Quick Summary: Looking to pick up a book? We have listed 3 books recommended by Ranveer Allahbadia.

Who is Ranveer Allahbadia?

Before we share Books Recommended By Ranveer Allahbadia, let us introduce you to the man himself. If you are familiar with ‘The Ranveer Show’, on YouTube you must know how amazing he is with interviewing some of your favorite actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

And if you are a part of his 3.85 million subscribers of BeerBiceps, you must know, he started his youtube channel in December 2014 for only fitness & health enthusiasts. Eventually covering topics such as fashion, grooming, mental health, communication skills, and even entrepreneurship.

Ranveer Allahbadia is a well-known social media influencer, YouTuber, a self-made entrepreneur, who loves sharing deep intellectual and informational conversations with his viewers. He believes every conversation is an extreme learning experience for the viewers. he is now a celebrity in the media industry.

Here’s a picture from his shoot with renowned photographer Subi Samuel before we jump to books recommended by Ranveer Allahbadi.


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Iconic Books Ranveer Allanbadia Recommends in 2022

If you are looking for books that would deeply impact your life, adult life, and your thought process, read on. Listing books recommended by Ranveer Allahbadi where you can get guidance on how to lead a healthy, wealthy, and fruitful life. So, here are the following books worth reading.

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Tools Of Titans

One of Ranveer Allahbadia’s idols, Tim Ferriss, runs an extremely successful podcast called ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’. He is the one who wrote this amazing book. Ferriss has interviewed some of the most successful people and has been an inspiration to Ranveer for starting his own ‘The Ranveer show’. Tools Of Titan is a compilation of Tim’s best parts of his podcasts. Tim’s book is quite well organized, having three different parts- Health, Wealth, Wisdom.

Each chapter has an episodic breakdown and the chapters aren’t even that long so you can read it on a daily basis even if you have very little time! Something unique about this book is a chapter, where Tim Ferriss wrote special instructions on how to read this book. You should read it according to what you think is lacking in your life.

With each chapter you will get to learn different aspects about life, making it easier to lead on. The classified manner of the chapters makes it easier for you to read according to Ranveer Allahbadi.

As everyone’s life is full of uncertainties and obstacles, somewhere along the line you are struggling in your professional life, right? So the lessons, tips, or hacks you get to know from this book will definitely help you change positively even if it is little but at least it is better than nothing.

Here’s what an Instagram user has to say, “If you are looking for a quick, effective, creativity sparking, inspirational, and non-fiction reference book to become a better person, invest in this book. It has most of the answers to almost anything. Also, a great way to be introduced to other successful people that’s been making history and contributions to others’ studies. #timferris #toolsoftitans thanks for making time to organize your notebooks and sharing your wisdom with us.”


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21 Lessons For The 21st Century

If you are a fan of the fictitious book ‘Sapiens’ and the non-fictitious ‘Homo Deus’ then you must know what an incredible author Yuval Noah Harari is. Having such broad views, looking at the world with different perspectives in understanding its social psychology, ‘21 Lessons For The 21st Century is another must-read book.

If you are curious about the futuristic possibilities of humankind, how technology and we will transform into something new, it would make you excited and fill you with the real thrill of our possible predicted future. Ranveer finds it beautiful how the author covers the massive changes in our lives in detail and from every aspect such as economic, political, and
technological. For example, there is a chapter called terrorism, which talks about their nature might change with bioweapons being created.

The book talks about the expansion of our life spans through Biohacking. Ranveer continues about how its “typical Yuval Noah Harari style” be exposing the danger of such futuristic advancements along with the benefits and the beauty of our possible transformation. For example, Einstein discovered nuclear power which also led to the making of nuclear weapons.

As we know business is something that is quite uncertain in terms of outcomes and projects, you can actually get an idea and move on with your ideas keeping such possibilities in mind.

Here’s a great review from Instagram, “I was up all night reading #21lessons – partly because it is one of those life-changing books that puts the world into perspective, and partly because I suddenly realized that if the world were to experience a major apocalypse tomorrow, I know more people who can build Google than build a fire (people who hoard Xanax, and exfoliating body wash, and google ‘how to build a fire). And that is a legitimate reason to stay up all night worrying!”


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The Autobiography Of A Yogi

Sometimes having spiritual touch in your life gives peace and pulls you out of the fast and hard life. It is very important to have such an environment around you to not get lost and remind you to stop and look at the natural world while pacing slowly.

According to Ranveer, this book written by Paramahansa Yogananda has more to offer than spiritual glows, it mostly bends towards helping you in your career. If you know that Steve Jobs and Virat Kohli have shared how it has impacted their lives, indicating how deep and spiritually peaceful it is.

The book throws light on the journey of a sage. How he spread the eastern knowledge in the western world. The way spiritual
awareness and positive changes began to take place. It takes into a dimension where you question the existence, the suffering, the evil and eventually get the answer to them through this book. While we embark on a journey, there are tons of things you learn by moving on, so just like that there is a lot, you can learn from Paramanhansa’s journey.

Ranveer recommends the viewers to sit with a dictionary as it is a heavy one to read. Fortunately, it is available in every language possible be it Indian regional ones or western ones! So, while reading this, take it slow, observe every gravity of it, Ranveer says.

He ends the video by saying he would love to make a video of this book’s total breakdown because it is very deep in terms to be expressed in a few minutes or words.

Here’s what an Instagram user has to say, “This book wasn’t easy to comprehend in the first read. It took multiple readings to absorb the true essence of this book.

I would like to believe that this book has saved me. It held my hand and guided me on good, bad, and worst days. When the regrets of the past and worries of the future gave me sleepless nights, this became my bedtime book. It will make you question and challenge your thoughts, ideology, the status quo.

If read with an open mind and open heart, with readiness to surrender your personal beliefs, it has the power to give a new direction to your life. This book is a means to your end. I would not say that I have completely adapted this book in my life but I am working towards it every day, taking little steps.

This shall remain the work in process. Despite countless readings, I still read the lines I had underlined, it never fails to teach me something new. This book remains part of my night ritual along with my haldi doodh( turmeric latte).”

What’s your favorite amongst all the books recommended by Ranveer Allahbadia? Share with us in the comments below.

We can’t wait for Ranveer Allahbadia to realize his compilation from his podcast.

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