Diwali is upon us and this would mean HRs and other administrative staff frantically looking for ideas on how to decorate the office. Diwali Decor at the office has become a must no matter whether you are working for an MNC, SMB, or even a startup. The festive season is incomplete without a signature Diwali decor at the office.


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Diwali is a festival that is celebrated at every workplace. Decorations with marigold flowers and lights are almost mandatory without really being so. All employees look forward to the Distribution of Gifts and sweets and are almost heard guessing what’s going to be in the sweets box this year.

Many offices perform Diwali puja which the employees attend with great gusto. Ethnic is generally the dress code for the day and the staff looks forward to dressing up for Diwali in their beautiful ethnic outfits. There is even a prize for the best dressed.

All employers make sure that there’s at least one diya/candle which is lit in the office area on Diwali day even if the office is closed that day to welcome Goddess Laxmi into their workspace. Most offices have a separate budget for Diwali every year.

Hoppingo approached Anand Rao, a business owner, who told us how he celebrates Diwali in his office. Their office is closed on Diwali and the celebrations happen a day before with a low workload so that the employees go home happy and get to spend Diwali with their families. The stress is on Diwali, gifting, flowers, and decorations.

The HR department in Anand’s office starts the Diwali preparations a week in advance. They plan the gifts for each employee, decorations, themes, etc. so as to involve everyone. Ethnic is the theme for the day and the employees put a lot of effort into the dress code in a healthy competitive way. The office is decorated with flowers and employees are encouraged to decorate their desks and workstations.

Anand’s office provides the decoration materials and it’s interesting to see everyone’s decorating skills. The HR department makes an effort to find a new sweet maker for sweets every year with the stress being on homemade kinds of sweets.

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Let’s take a look at some Office decor ideas on Instagram.

Marigold Flowers on Diwali lift up any place and make it look festive.


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Weave the magic of light with fairy lights all around the office. The more the lights, the more it will feel like Diwali!


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Diwali with flowers and Diyas at the office


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Office decoration ideas for Diwali


Many offices have a contest for the best-Decorated workspace on Diwali. Take a look at the list we have curated for you and get amazing ideas to win that prize.


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