Hoppingo stalked Deepika Padukone to find what was in her bag & wardrobe

Have you ever wondered what Deepika Padukone carries with her in her very heavy handbag? What according to her are absolute wardrobe essentials? She says she has everything in her bag to survive if she were ever stranded on an Island. That makes sense… doesn’t it? Her closet is full of essentials. So let’s dive in her closet and then in her bag.

What According To Her Are Wardrobe Essentials?

Deepika Padukone On Instagram shared her wardrobe essentials which have about a million views already. We help you find those on Amazon and yes these essentials could be yours without digging a deep hole in your pocket.

Deepika Padukone On Instagram

Check Deepika’s Closet Essentials

C.Cozami Check Cotton Shirt

This cotton checkered full sleeves shirt is the kind of style Deepika likes to wear over jeans. You can team it with spaghetti or a sleeveless top for a cool look.

SightbombHigh Neck Sleeveless Top

Deepika is seen adorning a beige top just like this one. This sleeveless, high neck fitted blouse can be worn with just about any kind of bottom for the Deepika look.

Leather Retail Leather Jacket

With winter on its way, this black leather jacket will make you look hot and cool at the same time, Deepika style.

Style Dunes Tank Top

This cotton racerback tank top is made in stretchable and comfortable cotton material and is ideal for sleepwear, loungewear, sleepwear, or leisure. Stalk Deepika to find out when she wears hers.

Dnext Denim Jacket

This short-length distressed denim jacket has a good fit and is made from cotton. Wear it over denim for a casual-cool look.


What’s in Her Bag?

So do you have everything in your bag to survive if you ever got stranded on an island? let’s take a peep into her bag and compare it to yours. And I must admit, there’s a lot in her bag.

We at Hoppingo have Stalked Deepika Padukone On Instagram and Pinkvilla and everywhere else to find what’s in her bag. You will find many of these products easily available on Amazon.

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Women’s Wallet

Giordano Wallet

This Giordano wallet is a perfect card wallet for women, including Multiple Card Slots, Photo ID windows, Large Money Compartments,  small zipper pocket for change. you can simply carry it in your bag. Deepika keeps her cards in her black wallet.

Mobile Charger

Apple 20W Adapter

Deepika always has her charger in her bag so that her phone is never out of battery. This original Apple 20W USB‑C Power Adapter offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go. It is compatible with all Apple devices and the adapter comes in different Wattage. 

Samsung Original Fast Charger

This original Samsung charger Uses Fast Charge technology to charge your compatible device’s battery from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes

Sugar-Free Mints

Impact sugar-free Mints

These Impact mints are flavored sugar-free mints for a super fresh & ever pleasant breath. Made in Germany these mints come in many flavors and a convenient small pack that can easily go into your bag. And Deepika always carries mints with her.

Small Mini Travel Hair Brush

It’s good to keep a small travel size or folding hairbrush in your bag as it’s easy to carry and use. The soft flexible bristles of this hairbrush detangle the hair while being gentle on the scalp. These come in a perfect size and are small enough to put in a purse or bag. Deepika always has her hairbrush handy.

Sunglasses for Women

A pair of Sunglasses should always be in your bag be it for style to put on your head indoors or to protect you from the sun. These pairs of sunglasses recommended by Amazon are modern and stylish and offer UV 400 protection. You will always find Deepika wearing sunglasses if she is outdoors in the sun.

Elegante Rectangular Sunglasses

Creature Gaga Sunglasses

Travel Size Hair Spray

These mini travel-size hairspray serums from BbBlunt and Fave4 can be carried in your bag and used to give an instant shine and lift to your hair while on the move. This can be used on dry hair and has been specially created for Indian hair types.

Hairspray is the most interesting item we found in Deepika’s bag.

BBlunt Hair Serum

Fav4 Hair Spray

Small Size Pouch

A small size pouch is like Pandora’s box in Deepika’s bag. She literally carries millions of things in her pouch and do watch her take them out one by one in the video at the end.

Let’s take a look at what all she has in it. But before you do that let’s shortlist a pouch for your bag.

NFI Essentials Floral Pouch

Ishine Transparent Pouch

Zest for Toys Transparent Pouch

Now that you have a pouch let’s fill it up.

Travel Tissues and Compressed Tissue Tablets

The first thing that Deepika pulls out of her pouch is a small pack of tissues. It is very handy to always keep a mini pack of hanky tissue in your bag. You never know when you will need it. These pocket-size tissues and travel compressed tissue tablets are very easy to keep in your bag and are perfect for those allergies/colds and clean hands.

Inkulture Pocket Tissues

Luxansa Compressed Tissue Tablets

Eye Mask

Deepika keeps an eye mask with her. It helps to catch a nap while on the move and while traveling. Here are some mulberry silk eye mask options for you to choose from.

These masks are made of 100% Natural Mulberry Silk. Mulberry silk is also known as Natural Silk and is a very smooth and soft fabric. These lightweight masks are perfect sleeping companions anywhere.

Ross Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Travel360 Mulberry eye Mask

Wise Life Mulberry Silk Eye Mask


Tampons have a smooth removal layer that gives you comfort, on heavier as well as on lighter days. The smooth, rounded-tip applicator and anti-slip grip ensure comfortable insertion. These tampons give you up to 8 hours of comfortable, leak-free protection, comfort and security during periods.

Tampax Pearl Super PlasticTampons

Bella Tampa Tampons


Pains can upset your entire schedule and disturb your workflow for hours. So, you need quick and effective pain relief products in your bag for instant relief from pain and go on uninterrupted. Choose the one best suited for your problem areas.


Vedalay Gomygraine Ayurvedic Medicine For Migraine And Headache Relief

These tablets are 100% Natural Ayurvedic Medicine for the prevention of Migraines and Chronic Headaches. Gomygraine tablet works on different types of headaches, cluster headache, tension headache, sinusitis headache, stress headache, and severe headache.


Ricola Elderflower Lozenges

These sugar-free lozenges combine Elderflower with Ricola’s herb mixture to create drops that refresh your throat and mouth. These soothing lozenges have a mellow and floral taste and have been used in traditional medicine for ages.


My Dr. Pain Refief Spray

This small travel-size spray relieves Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain & Muscle Pains. It soothes muscle spasms & sprains

and provides instant relief With long-lasting results. 

Viopatch Herbal Knee Pain Relief Patch

Sanfe Period Cramp Relief Roll-on

This period cramp relief spray has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties to help improve menstrual cramps and mood swings. 

This easy-to-use and carry roll-on helps to relieve period pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, and inner thighs.

Nail Polish Remover

DeBelle Nail Polish Remover Pads

DeBelle nail polish remover wipes contain Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, & vitamin E that moisturizes your nails & cuticles while also removing your nail polish effectively in one swipe. These travel-friendly wipes are acetone-free and each wipe can clean up to 10 nails. So carrying these in your bag will ensure you never have chipped nail polish.

Lakme Nail Polish Remover

The Lakme Nail Polish remover is enriched with Vitamin E to prevent excessive dryness around the nails. It removes colour completely and simultaneously strengthens your nails. This is Acetone-free and comes in a 27ml bottle (3 pieces) making it easy to carry in your bag. 

Nail Polish Remover Removal Pens with Cotton Heads

Helpful and cost-effective, you can fill these pens with nail polish remover liquid or just make it wet by dipping it into nail polish remover liquid, very convenient to carry in your bag.


Stain-Remover Pen

Tide To Go pen Instant Stain Remover

This easy-to-carry stain remover pen instantly removes many fresh foods and drink Stains. It works well On Tomato Juice, Ketchup,  Coffee, Wine, Tea, Chocolate Syrup and more. So no more worrying about dropping anything on your clothes while on the go.

Dr. Beckmann Stain Remover Roller

This easy-to-carry and travel-friendly roller effortlessly remove stains with an effective combination of surfactants and active oxygen. It targets specific spot stain removal and is a residue-free stain removal for all colors and fabrics.

Wet Wipes

Kaya Wet Wipesy Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Wipes

These Dermatologist approved wipes remove dirt, oil, and makeup, and keep your skin and eye area hydrated. These are suitable for all skin types and give an instant oxygen boost on the go.


Lacto Calamine Face Wipes

Lacto Calamine face wipes are enriched with Aloe Vera, Cucumber & Vitamin E. These daily cleansing facial wipes gently remove makeup and cleanse the skin from impurities, dirt, and pollution.

Lense Cleaner

Zeiss Lens Cleaner Wipes

These optical cleaning wipes are ideal for your glasses, phones, laptops, and tablets while on the go. They easily remove fingerprints, grease, and dirt. These are streak-free, fast-drying, and gentle.

Microfibre Portable Eyeglass Spectacles Sunglass Lens Cleaner Brush 

This brush is easy to use and carry. It cleans every corner of the lens, even the hard-to-reach places. The microfibre cloth is gentle for your glasses and leads to scratch-free cleaning.


Hair Accessories

Deepika keeps a few hair accessories in her pouch at all times. Here are a few, see which ones work for you.

Trendy Club Hair Chiffon Scrunchies

These hair scrunchies are made in Chiffon Fabric and have a soft texture. Each scrunchy has a durable rubber band and can fix your hair well without hurting your hair.

Voyella Hair Clips

Perfect hair clips to pin back your hair when on the move. Smart yet dressy to be worn anytime.

Binaryabc Ponytail Bungees

For easy ponytails while on the move. Keep a few bungees in your bag for those tired moments.


Bella Vita Perfumes

These slim pocket-perfume bottles are easy to carry and come in 6 different fragrances of 10 ml each. Deepika always carries her scent with her.

Watch this YouTube video and see what all comes out of Deepika’s bag. Tell us what’s the most interesting item for you.

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