4 Lace-up Sandals That Need A Place In Your Shoe Closet

Swati Gauba

If there's one pair of shoes that's synonymous with Spring, it's the lace-up sandal. Lace-ups add a subtle, sultry statement to your look and take even the most casual of outfits to the next level.

Keep reading to know which four pairs you need this season:

Knee High Gladiator Sandals:

Bring the bold with this pair of Knee High sandals. Worn with a pair of tailored dress shorts and a T-shirt, these sandals up the chic-factor of the look. This is your go-to for when you want to make an impact.

Ghillie Laced Heels:

A pair of delicate, ankle-wrap heels in a nude or neutral hue is sophisticated and universally flattering. Stylish in every sense, these stilettos complement all your casual and semi-formal outfits.

Flat Gladiators:

Looking for a pair to wear on a daily basis? Flat gladiators are your best bet. Simple and sassy, these stylish gladiator sandals from People are perfect for everyday use. They look best when paired with cropped pants and a trendy top.

Lace-up Detail Wedges:

Nothing adds instant cool factor like a pair of wedges. They offer a bit more coverage than the ghillie pair and are warm-weather appropriate thanks to the peep toe design. They can be worn with jeans and dresses alike.


Inspired? Make sure these lace-up sandals find a way into your shoes closet

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