Healthy Snack Options In India

Our body is a complicated machine that we often miss understanding. For instance, Do you know our body needs food the moment we wake up as it has been starving the entire night, but tea or coffee as the first thing in the morning shocks the system with nicotine?

However, the good news is, people are becoming more aware of their health and seeking healthier alternatives for leading a better life. To help such people, influencers like Geeta Singh Kushwaha are sharing their healthy routines on Youtube and through their lifestyle blogs.

Geeta is a recognized YouTuber, who shares her views on health, skincare, shopping hauls, fashion, and much more. In this article, we have taken the reference of Geeta’s video where she has shared ample healthy snacks options that will not give you a good dose of nutrition by catering to your taste buds as well.

Geeta stated that for this video, she has chosen healthy and yummy snacks, especially for the evening time. She mentioned that majority of the products are from Amazon and some are from Reliance Mart, out of which some she has already opened and the remaining will be unboxed while shooting the video. So are you too excited about knowing some really healthy snacking options? Let’s dig in!

Roasted Nachni Chips – Healthy Snack Options In India

The very first snacking option introduced by Geeta was Roasted Nachni Chips by the brand Bombay Special. Geeta was impressed with the ingredients and making process of these chips. She mentioned that the chips have the goodness of ragi and are not deep-fried, which makes them a great evening-time snack option.

Beetroot Chips – Healthy Snack Options In India

Geeta vouched for the good taste of these chips and while holding a packet in her hands, she mentioned that one packet has already been eaten by her family. She further said that these chips are incredibly delicious and however they are not roasted but as they are made up of beetroots, they are relatively healthier than banana and potato chips.

Diet Low Salt Jowar Masala – Healthy Snack Options In India

Here is the snack that is the best example of exceeding expectations! Geeta said that she wasn’t expecting more than a good amount of jowar from the diet mixture she has ordered but to her surprise, she got so many other ingredients in the pack that make the evening time snake more colorful and healthy. This perfect tea time bite has jowar puff, poha, moong daal, and chana daal, which will make your tummy served in no time.

Makhana (Fox Nut) – Healthy Snack Options In India

Geeta considered makhana the superfood and gave a monologue on its goodness. She said that makhanas have low-quality saturated fat and have detoxifying properties. They can assist in flushing off toxins from your body, make your skin glow, and help in your weight loss journey too. Moreover, she emphasized the fact that, if you can consume a bowl of Makana every day, nothing can work better than this for your overall health. She stated that makhanas are quite expensive but attributed to the benefits they have, it matches their worth.

Jaggery Powder – Healthy Snack Options In India

Geeta said that it is good to cut on your sugar intake if you are on a weight loss or staying fit journey. She mentioned that she has replaced sugar with jaggery powder and whenever she cooks kheer or seviyan for her husband, she uses jaggery instead of sugar. She also shared a recipe made from jaggery powder in which she uses jagger while making paratha (Indian flatbread) with ghee (saturated butter), which she claims to be ultra delicious along with being extremely healthy. Later, she warned not to use jagger more than 2 tablespoons in a day, as she explains, “jaggery has the same amount of calories as sugar but is healthier, hence to avoid calories don’t consume it more.” She also suggested using the jaggery powder from good brands only like the one she showed in the video; Organic India.

Roasted Chana – Healthy Snack Options In India

Another healthy snack choice by Geeta is roasted chana, and she mentioned that though they are extremely delicious yet some people may take time to develop taste for it. The roasted chana that was showcased by Geeta were peeled and one can have them as a salad with chopped onion, cucumber, and tomatoes with a dash of lime and salt.

Act II Popcorn – Healthy Snack Options In India

Geeta expressed her displeasure at her husband choosing cream biscuits and namkeens as an evening snack over rather healthy options. To curb that she has got golden butter Act II popcorn, which will make her husband much on something relatively healthier. She later mentioned that Act II popcorns are available in a variety of flavors that one can choose from.


Golden Wheat Crisps – Healthy Snack Options In India

Here comes the showstopper as per Geeta. She said she was looking forward to trying this particular snack for a long time and it took 8 days to deliver. Just after sharing this information, she went gaga over the plethora of nutrients these khakhras have. These roasted khakhras are rich in protein and fibers that will help you a big-time in sticking to the healthy snacking options when you are on a weight loss journey.

Kapiva’s Apple Cider Vinegar – Healthy Snack Options In India

The apple vinegar cider is a personal favorite of Geeta, and she said that she has been using it for quite a long time. This apple cider vinegar has no artificial colors and flavors and is 100% natural with no added sugar. This apple cider vinegar comes with a mother that has weight loss properties with enzymes and probiotics.


Geeta seemed to be so enthusiastic about sharing her healthy snacking options that it looked difficult for her to wrap everything up with some products. She then introduced in the list pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and watermelon seeds; that can be kept in a box and can be eaten with fruit salad, curd or alone as a good healthy option. These seeds are rich in antioxidants, calcium, protein, fibre, good fat, magnesium and iron, which makes them a great snacking option.


Hoppingo Finds – Healthy Snack Options In India

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