One of the best things about being a self-described preppy dresser is that the bulk of one’s wardrobe never goes out of style. Your outfit always looks perfectly pulled together. Plus, it’s super easy to achieve a look that’s equal parts playful and sophisticated.
It looks refined and luxurious, and many people turn to the look because it cuts down on the time necessary to get ready.
These 10 essentials will stand the test of time if you want to stay true to preppy style:

The Striped T-Shirt: When in doubt, preps reach for a striped t-shirt.

2. The Navy Blazer: Nothing adds crispness to an outfit like a well-pressed navy-blue blazer. A classic shape with lapels will last forever.

3. Dark Denim Jeans: Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, regardless of style. But preps turn to dark denim again and again.

4. Ballet Flats: Keeping with the simple theme, no other shoe ties an outfit together like the ballet flat.

5. The Barbour Jacket: The Barbour jacket is a wardrobe staple thanks to its versatility. It’s great in the rain, is surprisingly good at keeping out the cold, and adds a bit of panache to a monochrome outfit.

6. A Simple Earring: When it comes to jewelry, true preps are minimalists, hence the enthusiasm for simple stud earrings, whether gold, silver, diamond, or pearl.

7. The Button-Down Shirt: No one item is more essential to the preppy wardrobe than the button-down shirt. Ideal colors for the piece are white, blue, or baby pink — bonus points for gingham.

8. A Chic Loafer: Loafers are both pretty and practical, two qualities of top importance to a preppy. Whether brown, black, navy, or mahogany leather, loafers are always in style.

9. The Trench Coat: The camel coat, a versatile and flattering staple, is a perfect Winter investment piece for any serious prep.

10. A Tote Bag: Whether trudging to work or heading away for the weekend, a prep’s go-to carryall is the tote bag. Totes, whether leather or canvas, are good for any situation. A monogram adds an extra preppy touch.

Author: Team Hoppingo