Your perfect look is out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered — you just might need a little help finding it. Enter your Zodiac sign, which describes you to a T and possibly knows you better than you know yourself. Could your zodiac sign help you find the perfect ensemble you’ve been searching for?
Ahead we’ve rounded up some options based on what’s — literally — written in the stars. Here is what your horoscope says will work for you:
Aries: Rock a cape, try some cut-outs, and go with something that shows off your fun and humorous side.

Taurus: Look for an outfit that’ll work for multiple occasions, but is also comfy enough to eat and chill out in.

Gemini: Go with a solid-coloured design that you can spice up to your liking with accessories, such as belts and necklaces.

Cancer: You love tradition, so keep it classic with those good old favourites that never go out of style: lace, metallics, and a little bit of velvet.

Leo: Show that you know how to tastefully wear something sheer, opt for bold embellishments, or go with a structured tuxedo dress that conveys strength.

Libra: The perfect look for you is an outfit that’s fierce and flirty on its own: front-tie dresses, bright red fit-and-flares, and a jumpsuit that shows a little bit of shoulder.

Virgo: Collars are a great choice for you, and classic styles like shifts and sweater dresses with ensure you give off a polished and professional vibe.

Scorpio: You’ll have no problem pulling off a bold choice like a structured jumpsuit or embellished dress, grabbing the attention of everyone you pass.

Sagittarius: Look for designs that you can move in, and opt for a look with a little flair, like sequin or feather embellishments.

Capricorn: You’d like your look to be event appropriate, so go with seasonal colours, metallics, and a little bit of lace for something that’s sure to stun.

Aquarius: Solids and simple shapes will allow you to take advantage of your artistic side, and jazz it up with fun add-ons of your choice.

Pisces: There’s a part of you that likes to be a little under the radar, but you definitely appreciate beauty. Solid-coloured pieces that contain pleats, slits, or cap sleeves will help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Author: Team Hoppingo