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The Central Government has decided to declare 7th August as National Handloom Day every year beginning from the year 2015, throughout the country. ‘The first National Handloom Day was launched by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 7th August, 2015.

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India has almost 43 lakh persons engaged in handloom weaving and allied activities in India – an industry which is a source of livelihood to a large section of the rural population, with more women employees than men. Unfortunately, this industry has been ignored in the past, but its growth is now seeing an upward swing much to the delight of the countless workers who create these fascinating designs. With the demand for handloom fabric and the immense creative output this industry can help fight poverty – so says our honourable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.  In fact, the west has always been keen to include India weaves and today, many international designers are seen utilizing Indian weaves in their collections.

When it comes to handlooms and a true ambassador of handlooms one name comes to mind immediately – Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza!

Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza is a double gold medalist working as an Associate Professor, the Head of the Marketing Area and the Chairperson of Online Programmes at MICA. I was fortunate enough to have been taught by her. Dr Falguni is the ultimate teacher, mentor, tutor, philosopher, friend, blogger, a strong advocator of women’s rights all rolled into one.

Wear handlooms with pride & glee! Blessed to be in India - such a rich handlooms diversity and culture! I try to buy handloom sarees from wherever I travel - Kolkata/Odisha/MP/Chennai and so on! - Dr. Falguni Vasavada Oza Click To Tweet

Her friendly persona can attract you from a mile away. Always cheerful and optimistic, Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza is passionate about teaching! She is – one could say – obsessed with advertising and analyzing advertisements. On National Handloom Day, we thought it is best to honor the one who has promoted Handloom Sarees Online.

When it comes to celebrating the handloom industry and its weavers, Dr Falguni has gone out on a limb to purchase handlooms. She has often been seen wearing handloom apparels; her own little way of supporting the dedicated efforts of the workers involved in bringing out their best!

With a hectic schedule, Dr Falguni chooses to shop Handloom Sarees Online – yes, online handloom shopping and it’s something she enjoys. She follows various designers on Facebook (Angachaya,  Anagha, Dor Designs, Sujatam lifestyle, Queen of hearts by deepa Mehta) and regularly visits sites like Yellowfashion.comTrivenisarees.comItokri.com amongst various others. She has satiated her passion for handlooms from the world of e-commerce. Florals, pastels, contemporary and traditional, she wears them all with panache. She has a unique style of her own. Her following on Facebook and other social channels can give an established brand a run for their money.

She imbues the true Indian spirit through her penchant for India’s favourite and most popular fabric of handlooms. She is already doing her bit by adorning the beautiful handloom designs and promoting it on her social channels.

“In future I’d like to help small time women entrepreneurs by teaching them about marketing & branding skills”. - Dr. Falguni Vasavada Oza Click To Tweet

Women entrepreneurs…Are you listening? If you get to learn from her, it’ll be an experience of a lifetime! Here’s wishing all the readers a very Happy National Handloom Day!

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