The celebrations of Diwali are incomplete without the decoration of your home. In 2021, Diwali falls on 4 th November. We start Diwali preparations few weeks ahead of Diwali with cleaning and getting our home ready for the most important festival in India.

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When we think of Diwali Decor for Home, Lights, Diyas and Flowers come to mind. However, here are some simple additions that require a little ingenuity and will instantly spruce up your home without costing a bomb. And your home will be Diwali ready in a jiffy. Take a look at our home decor ideas and do it your way.

Traditional and Modern Diwali Decor Ideas

You can choose from our mixed collection of traditional and modern home decor to find the perfect match for your home this Diwali.

Need extra seating for your Diwali parties?  Going bold with these ottomans will allow you to add interest and originality without being overpowering.


Cushions are not only essentials for a sofa, they are also an outfit that every sofa needs. As the season changes, so should your cushions. You can use them to dress up, dress down or style any sofa. Replace your old cushion covers with some pretty ethnic ones to bring in the festive vibe. Take a look at how to dress up your home using beautiful cushions.


Try to color coordinate flowers or candles with the color of cushions on side tables.

What about adding a Table runner for that perfectly matched Diwali look.

Add that sparkle of Gold

According to home designers at Design Cafe, Gold is a lovely color scheme for Diwali decoration. Your diyas, lanterns, fairy lights and idols can all have a gold finish.

Use Mirrors to make a room look larger by giving it more depth.

This simple, yet elegant modern piece works great alone. It is perfect for living room decor or table decor and can illuminate the darkest corner.

These tea light holders are delicately handcrafted in Mango Wood and skillfully hand-painted by craftspeople of Rajasthan, ‘Teal Blocks’ is a set of three complementing tea-light holders.

These Candle Holders Bring a festive holiday feel to your home decor. Great for adding a decorative touch to any rooms decor and can also be stored for use each year. 

This attractive 3 cylinder crystal candle holder has a modern design. It is solid and stable with a metal base.

Porcupine candle holder, adds that spiky look to your decor and enhances it.


Rangoli Ideas

Floral rangoli is another great decorating idea and very simple to make. Use flowers to create a pretty floral rangoli and embellish it with diyas. Rangoli patterns are said to bring good luck Rangolis are drawn with rice paste or colored powders and add an air of festivity. You can get Rangoli essentials Here.






Center Piece Addition to Diwali Decor

Adding a modern Diwali center piece has never been easier.


Use this Golden leather tray and be creative.





These modern candle holders are made of metal with a gold metal finish. They are anti rust and easy to clean. Can be used with candles as well as tea lights.


These rustic unscented candles will spread their warmth in any room. And make the entire place look beautiful and festive.


Adding a rustic touch, These tea-light  holders sparkle and glow when the tea light is added, giving a warm and romantic light. Hang them indoors or outdoors for the perfect lighting.

Adding the Illuminating Touch

Complete your festive decorations with this perfect decor accent.

This Beautiful Butterfly basket designed tealight candle holder will be a phenomenal addition to your home décor. It will surely add a subtle accent of sophistication to any room.



Metal Brass Golden Lotus Shape Hanging Tealight Diya Candle Holder. These kind of decorative lamps are recommended for open spaces by the expert Home Interior Designers at Vistaar Designs. You can put these lamps in your exterior as well as in the interior of your home. 



Lotus shaped candle stands. These versatile candle stands can instantly lift up any corner.


Add  beautiful Lotus shaped Akhand diyas to your Diwali Puja. These brass Diyas have sufficient space to hold the oil and the ‘batti’.

Perfectly sized holders, acts as traditional auspicious placement in your Living room / for your doorstep, window parapet, office, garden or your temple. It can also be an accompaniment to your Rangolis on Diwali.

Floating candles create that dreamy ambiance. Use them  creatively to add oomph to your decor.



And a reminder to order tea lights for all your new Tea Light holders.

Light up each side of your home utilizing lights, lanterns, earthen pots (diyas) and candles but remember that general appearance ought not to look overdone and overcompensated.

Hang this glass terrarium / candle holder with a hook or with string for a unique home decorative accent.


Add a touch of beauty to your cabinet, with a Ganesha reflection.

Mini Lantern candle holder. It glows when the wax tea light & flameless LED light is added. Turns any gathering into a special occasion.

According to the experts at Asian Paints, you can also style a small corner or nook in the house with your Diwali decorations to create a festive niche.

Add a beautiful Urli to your home this Diwali. Ideal for lighting up your favourite spaces. Use it as a  decorative hanging or for floating flowers and tea-light candles. 

These Handmade Candle/ tea light Stands have a Traditional Antique design which is very appealing and eye catching and a must have for Diwali.

Puja Room Ideas

The idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped in several homes during festive occasions. Here are some beautiful puja room decorations.


Don’t forget to use fresh flowers wherever possible.





Balcony Ideas

Give your balcony a Diwali make over and create the perfect atmosphere with these Decor ideas.







A gesture of sophisticated style, tasteful Bar Furniture helps accent your dining space while keeping all that is important, together.

Or maybe a movable Bar to easily shift outdoors during diwali celebrations.

Table Setting Ideas


Still looking for more options for Diwali Decor For Home? We have done all the work and made it easier for you. Add some fresh flowers and Tea light holders from our collection to get that perfect look.


Dreamy Fairy Lights Ideas

Curtains make or break a room and what better way to cheer up and brighten up a room than with a set of sunshine yellow curtains of string lights. Experts at Vistaar Designs recommend using string lights in abundance to enhance the beauty of your home at the occasion of Diwali.


Best Diwali decoration ideas are incomplete without lights. Fairy lights are quite affordable and you can scatter them around surfaces and window sills. Else bundle them up inside glass containers or any holders for a staggering impact.



We hope these Diwali Decor For Home for your home are going to bring in the cheer this festive season. Make your home glow and sparkle with these Diwali home decoration ideas! May the beauty of Diwali fill your home with happiness and joy.


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