Sunglasses are one of the coolest accessories that we can sport. Not only do they make us look trendy and smart they also provide protection against the harmful UV rays. So, a classy pair of sunglasses is an absolute must have in our wardrobe.
However, the shape of our face plays an important role when it comes to choosing the right style of sunglasses.
If you intend to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses you need to identify the style that will suit your face most. So, here is our guide on which type of sunglasses should you sport depending upon your face shape:
1. Round Face: Rectangle, square, shield and warp style sunglasses are best suitable for round face. They will make your face look thinner and will add sharpness too.

2. Oval Face: This is the perfect shape that everyone desires to have. Any type of frame looks awesome on them. Since the features are pretty symmetrical in case of oval face, do not use huge frames.

3. Square Face: Styles like butterflies and aviators work well with this shape as they add some curves to the sharp face shape.

4. Triangular Face: The temples are widest whereas the forehead and the jaw line are the narrowest parts. Oval and rimless frames are suitable for such faces.

Whether you’re dressing up for an outdoor brunch or slipping into something comfortable when travelling, a standout frame can truly transform your entire look.
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