Our generation is redefining and broadening what can be characterized as office wear, but we have a feeling sometimes this limit gets stretched in the all the wrong ways. We’re all for comfort and ditching that starchy straight shirt but looking like a hobo at work? That’s not cute! Plus, no matter how brilliant you are at what you do, if you look a little too casual, it can actually take away the punch your work can deliver. So we suggest taking the middle path. Tweak your style just a little bit here and there to achieve that professional look without feeling like you’re headed back to the 90’s.

1) If you work in an office that is okay with you wearing jeans, then it is a good idea to team it up with a nice formal belt to maintain that professional look. Have a good variety stocked in the wardrobe; include blacks and browns, thin ones and thick ones. Match them to the color of your shoe and viola! You’re ready.

2) A good pair of work shoes cannot be something you can compromise on. You may have the most beautiful outfit on but a bad shoe can push you into the worst dressed list faster than you can say, “Wait! I can explain!” So find the perfect stilettos, they don’t need to be uncomfortably high. But they do need to be classic and chic. An amazing pair of flats can also do the trick. The best policy is to have a go to pair of flats and stilettos at all times.

3) A must-have for all those who value their work-life balance is a dress that can easily go from day to night. Planning on joining a few friends for a night out right after work? The day-to-night dress will get you there. This is one superhero you need in your life. Under a jacket, this dress looks perfect for time spent at your desk and chair but once you get rid of the jacket and add some bling, you’ve transformed perfectly for a fun night out. What’s not to love? So the next time you’re out looking for work wear, keep this in mind and only buy those dresses that can transform. This is our favorite tweak ever!

4) Another wardrobe tweak that we think is pretty genius is having a wide variety of scarves/stoles. You could wear the same white shirt for two days straight with a different scarf and no one would know! Scarves are a great way of multiplying your wardrobe. They don’t even take up too much space nor are they demanding on your wallet (except of course if you go for those pure silk or cashmere ones!). Amazing!

5) You can even convert your collar-less clothes into ones with collars with jewelry. These neckpieces have been trendy for a long time and they are still lust worthy! You can also ditch the traditional collars and experiment with different types of collars for some great options while dressing up for work.

Now that we’ve covered things that you do need for office, let’s talk about what to avoid. When it comes to make-up, trends like the Smokey eye and the bold lip are huge but they aren’t for office so don’t bring them there. Also, all the bling in your jewellery box is not meant for the work place either. Yes, carry them in your bag to wear later with your day-to-night dress but never at wear them at work.
Another great long-term tip is to master a few formal hairstyles suitable for your hair. Pay close special attention to picking up those that can be done in minutes, because not all of us are morning people, are we? This is going to save you many mornings of panicking. Also, having a signature perfume that you always wear to work can cut down on the decision-making first thing in the morning and lead to a more stress free process of getting ready. These are 2 great time saving tweaks indeed!

Follow these simple tips and tweaks and you’ll be treading the fine line between looking professional and being comfortable in now time. And whenever you find yourself starting to look even remotely unemployed, come right back here and refresh your memory.

Author: Team Hoppingo