Fragrances can do so much more than make you smell good. Science has proven that fragrance can have a positive effect on our minds and body. Along with elevating your mood, fragrance also triggers positive memories and pleasant associations with their scent. Smelling good lifts up our moods, lowers anxiety and stress levels, and gives us a sense of purpose. The mere whiff of a particular Fragrance can transport you back to another time and place associated with that scent. This is because the smell is one of the most powerful senses linked to your memory and emotion.


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By choosing to wear a perfume you are enhancing your mood and bringing positivity into your senses. A fragrance is a finishing touch to the clothes and accessories you wear. It completes you.

We spoke to Noor Oberoi who is a CognoScenti to know what she had to say about Fragrance and the best way to make the scent last longer. She also shares her favorite ones with us.


What is perfume?

Perfume is a blend of essential oils, aroma compounds, alcohol, and water. Perfume is essentially the scent that you wear mostly on your skin which makes you smell good.

Perfumes come in different strengths, perfume oils being the most concentrated. All others are alcohol diluted perfume oils. Depending on the content of perfume oil they come in different forms like Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eaux De Cologne and the lightest are the body sprays.

How to select the best perfume?

According to Noor, perfumes are very personal and everyone has their own preferred signature scent. Choose the notes that most appeal to you such as floral, musk, woody, aqua, or sweet. It is best to try on the perfume before buying and take a decision after a few hours of smelling it on yourself.

Perfumes are usually classified into various categories, let’s take a look at some and take cues as to the best time to wear them.

On The Basis of Fragrance

Fragrances like fruity, are playful scents, good for daytime and casual wear. They smell fresh and ripe like the scent of apples, lemons, oranges, and peach.

Floral Fragrances are perfect for spring and summer. It is easy to find floral notes from the garden to appeal to all senses from Jasmine to Citrus to Vanilla and Daisy.

Woody or Oud perfumes have a very rich and dominant smell. They are usually stronger and can be blended well with florals or fruity smells. These scents are very elegant and classy and usually long-lasting. Great for winters or night outs.

Marine or Aqua perfumes transport you into different facets of the Mediterranean sea, Cool and breezy.

On the Basis of Concentration

Perfume can be selected on the basis of concentration and price point i.e. the quantity of perfume oil they contain. As the concentration of perfume oils decreases, the price of the perfume lowers.

On the Basis of Season

Another selection on the scent can be done on the basis of weather. Summers are associated with lighter floral or Aqua scents as heat can make your perfume smell stronger whereas winters demand stronger and spicier ones. So a change in season can demand a change in scent.

On the Basis of Occasion

Another good decisive factor in selecting your perfume can be the time of the day or occasion. For day wear or office, a lighter scent works well as you are around people all day. Stronger perfumes are usually for night-outs and occasions.

Noor also suggests using hair perfumes or hair mists as another alternative to make your scent last longer. Hair perfumes have a lower alcohol content so as not to dry the hair and are cheaper than regular perfumes.

How to apply perfume?

Perfumes have a three-part smell. The top note, the heart note, and the base note.  The top notes disappear in the first 15 minutes, the heart notes appear about 3-4 hours later, and the base notes are the ones that linger and come on after 4-5 hours of application and boost the first two notes.

Noor says perfumes smell by evaporation, do not rub them in as the heat created by rubbing causes the top notes to evaporate very quickly weakening the scent. So keep in mind that top notes will evaporate faster from warm and dry skin. The best is to spray from about 6 inches away.

Apply perfume on your skin rather than your clothes as it is more effective on the skin especially the pulse points as they tend to be warmer. Pulse points for perfumes can be at the end of your ear lobes, the base of the throat, inside elbows and wrists, behind the knees, etc.

If your skin is dry, the perfume will evaporate more quickly. Noor suggests using vaseline or moisturizer on the pulse points before using perfume for it to last longer.

Is perfume an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Yes, Perfumes are definitely a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

We have curated a list of popular perfumes for you, available on Amazon.

1.Cool Water EDT By Davidoff

2.Club de Nuit EDP by Armaf

3.Tommy Girl EDT by Tommy Hilfiger


4.Run Wild EDT by Davidoff


5.Yellow Diamond EDT by Versace


6.Good Girl EDP by Carolina Herrera

7.Brilliant Wish EDP by Chopard

8.Pleasures EDP by Estee Lauder

9.Wonderlust EDP by Michael Kors

10.Bella EDT By Nina Ricci

11.Bamboo EDP by Gucci

13.Dare EDT by Guess

14.Color Purple by United Colors of Benetton

15.Nude- Skinn By Titan

16.Bloom EDP by Gucci

17.Bella Vita Organic Perfumes

Body Mist

What is a body mist?

According to Noor, Body mists are lighter, softer, and more subtle as compared to perfumes and they do not last as long. This is because they are scents that have a very low concentration of perfume oils.

Body mists are much cheaper as compared to perfumes as they are diluted with water or alcohol. And as they are lighter, they usually come in bigger bottles and need to be sprayed more than once a day for lasting fragrance. Some even come as a combination of body and hair mists.

How to select the best body mist?

The body mist is mostly selected on the basis of the scent you prefer and how it smells on you and how long it lasts on you.

How to apply a body mist?

Body mists can be sprayed to your skin directly like perfumes but they do not last as long and are much lighter. You can spray them all over your body for a light smell. They can be sprayed on the body right after a shower and can also be reapplied during the day as they have a very low staying power. It is best to use a shower gel and moisturizer from the same range before spraying on the body mist to have longer-lasting fragrance layering.

You can also use body mists on your clothes or your cupboard or even your bedding if you so desire. Spray on your outfit from a little distance and have them smelling great even before you wear them.

Is body mist an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

Body mists are not a must-have in your beauty arsenal if you use perfumes.

Choose your favorite fragrance from our specially curated list of Body Mists.

1.Yves Rocher Body Mist for body and Hair



2.Layers Wattagirl Body Mist

3.Body Fantasies Signature Body Mist

4.Loccitane Body Mist

5.Armaf Body Mist

6.Bath And Body Works Body Spray
7.Body Shop Body Mist

8.Forest Essentials Body Mist

9.Victoria Secret Body Mist

10.Streax Body Spray


What is deodorant?

A deodorant is a substance that is applied to the body to mask or get rid of body odor and is usually applied to the underarms to kill odor-producing bacteria. Some deodorants are also antiperspirants that reduce the amount of sweat produced by the body.

Deodorants come in various forms like sprays, roll-ons, and gels.

How to select the best deodorant?

Noor says, to choose deodorants and antiperspirants based on your personal preference and concerns. It is definitely not an item to splurge on and the drugstore brands do a good job.

Deodorants are available in different forms like sprays, Gels, and roll-ons so select the one that best suits your lifestyle and skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you have a strong body odor then a deodorant should work well for you. In case you perspire a lot, opt for an antiperspirant. You can even use a combination of two kinds of deodorants eg. Spray on deodorant after your morning shower and carry a roll-on with you to use after the gym.


How to apply deodorant?

A deodorant can be applied directly to the skin after a shower. They are usually applied on clean underarms, inner thighs, and inner knees to control sweat and odor as sweats tend to accumulate in the folds.

For a spray deodorant or antiperspirant, Shake the deodorant can and spray on your underarms from a 6inches distance. Let the spray dry for a few seconds and dress as usual.

Is deodorant an absolute must-have in the beauty arsenal?

A deodorant is definitely a must-have in your beauty arsenal as it controls body odor and should be an essential part of your daily hygiene.

Choose your deodorant/ Antiperspirant from our curated list.

1.Yardley London Deo Pack

2.Dove Deodorant

3.Dove antipesperant Deodorant Stick

4.Dove Antipresperant Deo Roll On


6.Armaf  Deodorant

7.Bella Vita Roll On Deodorant

8.Nivea Deodorant Roll on

9.Nivea Deodorant

10.Rexona Deodorant Stick

11.Rexona Deodorant


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  • The most expensive Perfume in the world is Shumukh by Nabeel Perfumes, costing USD 1.29 million. This crystal bottle is decorated with 3,571 diamonds, topazes, giant pearls, more than five kilograms of pure silver, and two kilograms of 18 ct gold.

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