Dr. Sheth Basic Brightening Vitamin Glotion Reviews [2020]

Dr. Sheth is a dermatologist who formulated a luxury skincare range designed exclusively for Indian skin by three generations of skin doctors.

Intense pollution, heat, and UV rays take a heavy toll on Indian skin. This antioxidant powerhouse works to repair as well as promote the generation of new collagen and skin cells A high dose of Vitamins A, E and C work together to provide Indian skin the repair it needs Grapefruit Extract supplements Vitamin C to address issues like micro-pigmentation and dullness

Reviews by 3 Top Indian Influencers & Beauty Website

Peaches & Blushes give the product a thumbs up. This is a moisturizer with a bunch of antioxidants (including Vitamin A, E & C) for an added glow. It is hydrating yet light. Face post usage feels plumped and moisturized without feeling heavy at the end of the day. However, she had a small complaint with regards to the pump dispenser and would prefer it the product would squirt in one direction and not everywhere.

MakeUpHolic World enjoys the texture of this cream as it is light, and feels is a good option during the summer where you are looking for a lightly textured moisturizer. This product, according to her, is better suited for individuals without any pigmentation and scar problems

Lipstick for Lunch feels this product is unique from other face lotions because while it has the consistency and texture of a lotion, it provides the finish of an oil-based serum on the face. It is light-weight and fast-absorbing like a lotion but extremely hydrating and nourishing like a facial oil. And yes, it does provide an instant glow to the face post-application.


This product can be purchased at Amazon for INR 800.

Our Verdict

Overall, we recommend this product as it does what it claims to do and is a no-nonsense lotion in that aspect. It provides an instant glow, brightens the skin with regular usage, and moisturizes well. Also, with so many awesome ingredients in one bottle, you can’t go wrong with this lotion.

For (+) Against (-)
Made with the Indian Skin in mind Price
Provides Glow quickly after use Need to Pay for shipping
Best for oily skin Pump usage
Not recommended for all skin types

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