Appliances, Gadgets, and tools have remodeled our beauty regimes be it for the skin, hair, or body. Now there are tools available for all beauty-related dilemmas which make life so much easier without stepping out of your home. We spoke to beauty experts to understand the best tools in their fields so that we can curate them for you. Let’s take a look at massage tools in various categories to know what to add to your beauty arsenal according to experts.

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A massage is the best way to unwind after a long tiring and stressful day. It takes away muscle soreness, reduces stress, helps with pain relief, and is good for general wellbeing. However, going to a spa or having a masseuse at your disposal isn’t always possible. Massage Tools are a great alternative to that. There are different massage techniques that have been incorporated into these massage tools like Shiatsu, kneading, pressing, and rubbing effects. Some tools also come with the option of heat massage.

What are massage tools?

Massage tools as the name suggests are tools/ devices that massage targeted areas of the body. They relieve pain, stiffness, and muscle tension. There are generic as well as specific massage tools for feet, legs, back, neck, hands, shoulders, and scalp.

How to select the best massage tool?

There are certain factors to keep in mind while selecting a massage tool. Firstly and most importantly, the budget. If you have a huge budget then the best option is a fully automated massage chair. A massage chair massages the complete body and is the closest thing to getting a massage done by a masseuse. However, along with being costly, it is heavy and bulky as well. You will need space as well as an electric connection to place it. Massage chairs come with options for different kinds of massages and intensities.

Another factor to consider is the fact that most of the bigger ones are not cordless and have an electric connection. So decide where you need to place them beforehand.


Massage Chairs

1.JSB MZ24 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This massage chair has a space-saving capsule design and is specially designed for stress and pain relief. A total body massage can be enjoyed using various massage settings and modes relieving stress, increasing blood circulation and back and foot care. It has a remote with a voice control to enjoy the massage without having to disrupt it. Enjoy a luxurious massage in the comfort of your home.

2.Cosmocare Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair boasts of 5 massage techniques like kneading, rolling, pressing, tapping, and massaging on hips, back, head, and neck to provide relief from body fatigue and pain leading to complete relaxation. It comes with an adjustable backrest and footrest.


3.Lifelong Massage Chair LLM549

If you are looking for a massage chair on a reasonable budget then you can take a look at this one from Lifelong. It comes with a one-year warranty and offers various functions like kneading, tapping, shiatsu and knock air squeeze. It has a recliner function that provides complete relaxation by stretching the entire body. 


In case you have a limited budget, choose a massage tool that specifically suits your need or problem areas.

If you have a problem with achy feet then opt for a foot massager. For hurting calves look for the leg and feet massager which massages the feet, ankles, and calves simultaneously. Foot massages boost blood circulation keeping your muscles healthy.

Leg, Calf and Feet Massagers

1.JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager

This Leg, Foot and calf massager from JSB provides relief from achy muscles and joints by improving blood circulation from the feet to the knees. The gripping massage of the foot and calves replicates a hand massage. It has a kneading, vibrating shiatsu massage function.

2.Robotouch Pedilax Calf And Foot massager

This calf and foot massager has 3 reflexology programs to massage the reflex points of the feet and calves with 3 intensity modes. It has a shiatsu rolling massage function for more effective massages.


3.Dr Physio Foot Calf and Hand Massager

This multifunctional device delivers deep shiatsu massage to targeted areas. It uses mild warming to stimulate reflex points of areas like feet, sole, hands & arms. It improves blood circulation thereby relieving stiff muscles with variable speed controls and warm functions.

4.iBell IB F3772 Foot Massager

IBell Foot massager provides intense relief to tired feet. The intense stimulation on pressure points helps elevate muscle aches and cramps. The heat and the gripping function give a relaxing hot massage to the feet just like a hand massage.

5.Wahl Air Pressure Foot Massager


6.Air Compression Leg Massagers


7.iBell Foot Massager Machine

This foot and spa massager is equipped with strong motorized auto rollers to improve blood circulation.

8. Foot Massage Pad

There are cushion and seat massagers for shoulders, neck, and back which are portable and can be moved easily. You can also choose from massage mats and infrared heating options.

Cushion and Seat Massagers

1.Dr Physio 3D Cushion Massager

This 3D neck and body massager provides relief to the hard-to-reach muscles with kneading and patting actions.

2.Lifelong Back and Body Cushion

The deep kneading action of the Shiatsu massage relieves knots and muscle tension. Infrared heat therapy reduces stress and relieves pain.

3.Bolditech Neck Massager


4.ARG Healthcare Car Seat Cushion Massager


5.ARG Arogya Back Pain Massager Seat



6. Wahl Full Back Seat Cushion


7.Dr Trust Physio Neck Shoulder Massager

Handheld massaging tools are another reasonable option. They come with different attachments for different body parts and concerns. Massage guns have gained a lot of popularity and are used to give a deep massage and are quite portable.

In case you are a sportsperson or get frequent body aches and pains or stiffness then choose a massager that gives a deep tissue massage. The vibration of these massagers specially designed for deep tissue massage goes deep into the tissue to relieve aches and pains.

Handheld Body Massagers

1.Padabhayanga’s Electric Ayurvedic Kansa Foot Massager

This unique Kansa foot massager, cleans the legs and feet of callus and dead skin, improving and relaxing the nerve endings of the leg which are connected to the entire body.  It relaxes tired feet, improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.


2.Agaro Electric Body Massager



3.Dr Physio Body Massager

Perfect Double head massager with 3 different massage heads.

4.Percussion Massage Gun

This fascial gun releases fatigue and soreness, promoting blood circulation and prevents inflammation.


5. Vandelay Handheld Full Body Massager


6.Dr Pysio Electric Full Body Massager


The battery-operated ones may have a shut-off time, so consider the battery life and your usage before making your purchase. Also, keep in mind that some battery-operated massagers might be noisy. Always go for the quieter ones especially when you have to use them near your ears or neck.

Massage Mats

1.Massage Mat with 9 massage settings. For neck, shoulder, and back massage. It is Easy to store and roll.

2.Shrevi Full Massage Mat

Scalp Massagers

1.Robotouch Trichoderma Pro3D Scalp Massager

This scalp massager has 3 heads and provides a 3D forward and backward kneading massage function. It covers a wide area and massages deeply thereby improving blood circulation giving relief from headaches and helps improve sleep quality. It can also be used as a body massager.

2.Electric scalp massager for acupressure points and relaxation.

Clears your mind and relaxes the brain leading thereby improving sleep quality. Fits and adjusts perfectly on the head.


Eye Massagers

These eye massagers come with flexible designs and adjustable straps to fit any face size. The soothing music acts as a lullaby and the Infra-Red heat and massage function together stimulates blood flow and relaxes the eyes leading to sound sleep. They boast of different massage options like Kneading, trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massage. These helps relieve eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, sinus pressure, and headaches. The pressure on acupressure points leads to complete relaxation.

1.Breo isee4 Eye Massager

2.Tranquil Eye Massager

How to use massage tools?

Massage tools are generally used for specified body parts. Most manual massage tools have attachments and speed settings that you can choose according to your need. Once you have decided on the attachment and the speed, place the massager gun/ handheld massager into the tight muscles and move it slowly around the area.

Massage chairs are easy to use once you have installed them. Just slip into the chair and turn on the massage setting and time duration you are in the mood for. It will automatically stop when the cycle is complete.

For foot and calf massagers, sit in a comfortable chair and slide your feet/legs into the cavity. Select the intensity and setting required for the much-wanted relaxation and relief.

Massage cushions, massage seats, and massage mats can be placed under your neck, shoulders, or back for pain relief. The nodules in the cushion and seat will knead your problem areas for that Ohhh to Ahhh relief.

Are massage tools an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

No, massage tools are not an absolute must-have unless you enjoy massages or suffer from some muscle ailment that requires frequent massaging.


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