Women’s Day Gift Ideas According To Shivani Taneja

The saying is popular that it is difficult to understand women, hence it becomes quite difficult to choose gifts for women. Especially for men looking forward to wooing their ladies on Valentine’s, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. However, in the new age, there is nothing that falls under the bracket of “impossible”.

Nowadays, all the information is a search away and there are people who are getting popular for the kind of behavior reading and gifting sense they have. One such person is Shivani Taneja, who claims herself as a simple girl next door who has a passion for makeup and lifestyle. Along with that Shivani strongly believes in the notion that “all girls are beautiful” and calls her YouTube channel a community where all girls can feel confident and pretty.

Now, come to this particular video where Shivani shares 15 gifting items for women she mentioned all the gifting items that are easily available on Amazon. Shivani didn’t start this video in her usual manner and said, “Hi Guys” instead of “Hi Lovelies” because she was sure that this video would be watched by many men who are looking for a perfect gift for their partners.

She said that all the gifts mentioned on the list are practical and thoughtful that will be loved by the women. And she said that one can gift them on various occasions, in fact, she insisted girls watching the video can gift certain things to their besties, moms, sisters, and to themselves. She said that gifting shouldn’t be limited to expressing love to others, but can be given to show self-love. Hence, without much ado, here is a list of Women’s Day Gift Ideas mentioned by Shivani Taneja.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Photo Display Wall Hanging

Shivani looked smitten by the functionality and emotional quotient of this gift. She said that customized gifts always have an upper hand over regular ones. While showing the photo display wall hanging she said that she really like the moon and start at the end of this beautiful wall hanging.

Plus the wall hanging she was showing had her and her partner’s photos attached to it. She said that though she has used the bigger photos as she has used the same photos that her partner used to surprise her, you can use smaller ones.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Sweatshirts

Shivani said that girls love sweatshirts and the one she is wearing right now is being gifted to her by her partner inside a Christmas mystery box. She said that she has used and washed this sweatshirt many times but it is still the same. She said that the shirt is slightly pricy and if you are looking for an alternative option then Symbol brand of Amzon will do the work. She said that you can get this sweatshirt in under 500 or around 500 rs., which is indeed a great price for the kind of quality this product has.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Kurti

Shivani said that if your partner loves wearing Kurtis then the Max brand by Amazon is the one to invest in. She herself owns a Kurti that is now heavy on her bust areas but despite many washes, the color didn’t fade and the elasticity of the cloth is intact. She also has got the same for her mom so they can twin.


Womens Day Gift Ideas – GIVA 18k Gold Plated Necklace

The next giftable item on Shivani’s list was GIVA’s 18k Gold Plated Necklace that was gifted to her by her partner and she has worn it on many occasions. She said that this necklace is quite chic and classy and doesn’t get tarnished. She said that it is quite important to look after the quality of the jewellery when you are gifting it to your partner as they would love to keep it to themselves for long.


Womens Day Gift Ideas – Perfumes

Shivani introduces perfume to the list and said that Aeronot’s November is her favorite as it has the note of coffee, vanilla, and flowers. She has suggested that one can either go for the set of 4 mini perfumes that include every perfume by Aeronot or can get a bigger size of the one.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Ruhi Collection Organiser

Shivani said that women love being organized and a classy makeup organizer will make your partner feel really happy. Then she showed two organizers; one was gifted to her by her partner and the other she has got for herself. She said that these organizers make beautiful and perfect gifting options that are stunning and classy and girls like such things.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Isle Locada By Hidesign Red Wallet

The next thing on the list is Isle Locada By Hidesign Red Wallet, which is been gifted to Shivani by Priyanka Gosh, a fellow YouTuber and she couldn’t stop gushing over it. She said that every girl in the world carries a wallet and you can never go wrong with gifting a wallet to the girl. Moreover, she said that she really like crocodile-like patterns on the wallet and has ordered the same for her mom as well.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Makeup Storage Bag

Shivani said that if your partner loves makeup then there is nothing better than gifting her a makeup bag that can accommodate her all makeup needs. She said that earlier she used to have a smaller bag but later she got the bigger one with many compartments. She later said that the size of the makeup box totally depends upon your partner’s makeup products if she uses a lot of makeup then go with the bigger one and if she is good to go with the basics then the small one is good for her.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Plum BodyLovin’ Bodycare Set (Shower Gel & Lotion)

The next gift on the list is for pampering and it contains a shower gel and a lotion that your partner can use for taking a long hot shower. She said that it’s such a cute gift and your partner will absolutely love it!

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Sugar Cosmetics Face Palette 02 Vivid Victory

Shivani said that it becomes difficult for men to choose a makeup product for women as they get overwhelmed with the kind of options available. For that Shivani came up with an easy solution and suggested a face pallet that includes a bronzer, highlighter, and a blush. She said that it is a great gift for both experts and beginners. Plus, she said that Sugar cosmetics are phenomenal in quality so it would really be a great gift.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – LetsShave Shaving Kit

Shivani says that a lot of women prefer shaving over waxing and if your partner prefers to shave then this would really be a great gifting option for her. LetsShave shaving kit that comes with a six/four-blade razor and a whipped cream lotion.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Mars Brush Set of 6

The next product on the list is the Makeup Brush set of six, which would not only be a safe bet but will work-alike that for experts and beginners. Shivani says that everyone needs makeup brushes while doing the makeup and this set comes with 3 face and 3 eye brushes. Overall it would be a great gift for your partner.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Nua Pamper Me Period Kit

Shivani says that girls really like it when their men take care of them during periods. Hene Nua Pamper Me Period Kit would be a perfect gift for your lady. The kit comprises 12 Sanitary Pads (3 Heavy, 5 Medium, 4 Light), 3 Cramp Comfort Heat Patches for Period Pain, 1 Travel Pouch,1 Pop Socket, and 3 Self-love Jars Stickers, 1 Accessory Box,1 Lavender Scented Candle, and 1 Sleep Mask. Overall, it is indeed a great ensemble of everything that a girl needs during periods.

Womens Day Gift Ideas – Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Candle (Rose + Vanilla)

Shivani looked smitten by the aroma of this candle, she said it is made with natural essential oils and has a beautiful room-filling fragrance. She says that neither the rose was overpowering vanilla nor the vanilla was overpowering the rose. She said that if you want to gift something that will soothe and calm down your girl then this candle by Aromatherapy is a must.

Shivani said that you can choose to book a service for your partner to make her feel pampered such as a spa session, body massage, or any other service she mentioned to go for in particular. Maybe a nail extension or parlor appointment.

Author: Swati Gauba

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