Zodiac signs are divided into four categories, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Each Zodiac sign has its own unique personality traits. According to Astrologers, each Sign has certain common likes and dislikes. Of course, this includes likes and dislikes in terms of shopping habits, fashion, style, and clothing and that’s what this article is all about.

Some astrologers or people who are well versed with Zodiac signs swear by the fact that each sign of the Zodiac dresses in a certain way and prefers certain colors over others.

While you might have your color preferences, your Zodiac also decides which colors are good for you. As Each Zodiac sign is ruled by a different planet, it has certain favorable and unfavorable colors. Knowing your favorable colors strengthen your personality and molds your shopping habits.

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So let’s take a look at what your zodiac says about your shopping style and your preferred color palette.

Aries – The Weekend Diva

Aries, the Ram is a Fire sign and ruled by planet Mars. Mars is the planet of war and the Ram depicts fearlessness and courage. The color for Aries is Red. All hues of Red will positively enhance your passion, energy and mood.

Add a touch of red to your outfit for important events and meetings. Accessorize your outfits with shades of red. Going by the color palette, other colors you can add to your wardrobe are yellow and orange. Avoid wearing black.

The fun-loving Aries girl not only loves to work hard, but she also parties harder. She moves from office to weekend to office without blinking an eyelid.

We have curated a list of party outfits that you Aries can slip into over the weekends.

Aahwan Split-thigh Bodycon Dress

This slim-fit red bodycon dress is made just for you. With shoulder straps and a thigh-high slit, it’s perfect for parties.

Oomph Crepe Red Dress

This red printed off-shoulder dress has puffed sleeves and a smocked bodice. The breezy ruffle skirt can be styled both as a casual outfit and a party outfit. 

Yellow Chime Fashion Earrings

Match these fashion earrings with all shades of Red for a special look.

Pierre Cardin Handbag

Match this deep red handbag from Pierre Cardin with your beautiful outfits.

Taurus – The Party Diva

Taurus the Bull is an Earth sign and is ruled by planet Venus. Venus is the planet of money and Love and hence a fondness for material pleasures and luxury. Taureans are usually very attractive and the life of any party. They love wearing black, whites, pinks and green. You have a sense of low-key fashion styling, are more grounded, and can put together fashion outfits without spending much.

Green is the perfect color for Taureans and girls you need to surround yourself with green specially during important events. Wear emeralds or green stones, accessorize with green, surround yourself with green plants. You can also add some white and pink to your color schemes. These colors are considered lucky for Taurus. Avoid wearing yellow and red.

Let’s take a look at what we picked for Taurus.

Berrylush Maxi Dress

This dark green long maxi dress comes with shoulder straps and a flared hem. It is very classy and elegant just like a Taurean.

Kazo Short Dress

This dark green halterneck short dress is again simple yet makes the desired impact at any party.

Ratnavali Earrings

Make a statement with these matching green stone earrings to go with your dress.

Tanishq Gold Bracelet

This 14K Gold bracelet from Tanishq is for the Taureans who enjoy luxurious living.

Gemini – The Shopping Diva

Gemini the Celestial Twins is an Air sign ruled by planet Mercury. The color associated with this zodiac is Yellow which is associated with brightness. Surround yourself with different shades of yellow. Accessorize your outfits with yellow stones like topaz and citrine. You can also add white, orange and green to your wardrobe. Avoid black and grey.

The Gemini girl has a number of passions and shopping is one of them, they love to keep up with the latest trends yet keep it simple.

See the shades of yellow that we picked for you from Amazon.

Berrylush Short Floral Dress

This casual yellow floral dress is made from polyester fabric and has ruffle sleeves and a flared hemline.

The Souled Store Dress

This short comfortable T-shirt dress with a bee print and round neck is an ideal summer outfit to go shopping in.

YouBella Earrings

These comfortable studs are perfect for everyday comfortable wear.

Dishis Gold Earrings

These 18K gold earrings will match all hues of yellow for the Gemini.

Cancer – The Emotional Diva

Cancer or the crab is a Water sign ruled by the Moon. Like the moon, the color associated with this sign is Silver. They love to be in comfortable and leisure clothing. An oversized sweater would be your favorite.

Cancerians are family-oriented and hence never miss a family gathering especially festivals which they love to spend surrounded by their loved ones. They are sensitive and emotional beings.

Ruled by the moon, this sign is good with cold light hues of blue, white, and green. Avoid dark and bright colors.

And the outfits Amazon has for Cancerians.

J B Fashion Women’s Top

This casual polyester stretch top provides a good comfortable fit. An ideal top for the casual family evenings.

 Symbol Tapered Pants

These grey tapered pants have an elastic band. They come in a high-waisted style made in stretchable cotton.

Giva Pearl Earrings

Wear these silver freshwater Pear Earrings to complete your look.

Bellisa Handbag

Accessorize your outfit with this sleek handbag from Bellissa.

Leo – The Bold Diva

Leo the Lion is a Fire sign and is associated with the Sun. It does not come as a surprise that the color Orange represents Leo’s personality. Other colors for Leo are red and yellow. Add purple and Gold to your outfit and you have the perfect pallet for yourself.

Leos have expensive taste and an extensive wardrobe with evening gowns, dressy outfits, and tailored cuts. At the same time, typical Leos love casual and sportswear. They are comfortable wearing tweeds and knits as well. You love to show off and looking good is your priority.

Amazon has some sizzling outfits for these party people.

Attic Salt Midi Dress

Look stunning in this midi silver sequenced dress. It has full sleeves and a front slit. Ideal for an evening show stopper just the way Leo’s like it.

Vero Moda Top

This gold color stretch lycra top with a cold shoulder design makes heads turn.

Minutae Earrings

These rose gold and diamonte earrings will go well with any shimmering outfit.

Catwalk Sandals

Matching metallic sandals to create a stir in any room you walk into.

Virgo – The Efficient Diva

Virgo the Maiden is an Earth sign ruled by planet Mercury. Virgo’s are orderly, efficient, and sticklers for promptness. They are meticulous about everything including the way they look and dress neatly.  They have their house smelling of fresh flowers. Green and platinum bring them luck with favorites being grey, beige, navy blue, green.

Versatility and practically is how you like to dress, see some outfits we picked for you.

Elyraa Half- Sleeve Top

This square neck half sleeves top has net sleeves. It is a body-hugging top and looks great with denim.

Oomph off Shoulder Top

This off-shoulder full-sleeved top comes in hues of blue and red.


Kukshya Silver Earrings

These silver studs are very neat and functional with a hint of sophistication for the Virgo woman.

Catwalk Sandals

These wedge heel sandals from Catwalk are neat, stylish, and functional

Libra – The Expensive Diva

The symbol of Libra is the Balance scale and it is an Air sign ruled by planet Venus. They are known for their beauty and style. Libra’s are known to be the most stylish sign.

This girl wears a pair of neat-fitting trousers with ease yet utterly feminine to wear frilly organdy to parties and slinky silk in privacy and they will fit her rather neatly. Loves beautiful expensive clothes, expensive perfumes, and pretty hairdos.

The true shades of her nature are dark maroon or deep wine. Take a peek at what you can look like for your next outing.

Istyle Short Dress

This polka dot mini dress is casual yet cheek to be worn for a girl’s lunch.

Fasion2wear up and down Dress

This dress has a halter neck and an up and down hem with a tie at the waist. Simple yet very stylish.

Tanishq Gold Earrings

These 14 k gold earrings from Tanishq are perfect for the extravagant Libra.

Hidesign Handbag

This high-grade leather handbag is sure to give your outfit an expensive look.

Scorpio – The Passionate Diva

Scorpio the scorpion is a water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. They are passionate and emotional and have an aura of mystery. Scorpios have a fashion focus and stay away from anything sloppy. They love to accentuate their body.

Scorpio girls like to wear Black as it brings them luck. Add black to your wardrobe to attract positive energy for yourself. You can also add deep shades of Red and Orange. Steer away from light pastel colors.

Deep and stylish colors from Amazon for you scorpions.

Mitaha Crop Top

This black crop top has net sleeves and a scoop neck. Wearing it over tight jeans creates a fashion statement.


Miss Chase Bodycon Dress

This well-fitting black bodycon dress has a cut-out neckline. It is a very smart and versatile dress.


Zaveri Pearls Black Stud Earrings

Pair these earrings with any black or deep red outfit and look gorgeous.

 Hidesign Handbag

Matching bag for your matching outfits.

Sagittarius – The Extrovert Diva

Sagittarius or the Archer is a Fire sign ruled by planet Jupiter. You are extrovert and always ready for change.

Color purple goes well with their personality and is lucky for them. You can also add mauve, lavender, and royal blue to your wardrobe. Wear Amethyst earrings to have the color on your skin during important events. Avoid black and orange.

The Sagittarius girl is someone who likes to dress practically, this Jupiter-ruled sign makes sure an outfit is as fashionable as it is comfortable.

Practical and comfortable are what these outfits are.

OdishaBazaar Kaftan Dress

This short kaftan dress with batwings is in a paisley print and kimono design. It is fashionable yet comfortable.

Stylestone Chiffon Dress

This rainbow print midi dress in chiffon is breathable and comfortable.

JSAJ Silver Stone Earrings

Keep purple close to your skin by wearing these beautiful earrings in silver.

Shoe Craft Sandals

Match these simple yet stylish sandals to your outfits.

Capricorn – The Office Diva

Capricorn or the Sea-Goat is an Earth sign ruled by Planet Saturn. You are most comfortable in neutral and essential clothing like jeans, a white shirt and maybe a Tan jacket.

Charcoal grey and Earthy tones are the best color for them as they are hard-working and have a business-like attitude in general. These colors resonate with their maturity and sophistication. Not one for humor, the Capricorn girl dresses to impress and get work done.

PC Maxi Dress

This outfit consists of one denim dress and a white shrug top.


Montrez Cotton Jacket

This short tan cotton jacket can be worn with casuals for a smart look.

Estele Fashion Earrings

These brass metal stud earrings pair well with any casual and comfortable clothing.


Hidesign Handbag

The Tan and blue handbag from Hidesign is definitely going to complete your look.


Aquarius – The Unique Diva

Aquarius the Water Bearer is an Air sign ruled by planet Uranus. You like to be seen as unique and different and not follow fashion trends.

Blue is the most favorable color for you. Use different shades of blue in your wardrobe. Wear a well-fitted pair of denim and accessorize your jewelry with blue stones. Also, add white and turquoise to your wardrobe. Avoid earthy and brown colors.

Miss Chase Denim Dress

This polo neckline and side slit dress are casual, practical, and comfortable.


Nifty Jeans

These bestsellers from Amazon have a great fit and stretch.

Silverwala Sterling Silver Earrings

These silver and blue stone earrings will lift up any denim.

Lapis O Lupo Handbag

This grey embroidered handbag with embroidery will look great with blue denim.

Pisces – The Creative Diva

Pisces the Fish is a Water sign ruled by planet Neptune. You are optimistic, creative, and talented. Your wardrobe has a personal touch.

You are ahead of your times when it comes to your clothing choices and usually pick innovative outfits to make a personal  statement

Make your fashion statement with these we picked for you.

Uptownie Maxi Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit with ruffle sleeves and a dotted design makes a statement wherever you go.


Addyvero Ruffle Shoulder Skater Dress

This dress has a subtle hint of class. Understated yet stylish.


Yellow Chimes Crystal Earrings

These butterfly stud earrings help you make your own style statement.

Denills Tan Heels

Make a personal statement with these sandals.

So which Diva are you? Do share with us.

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