Appliances, Gadgets, and tools have remodeled our beauty regimes be it for the skin, hair, or body. Now there are tools available for all beauty-related dilemmas which make life so much easier without stepping out of your home. We spoke to beauty experts to understand the best tools in their fields and we curated a series of articles for you. Let’s take a look at the best face tools to add to your beauty arsenal according to experts.


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Our Face is the first part of our body that starts showing signs of stress, fatigue, sagging, and of course, aging. And so the face deserves extra and special care. Face Yoga and face massage is also a trend that has caught up very recently and face tools are becoming very popular with all ages. Rightfully so, as face massage is as important as massaging any other part of your body and that’s the best way to work those facial muscles, toning and tightening them.

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What are face tools?

According to experts, Face tools are tools that are used on the face to tighten and smoothen the facial muscles and skin and help in lymphatic draining. There are always traditional tools like gua-sha or jade roller which are still gaining popularity. However, the new face massagers with vibration technology and LED innovations are steadily becoming must-haves.

How to select the best face tool?

We have curated a list of the best facial tools for you after talking to skin care experts and you can take your pick considering your budget, age, skin type, and skin concern.

Face Massage Tools

Face massage tools provide high-frequency sonic vibrating tools for the face that help in better absorption of creams and serums while boosting lymphatic drainage and tightening your skin.

There are face massage tools that provide relief to the eyes and skin using warm and cool temperatures which restore firmness and elasticity to the skin, especially around the eye area.

Sculpting Bars ( A traditional Japanese tool) and Face rollers rejuvenate your skin using the rolling and sculpting motions and improve blood circulation and tighten the skin.

1.Prayaara Vibratory Face Massager

The vibration of this massager improves blood circulation that helps to reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity. This battery-operated massager makes it convenient to be used anywhere, even in the car. 10,000/minute sonic vibration tightens the skin and relaxes the eyes.


2.Synaty Two in one Vibration Massager Beauty Bar

The T-shape beauty bar and the 3D roller help to sculpt your face. The T-shape head has a vibration level of 6000 times/min to help ease fine lines. Always use them in the direction from bottom to top and in to out.

The 3D Roller Sonic Energy Beauty Bar has a rolling action on your skin, its vibration helps with tightening your facial skin and improve blood circulation.



3.Heallily Crystal Alloy Face Firming Bar

This firming bar helps to tighten facial muscles and contour your face.


4.Caresmith BloomVibrating Rose Quartz Face Roller

This roller comes with two massage stone heads. It has a controlled vibration technology that generates 6,000 micro-impulses per minute. The vibration along with the qualities of the rose quartz helps in stress relief and tightening the facial muscles. When used with a serum or moisturizer, it helps in deeper penetration into the skin.

5. Havells SC5065 Multifunction Skincare

This multifunction device from Havells has a one-hour run time after charging. It performed a cleaning, massaging, and Fading function. The positive ion feature is used for dirt removal and the negative ion feature is for skin cream absorption.


6.BeautyHub 5 in 1 Vibrational Massager

This 5 in 1 skin tightening device with Radio Frequency, LED Light and Electric muscle stimulation helps in collagen production, skin tightening, wrinkle softening, and energy-producing light deep into the skin.

7.BeautyBox Hot and Cold Face Massager

With 12000/minute Sonic Vibration Massage this massager comes with color light therapy t increase blood circulation and balance skin tone. It has an Intelligent 3-minute timing for each mode. It also boasts of a cotton fixing ring for makeup removal.

8.Care Shine Anti-aging Portable Biogalvanic Microcurrent Skin Firming Massager

It helps deep penetration of nutrients into the skin layer by absorbing the dirt in the pores leading to smooth skin. The roller massage also helps to diminish fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

9.Touch beauty Sonic Face Massager

This Sonic massager with + and – ion technology removes impurities and massages the skin leading to better absorption of moisturizers and serums. It helps with acne and dull skin.

10. IGrid 3D Micro Current Face Massager

This Y-shaped roller massager releases micro currents that energize the face muscles. It helps in improving face contour and reduces fine lines, puffiness, and wrinkles. It also helps to improve skin elasticity.



Electric Pore Cleanser/ Blackhead and Whitehead Remover

This device uses an air suction mechanism to remove blackheads and whiteheads leading to cleaner healthier pores. These generally come with different suction modes for different skin types.

1. Havells SC5060 Pore cleanser

This blackhead/whitehead remover comes with 3 suction modes for different skin types. Helps to clean pores and remove makeup residue and grease.



2.Winston Blackhead Remover

This Blackhead remover with 5 cleaning heads can be used on all types of skins for white heads removal, Black heads removal, Acne removal, and Pimple removal.

3.Rylan Beautiful Skincare Expert Blackhead Remover

This blackhead remover comes with 4 different suction heads, Small, Large, Oval, and Silicone Head. Along with blackhead removal, it also helps to exfoliate dead skin.


Face Cleansing Tools

This cleansing device uses T-sonic pulsating vibrations to deep cleanse your skin removing dirt, impurities, and dead skin. It delays signs of aging by promoting blood circulation.

1.Havells SC5070 Facial Cleanser

This 3 head facial cleanser comes with 3 heads for cleaning, exfoliating and iontophoresis. The brush head for cleaning, the silica head for exfoliating and the Ion head for better product absorption.


2.Lifelong LLM 720 Face Cleaning Massager

This face massager comes with 3 changeable heads for cleaning, exfoliating and massaging. It ensures deep facial cleansing.


3. Upscale Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

This scrubber works on 25000 ultrasonic waves making your skin more firm and smooth. The special tip helps remove impurities leading to better moisture absorption and helps improve acne. It has 3 modes for cleansing, Lifting and moisturizing.


4. Dhyanexa Facial machine Care

This facial Cleansing care with 7500 vibrations/ minute helps get rid of dirt and blackheads.


5.Lifelong LLM 126 Electrical Face Cleaner

This is a 4 in 1 massager cum cleanser that removes dirt and grime and excess oil from the face leaving you with clean soft skin. The body brush comes with soft bristles that help remove dead skin.



6.Gadgetronics Soft Silicon Facial Massager

This device is made of top-grade silicone, which massages your facial muscles and exfoliates at the same time. The device is portable and waterproof and can be used on cleansers for deep cleaning.


LCD Laser Plasma Face Pen for Dark Spots and Mole Remover

The laser ion technology in this pen-shaped device removes dark spots, moles, and freckles without bleeding or hurting the skin.

1.Generic 9 Level LCD Laser Plasma Pen



2.Bella Facia Laser Freckle Remover Machine


How to use face tools?

Face tools are of different types and it’s best to read the user manual completely for best results before use. However, for face massagers, the general rule of thumb is to use them in the downwards to upwards and inward to outward motion.

Face cleansing tools are massaged on clean skin according to the intensity you select for your skin type to unclog pores, and on fine lines to smoothen the skin by improving blood circulation.

For Blackhead and white head suction tools, prepare your face by steaming with a steamer or hot towel to open the pores. Select and install the probe. Gently move it around the face on blackheads and whiteheads.

Are face tools an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Face tools should be a must-have, however, one can indulge in them depending on your age, skin, and skin concerns.


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