We love lashes, all kinds of lashes! The thicker and longer, the better! No, this isn’t an article promoting our idea for a fifty shades fan fiction. We’re talking about eyelashes, silly! That one part of the makeup routine you cannot afford to neglect if you want to go full glam. Have you ever seen anyone on the red carpet with lashes au natural? We don’t think so! If you’re as excited about lashes are we are or someone who is just about to plunge into the rabbit hole of eyelash country, read on for everything you need to try!

1.  An eyelash enthusiast isn’t worth her weight in gold if she doesn’t already own mascara! This basic eyelash magician can add a lot of va-va-voomon its own. You can find yourself some basic mascaras or even wands that vibrate! Really!

2.  An eyelash curler to give that boost to already extended lashes is what you need to have next. Again, there are the basics ones and then there are heated eyelash curlers for longer last curls! Yes! Eyelash curlers have come a long way so don’t be Andy from The Devil wears Prada and lift up an eyelash curler and ask, “what’s this?”

3.  There’s no shame in admitting you wear falsies! They do take time to master, but the results are so phenomenal that you would be ready to even join exclusive falsie sticking classes. You could go for an entire lash set or single lashes depending on your preference. You could even pick up falsies studded with glitter! In short, go nuts, we say.

4.  Lash extension fiber mascaras are also a rage. They claim to be better than falsies and some of them are even called ‘better than false lashes’. A few of them are a bit pricey but they take the hassle out of sticking false lashes and waiting for the adhesive to dry.

5.  If you’re a perfectionist or someone who hasn’t mastered the art of mascara application yet, a mascara tool will be great for you. This acts as a guideline and helps you to get a smooth and neat application. Some tools even have eyelash combs to make sure your lashes aren’t clumpy once you’ve applied the mascara.

6.  If you truly want to pamper them lashes, then why not get a nice gel or serum to condition them and keep them happy? There are great options available online for that lash fanatic in you.

And if all these products do not satiate your thirst for all things lashes, then why not buy a mug that tells the world how lash obsessed you are!

If you weren’t an eyelash fanatic before, we’re sure our post has converted you! Welcome to the fascinating world of eyelashes, we’re sure you’ll love it here.

Author: Team Hoppingo