 2 to 3 hours before showering the next day.

Forest Essential Hair Mask

“I’ve lately included a new phase in my hair care routine which is a hair mask,” says Mira. She was referring to the Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Masque which is intended for use on dry hair. “I put the oil on my roots and the mask on the rest of my hair,” she says “Her tresses felt like butter after usage, she said, despite the fact that her colored hair used to “feel like hay” before she started using it.

Head and Shoulders Shampoo

That was very startling! Can you image the star wife using a shampoo that resembles Head and Shoulders? Mira Rajput Kapoor said that she’s been using Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, a drugstore shampoo that she couldn’t believe worked this well because her scalp has been greasy recently owing to the excessive humidity. “Those who oil their hair frequently know that the worst thing that may happen is that there is still oil after washing and drying. “All I have to do now is wash my hair once with this shampoo,” she explained.

Mira Rajput Kapoor Favorite Hair Care Products – Hair Conditioner

Mira said, as she applies the hair mask, she doesn’t need the conditioner, but she’s nowadays using the Olaplex Conditioner. She further added that if you don’t want or don’t want to use a mask as a conditioner, you may use any conditioner of your choosing.

Mira Rajput Kapoor Favorite Hair Care Products – Drying & Styling Hair

Rajput Kapoor prefers to keep things simple when it comes to drying her hair these days. “I wait for my hair to dry. I do a clipped half pony. “I prefer my baby hair to simply dry softly,” she explained. She further adds that she styles her strands using the Dyson Air Wrap. She applies the Pahadi Local Akhrot ka Tel on the tips right at the end. “It absorbs quickly.” When it comes to serums, I try to stay away from mineral oil.”

Mira Rajput Kapoor Favorite Hair Care Products – Neem Combs & Wet Brush

To eliminate tangles and comb her hair out, she used a neem comb (from Ohria Ayurveda) or The Wet Brush. But her latest hair hack comes from her husband Shahid Kapoor. “In Shahid’s beard trimmer package, I discovered a beard brush. He used to use it to help his beard set, and I saw that he did. Because my baby hair is little and thin, I wanted to explore how it would work for it, and it truly helps to control the flyaways. Perhaps this was a common practice in the past. This is something I discovered by using it myself. “It does take care of the newborn hair,” she stated.

Mira Says No To DIY Hair Oils and Masks

While Mira enjoys making her own hair oil (she raved about her hibiscus hair oil), she no longer uses DIY hair packs. “I’ve discovered that natural hair packs—the ones you create in the kitchen—tend to stay in your hair quite a bit. That makes me feel a little sick. I’m annoyed because my hair doesn’t feel clean and cleansed even after I’ve washed it.”

Hope you liked Mira Kapoor’s haircare routine guys! Simple, real, and affordable. Yes, that’s how real celebs roll on!

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