Best Haircare Products For Dry And Frizzy Hair Issues

If you are the 90s’ born princess and ever happened to watched Rapunzel, we won’t balm you for having long and strong hair like her. However, real-life is nowhere as mystical as fairytales and we have to deal with natural phenomena like sun, dust, and changing climates. To top of that, we are quite exposed to hairstyling that it feels missing out when we don’t go for ironing or coloring for certain occasions.

Yes, real life is not like fairytales and real princes and princesses have to work a bit in achieving that perfect hair. But how to go about it in the first place? What all do you need? What to choose from the repertoire of products available in the market? Well, don’t worry about it all as Mridul Sharm, a popular lifestyle and beauty YouTuber has made things simple for you.

In a video where Mridul shared her daily routine for long and thick hair, she mentioned the Best Haircare Products that suited her and can be used by everyone as well.

To start with the video Mridual said that the video will be product heavy while showing a big basket of hair care products and further said with a sigh of relief that, “this is the best her hair has been in 12 years”. Later she shared the type of hair she has, she said, “I have a very oily scalp, and dry ends. My basic problem is extremely dry hair”. With a counter-statement, she expressed that with the combination of the products she will be showing she has overcome the dry and frizzy hair issue.

Are you ready to overcome dry and frizzy hair issues?

Mridul Sharma briefly shared the kind of haircut she is having currently and told the viewers. To everyone’s surprise, this talented YouTuber cuts her hair on her own and has shared it step by step in another video. Moreover, she discussed the kind of color she uses and showed her L’oreal Paris’s Honey Blond shade. Quickie after sharing the vital, Mridul started with all the products she showed in the bucket previously. Let’s get started with the best picks by Mridul.

Best Haircare Products – Shampoo

Herbal Essences Shampoo

The first shampoo that Mridul showed was Herbal Essences White Strawberry and Sweet Mint shampoo. Mridul said that it smells really good and is quite popular as most of the YouTubers are going gaga over it. When she used it, she noticed that the shampoo is worth the hype! This miraculous shampoo leaves your hair squeaky clean and turns your texture extremely smooth. Hence, if you are looking for a new shampoo, the Herbal Essence White Strawberry and Sweet Mint is the one for you.

Mamaearth Onion Shampoo

The next shampoo was Mama Earth Onion shampoo which is Mridul’s current favourite. However, she mentioned that using it can be a hit or miss case. Further, she explained it through her experience, she said that the shampoo is quite thick and doesn’t give you a squeaky clean feel. However, some people like the moisture and some don’t, hence it works for some and not for others. Mridul shared that it’s her go-to shampoo when she doesn’t have time to oil the hair, as this shampoo gives a good conditioning look.

Mamaearth Bhringmala Shampoo

The next shampoo Mridul introduced was feel-good shampoo and she said that it was a new shampoo to her. She has recently started using it and is moved by the fact that it has gooseberries, bhringraj and other ayurvedic ingredients.

Best Haircare Products – Conditioner

Mamaearth Conditioner

When it comes to conditioners, Mridul is not a big fan of them and uses hair masks instead of hair conditioners. She believes that her hair needs more nourishment and masks do the job well. However, she uses on conditioner, that she occasionally uses, Mama Earth Onion conditioner. She says that it smells really good and it smells like whipped cream, plus for the people who don’t like using hair masks as a conditioner it works wonders.

Best Haircare Products – Hair Mask

Macadamia Mask

Mridual seemed quite hooked with this one, as she mentioned Macadamia hair mask the best thing that happened to her! She later said that she doesn’t use the mask regularly and have kept it for special occasions only, as it is quite expensive. But it is worth its cost and nourishes your hair gently

Mamaearth Bhringamla Hair Mask

Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask

Mridul looked hooked and blown with Mamaearth hair masks and said that the brand knows how to make hair masks. She said that she has a weird habit of stocking up these masks but now she really needs to stop it as she already has a lot of hair masks already. She vouches for the benefits of these masks and recommends them to everyone who is looking for using a good hair mask.

Best Haircare Products – Hair Oils

Merit VCO

Since the moment Mridul started using this hair oil it became her favourite! She exclaimed while holding the bottle. “Oh my God! This hair oil is the best I have ever used”. She said that she can’t afford to live without this oil and purchases the new bottle as soon as it gets finished. She said that the hair oil is quite affordable and does its job perfectly.

Mamaearth Bhringamla Hair Oil

This is the hair oil that Mridul used the night before this shoot, and she seemed to be in love with it! She told that her current favorite combo is this hair oil by Mamaearth, Hearl Essence Shampoo, and Bringamla hai mask by Mamaearth.

Juicy Chemistry Pumpkin Seed Oil

The next hair oil Mridul uses is the mass recommendation and using pumpkin seed oil with peppermint essential. Mridul got the pumpkin seed oil from Juicy Chemistry and has said that she uses it once a month, and it is really impacting her hair growth in a good way.

Nykaa Peppermint Oil

Nykaa Naturals Peppermint Essential Oil

The next product she got was in combination with the earlier purchase. According to Mridul, the next purchase she had worked absolutely amazing with the pumpkin seeds oil.

Vedix Oil

The next hair oil showcased in the list was Vedix oil that Mridul got after taking a questionnaire by the site. She said that the hair oil was amazing and it helped her grow new hair that has now covered her slightly bald spots. Also, she was amazed by the ingredients this hair oil has and how it’s designed especially to overcome her issues.

Best Haircare Products – Serums

Livon Serum

In the serum category, Mridul shares that she has been using Livon serum ever since she can remember and later she said that Livon is the first hair serum for every Indian girl. Which we bet is right! She says that she uses the serum on her damp hair and I do the work, it is cheap and it’s popular for all good reasons.

Loreal Mythic Oil

The next hair serum Mridul showed was Loreal Mythic Oil, which she mentioned is hard to find and is mostly sold out. She said that she uses this serum every night and it has worked really well for her dry hair. She said that ever since she used this serum, she doesn’t feel like chopping the end of her hair for maintaining the smoothness. Now with the help of this serum, her hair feels soft even at the ends too. Hence, it is a must recommendation for people looking for a new hair serum.

Best Haircare Products – Styling Tools

Loreal Paris Magic Retouch

For styling Mridul uses Loreal Paris Magic Touch, she mentioned that this product can work as serum, conditioner and shampoo. So, all you need is to use it before styling your hair. Further, she mentioned that she doesn’t use hair spray as they are quite high on chemicals. Thus she uses her own DIY water and jaggery hairspray. She said that it makes your hair sticky but does it work perfectly so it’s better to avoid harsh chemicals.

Pantene OHM

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The next hairstyling product Mridul mentioned was Panten OHM, she says that when you make a bun from your hair and you can witness evident bald spots, you can use this spray to make your hair look thicker. It gives great volume to your hair and works amazingly when it comes to covering your hair gap.

That’s how Mridul has put her hair secrets to her viewers, we hope you have understood your hair better with the detailed explanation by Mridul. Take care, stay beautiful!

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