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Do you have a lift at your house? Or you must have seen elevators and escalators around you, right! Then you must have noticed most of them being from the Schindler Group. Almost every building and house has elevators from this company!

So, Ashok Ramachandran is the President & CEO of Schindler India. He is among the youngest CEOs in the history of Schindler and worldwide. He has been awarded the ET 40 under 40 in 2019- which makes him an incredible professional.

Ashok was another average student who failed multiple times be it in school, college, or even his corporate job. The series of some fortunate and some unfortunate events made him realize his true capability and he conquered all the obstacles and became the Youngest CEO.

Do you know, he also runs a YouTube channel with 7.44K subscribers. This is where he shares his thoughts about self-development, career growth, and motivation.

A lot of his subscribers call him Ash with love. You must follow him on YouTube

Ashok Ramachandran Wants His Followers to Read 5 Books

Ashok starts with “Knowledge is Power” and I think all of us agree with it. In the 21st century, we are in an era where it is easily available around us-internet, social media, audiobooks, podcasts with different mediums. Something very classic is a conversation, which connects you with the other person and helps you learn different stuff.  Here Ashok discusses the finest example of knowledge – books. Which helped him become the best version of himself. Why? Because he believes in the importance of reading books. I think everyone here might have heard of, ‘Spreading knowledge increases your own, and I even believe so.

Ashok recommends his viewers read at least a couple of pages, regardless if you are a beginner or you are pressed on time.

Let’s go check out the books he wants you to start with

Must Read Books – Who Moved My Cheese?

To begin your reading journey this book is perfect for you! Its genre is quite unique and something most people want in their lives.

Who Moved My Cheese written by Dr. Spencer Johnson is a self-help motivational book of only 99 pages making it easier for you to read. Ashok recommends it due to its simple and concise content. Where you can understand better and to the point without being lost and unable to connect.

Sometimes we are afraid of changes, be it in our own personality or our environment, which makes it difficult for us to accept and manage. And there are plenty of examples we can look at in our society. So, this book talks about how to manage change. Ashok says, “it helps you manage change for the better, making you a positive person”.

It is a very engaging book and that is why Ashok requests you to not miss and read this beautiful book.

Must Read Books – Start with A Why

People who are constant TED Talk watchers might know about this book. Aren’t TED Talks mind-opening with talks full of various kinds of opinions, perspectives, and perceptions?

The second most-watched TED Talk turned into a book is “Start With A Why” by Simon Sinek. If you are looking for something which helps you change your thought process, your way of working, and presenting yourself, then why not start with this book!

Ashok discusses how this book asks you to think about the “WHY” more than “WHAT”. Now, why is it important to think about the “WHYS” of everything?

Because it brings you passion, determination to succeed and inspire others. The more you know the reasons for why you are doing something, the more clarity and goal-oriented you become. It transforms your thought process and you start discovering the best ways of presenting yourself.

Ashok says, “while introducing yourself you should tell what you are doing and WHY you are doing, this way the person in front of you might remember you better than those who aren’t sure of what they are doing.

As there is always a reason behind our every action and the way we are now, think about WHYS in your life more.

Must Read Books – Trillion Dollar Coach

All of us use Google for almost everything! Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google. As we all know everyone has a mentor who guides them in their fields, have you ever wondered who Sundar Pichai’s mentor was? Continue to read.

This book is Ashok’s all-time favorite. He has spoken about this book with so many people.

Trillion Dollar Coach is written by three people, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan

Rosenberg and Alan Eagle are about Bill Campbell. Ashok introduced Bill Campbell Beautifully saying “A coach who is the godfather of most CEOs of the Silicon Valley!” Further adding, Bill started as a footballer in the California Fields right to being a huge influence in the Silicon Valley. Now, why did Ashok call him godfather is because he has mentored almost every CEO of famous companies/groups from the USA. Example: Sundar Pichai and one of the writers of this incredible book Eric Schmidt.

Something remarkable about this book is its perspective of redefined leadership- A leader can lead its people with love and not only by force. Ashok called the tips and information given in the book “ beautiful nuggets of leadership”!

Surely you can guess by now, if you aspire to be a leader or improve your leadership skills to the finest of all, do give the book a read, Ashok says.

Must Read Books – The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind

Once you have finished ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ this book is going to take you a level higher. A very simple yet unique and controversial book, Ashok calls it ‘Hatke’ in Hindi meaning peculiar.

‘The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind’ authored by Vishen Lakhiani, gives you 10 unconventional laws, which can help transform you into a better person, just the first book recommended by Ashok.

Ashok states why this book is also controversial, “As his content is quite different, challenging your thinking process, which enhances your thinking process”.

This book was gifted to him by Akash Shrivastav, who runs their north-eastern regions. He expresses his gratitude for giving this extraordinary book as it helped him in many ways.

Must Read Books – Sapiens

No one can deny a book such as this or by such an impressive author, Yuval Noah Harari! And here we are finding it again. I think every person would recommend books by this author among the ‘must-read’ ones.

The considered prequel of the ‘Homo Deus’ the second book by Yuval, ‘Sapiens’ talks about the historic evolution of humankind from the bud to a blooming flower. With its wonderful and realistic description of human history, Ashok calls it a “Masterpiece”! He adds on by saying “how humans, completely tailless and hairless have marvelously dominated today’s world”.

It gives mind-blowing insights into Science Technology and the modernization of what humans have been able to achieve and can in the coming future. Ashok considers this as a ‘cult book’ due to its authentic content.

Ashok ends his video by referring to these 5 must-read books as” Gems of books”.Must have books on your bookshelf. He even advises you to sit down with a paper and a pen to jot down the learnings you wanna take away.

So, definitely check them out to broaden your views and perspective.

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