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For most women, if not all, jewelry is an integral part of style and fashion. The effect of a piece of jewelry on a woman can be magical. Only a cute pair of earrings could make all the difference. In fact, a jewelry has the ability to highlight a woman’s personality. Jewelry has always made women more beautiful and gives them a feeling of confidence.
In all parts of the world, jewelry is regarded as a symbol of feminity and it has been worn by women for centuries. However, in contemporary times, more men can now be seen confidently wearing jewelry of virtually all categories – rings, neck pieces earrings, bracelets, pendants, etc. Voylla, being attuned to the desire of both genders to own quality jewelry as they offer an extensive collection of quality and fancy jewelry online, tries to deliver only the best.
What We Love About Voylla Online Store
Website Aesthetics: Besides being your number one go-to store in India for any jewelry of your choice, Voylla has a well branded online portal which makes every shopping experience enjoyable. The beauty in the consistent colors and hues on every page makes it not one you would be in haste to leave.
User-Friendly Features
Alongside the great aesthetics, Voylla online store has amazing user-friendly features. This makes it pretty easy and fun to navigate. Nothing beats a website with good usability as this guarantees seamless user experience for visitors.
Excellent Gallery
Another high point on Voylla online store is that it’s simple yet beautiful gallery is full of high quality descriptive pictures. As the saying goes, pictures do not lie and Voylla has proven to be a brand with integrity and they have maintained an infallible reputation for delivering promises. What you see on the site is exactly what you get.
Men and Women Section
The two major categories on Voylla are the men and the women sections. The women jewelry category consists of jewelry of all forms, shapes and size for females. For women, jewelry adorning is an art so you expect to see a lot of dynamism in the way the female jewelry is worn. And Voylla is sure to have the best jewelry choices for them to explore.
Categories and Collections
Voylla has also gone the extra mile to simplify purchase options by grouping jewelry based on product categories. These categories also line under the men and women section respectively. So you’re sure to easily locate categories for rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and neck chains for both men and women. Jewelry categories include toe rings, nose pins, hair accessories, bangles, mangalsutra and maang Tikka exclusive to women.
There are also various jewelry collections which comprises mainly of branded and matching items. These are great gift choices for family and friends.
One unique feature of Voylla is that they always update their stock with the latest exquisite jewelry items and these, at affordable prices. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Voylla offers incredible discounts – as high as 65% – on all their products. The bulk of the Voylla product is between the price range of $5 to $21.
Return Policy
Voylla jewelry products can be returned or replaced within 30 days of purchase. However, products returned or to be replaced are subject to verification and checks to determine the veracity of the request. Checks for damages, usage, originality; valid serial numbers, seal and warranty checks amongst other verifications are carried out on every returned jewelry product.  Products which do not meet the requirements would be rejected by Voylla.
1.) How should I get my ring size measured?
If you’re ordering online, it’s best to get to a jeweler near you to measure your ring size. You should also ensure that you’re measured with a gauge that matches the style of the ring you intend to buy.
2.) How often should I clean my jewelry?
A regular examination and cleaning of your jewelry is important. It also helps to put off your accessories before bathing, swimming or exercising. This would prevent easy damage to the jewelry or skin reactions of any sort. If you need to clean a piece, use soft toothbrush and a non-gritty soap to gently wash it. You could also get a soft polishing cloth to restore the luster.

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