Appliances, Gadgets, and tools have remodeled our beauty regimes be it for the skin, hair, or body. Now there are tools available for all beauty-related dilemmas which make life so much easier without stepping out of your home. We spoke to beauty experts to understand the best tools in their fields and we have curated a series of articles for you. Let’s take a look at Hair Removing Tools in various categories to know what to add to your beauty arsenal according to experts.

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Hair removal is not a must, but a personal preference. Most women prefer smooth skin without hair on their face and body and in today’s time shaving at home or going to the salon for waxing, threading and any other kind of hair removal takes a lot of time and effort. Hair removal tools were invented, for this reason, women get smooth skin without the fuss. Stepping out wearing a sleeveless blouse or a short dress has never been easier.

Hoppingo approached  Nazima, who is a hair removal expert and has been using Laser treatments on her clients for the last 8 years. She recommends laser as the best treatment for hair reduction. However, as home hair removal devices, she suggests using the Hair removal pen for facial hair as it’s very easy to use and not as cumbersome as threading or waxing. She also suggests using the IPL tools at home in place of laser in case you are looking for hair reduction.


What are hair removal tools?

Hair removing tools are just that. Tools for removing unwanted hair on the face and body for smooth skin. These are of different types Hair trimmer, Epilator, Shaver, IPL Laser, Pens, etc.

How to select the best hair removal tool?

The selection of the best hair removal tools depends on your area of usage, hair type, and the intensity of hair growth. There are many tools available in the market. take a look and choose the one best suited for you.

Facial Pen Hair Remover

For the delicate area on the face, this hair removal pen effortlessly removes fine hair and fuzz from the upper lip and eyebrows. Its narrow circular tip with tiny blades reaches the curves of the eye area and upper lip for no-fuss and quick hair removal. It does not leave the facial skin red or irritable. This device is discreet and easy to carry.

1.Braun Face Mini Hair Remover

This Slim hair remover pen from Braun removes the tiny hair on the face for that perfect makeup look.  The mini size makes it easy to carry and use whenever required. The built-in smart light helps to see the peach fuzz. Removes hair from eyebrow line, upper lip, and chin with ease.


2. Havells Hair Remover Pen

3. Facial Hair Remover Pen


Epilators essentially work as quick electric tweezers plucking even the shortest hair. The result is better than what you would get by waxing as it removes shorter strands and removes them without tugging. The hair does not grow back for a few weeks and is a good option for sensitive skin. Epilators can be of two types dry or wet. Wet epilators as the name suggests can be used in the shower.

1.Braun Silk Epil Epilator


2.iGrid 3-in-one Women Grooming Epilator-Shaver


3.Philips Compact Epilator

4.Philips Cordless Epilator


IPL Hair Removers

These home laser devices are expensive tools, however, in case you are looking for a permanent reduction in hair growth and are hesitant to get it done from a Laser skin clinic then these are good options. The laser light emitted by the device destroys hair follicles leading to a reduction in hair growth. Lasers always work better on darker hair and with time, the hair becomes lighter and hair growth reduces.

IPL refers to Intense Pulse Light technology. This is a painless hair removal system that eventually destroys hair follicles by giving out intense pulse light leading to a reduction in hair growth. It works on all skin tones and sensitive body parts. Every pulse or flash disables hair follicles and only a small amount of heat is felt on the area. It works well on the color contrast between skin and hair color. The darker the hair, the better it works.

1.Signaxo Allure IPL Hair Remover

With 990000 Flashes, this weekly treatment will see 97% hair reduction in a month. It is an FDA approved device.

2.Livyu Life IPL Hair Remover

3.Signaxo IPL Hair Remover

4.Dratel IPL Hair Remover


5.Bosidin IPL Hair Remover

Electric Trimmer

Electric trimmers trim your body hair to the shortest length without nicks and cuts and are useful in case your skin is sensitive to waxing, threading, or epilators. These work well with facial hair and sensitive skin prone to breaking out. Can be used easily on underarms, bikini line, or body.

1. Philips Touch Up Facial Hair Trimmer

2.Hair Trimmer for Face and Body

3.Veet Hair Trimmer

4.Lifelong Hair Trimmer

5.Gadgetronics Trimmer

6.Philips Bikin Trimmer

How to use hair removal tools?

There are certain points to keep in mind while using a hair removing device. Always use hair removing tools on clear skin and end the session with a moisturizer. Always move the device in the direction of hair growth to pull hair out of the roots.

Epilator and trimmers- Exfoliate your skin before using an epilator or trimmer to prevent ingrown hair. Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle loosely against your skin. Stretch your skin and move the epilator in the direction of hair growth. Moving the epilator against the hair growth will not remove the hair from the roots. Always clean the epilator after every use.

For IPL devices, Nazima recommends shaving the area first to remove hair. Select the right intensity for your skin and hair type. It’s always advisable to start with low intensity and then build up she says. Keep moving the device over your skin as the device keeps flashing.

However, she suggests that it is best to read the instructions manual for the hair removal tool you select. As the technology, settings, and usage of each tool is different.

Are hair removal tools an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, any hair-removing gadget in your beauty arsenal is a must-have for instant fuzz-free smooth skin.


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