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Summers are around the corner and our bodies are screaming sundresses loud! Ohhh the feel of relaxed-fit cotton clothes on summer evenings while having cold coffee or mint mojito with friends… Nothing can beat it. However, due to the ample number of brands available, it becomes difficult for us to pull that perfect summer look. What if we tell you that silver play button holder lifestyle blogger Niharika Jain has put the halt to your speculations in her dress haul? She has looked at all Dresses Under 500 From Amazon.

Niharika is one of the most loved lifestyle bloggers on YouTube who has a great sense of budget-friendly shopping. With the number of followers Nhirkahas and with the kind of positive comments she receives on each video, going through her list of 10 dresses under 500 rs would be extremely helpful for you if you are looking for shopping a new dress.

In the video, Niharika has got all the dresses under or around 500 (some of the dress are 10-25 rs extra) from Amazon and have given her honest reviews on each of them. Later she mentioned that she will be starting the series of 10 items under a certain budget from particular or different sites, and asked her viewers for suggestions.

Now, without much ado, let’s get through Niharika’s picks!

Globus Embroidered Bodice Tiered Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

The very first dress shown in the haul was a denim dress by Neu Look, it has embroidery in the front that looked pretty good. Also, the color navy blue gave summer vibes.

Niharika stated that “she really liked the fit and the dress is not made up of cheap material”.  She said that she will give 9/10 to the dress, that too because she doesn’t know how the dress will look after the wash. To which, she later added that even if the color will fade off, it will be faded denim that she won’t mind wearing at all. In fact, she likes the denim faded effect.

Neu Look Women’s Bodycon Short Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

Niharika denoted this dress as a cute one, with a closed neck and looking eager to try it with a denim jacket and hat for a cool and compy look. She later mentioned that she didn’t have a bodycon dress in casuals and is quite happy with the purchase.

Miss Olive Polyester Bodycon Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

Niharika stated that nowadays she is finding the shades of red quite attractive, to assert the claim she further mentioned that, she wore a saree in the red shade during her 100k subscriber video. She said that the entire look of her 100k video turned out to be “total wow”.

Later she ranted out of her newfound red love that, she never used to find red attractive and have never worn red during college life, but now she is just drawn towards it. Seems like a classic love story! Moving forward from love,  the dress she has got was a body cone and has collars and a zipper.

The zipper was of okayish quality and the best part according to Nikharika was, “the dress has pockets”. She said that the dress has patterns from the outside but when you wear it, it is quite smooth from the inside and can be a good choice for people looking for bodycon.

DJ&C by FBB Women’s Skater Mini Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

Niharika seemed quite blown with the form of this dress. It was a pretty off-shoulder dress with a lacy pattern. She was in love with the fit and said that most of the time she had to adjust the fit but to her surprise, it fitted her body so perfectly. Plus, the laces of the dress were equally soft and Niharika was in love with this cold shoulder black beauty.


KRAVE Synthetic Shift Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

The next dress in the haul was more like a shirt dress, that has the beautiful check pattern and ruffles in the bottom. It had the bell sleeves and is a bit lose. Niharika said the dress has a bit of sporty touch but can be worn as formals if styled well with a blazer and a belt.

Amazon Brand – Symbol Crepe Shift Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

By purchasing this dress Niharika did something that all of us are scared of doing; she stepped out of her comfort zone. Niharka said, she didn’t have anything in this colour but now that she has brought it, it’s looking amazingly good on her. She said it is a closed neck formal dress that comes in good quality material with pockets and has an A-line shape.


Amazon Brand – Eden & Ivy Polyester Empire Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

This dress Nikarika quoted as “lazy day dress”. The dress comes in the beautiful shade of pastel peach and has flowers all over it, which give a complete summer look. Moreover, you can just tie your hair in a bun and wear sneakers with this dress if you are not feeling like putting in much effort.


Oxolloxo Women’s Round Neck Polyester Short-Sleeve A-Line Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

While talking about this dress, Niharika said she is absolutely in love with this dress and even have chosen the same dress for the video shoot. She said that this dress gives you the satin effect but is way too light than the satin. The sleeves and the neck had ruffles and with a belt, you can pull that chic look for the parties. She said that this dress is way beyond pretty and is a steal deal at such a price. She said that the same may cost you above 2000 Rs. if you choose a high-end brand.


Harpa Women’s Georgette Skater Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

Nikarika introduces this dress as flowy and really soft. She told the viewers that the dress fits her perfectly from the breast area and gives a dreamy flowy look from the bottom. However she looked a bit disappointed with the broken strap but later she said that, as the neck was quite deep she anyways has to get it fitted hence she won’t mind the broken strap.

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Harpa Women’s Cut-Out Dress – Dresses Under 500 From Amazon

This Maxi dress came in a criss-cross back pattern, it had elastic on the chest area for a better grip and frill on the bottom with slits on both sides. This maxi dress looked stunning and would be a great choice in the budget if you are going on beach vacations

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