Winter is here in full swing and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already ploughed through your winter closet and taken out your warmest layering pieces! I know I have!  
However, if you think that layering up to stay warm in winter means giving up jewellery in favour of warm layering pieces like scarves, hats, earmuffs and gloves, think again, because you couldn’t be more wrong!
That’s right ladies, you can and SHOULD wear jewellery in winter. It’s the type of jewellery you wear that’s the key.
The main problem you face while wearing jewellery in the winter is: pieces of jewellery getting caught under the bulky layers. But worry not, we have a solution for that.
For your love for accessorizing, here are the seven best types of jewellery to glam up your cold weather look. Whether it’s necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets that’s your thing, we’ve got you covered.
– Fabric or leather choker:
Whatever the season, chokers are always in vogue. The best thing about this ‘90s staple is that you can see it peeping out above a scarf or a coat and it also imparts an uber cool edge to your ensemble.

– Studs or small hoop earrings:
There are always chances of long, dangly earrings getting caught in your turtleneck or scarf. Studs or small hoop earrings are a great alternative. It’s worth investing in these timelessly classic earrings since they are extremely versatile and work with almost every outfit in your wardrobe.

– Leather band watch:
Wearing a metal band watch in winter can sometimes feel like you’re wearing a block of ice around your wrist. A beautifully crafted leather band watch is a great alternative. It exudes a ladylike elegance, and pairs well with everything from a flowy daytime dress to a classic cashmere sweater.

– Brooches:
Brooches impart a cool vintage feel to your ensemble and can be expertly used to dress up a coat or blazer. While most other jewellery is worn only in the way it’s intended to be worn, brooches are versatile and the styling possibilities pretty much depends on your own personal style.

– Flat rings:
Anyone who’s ever torn a sweater or scarf because of a chunky ring knows that raised stones and gems on fingers are a big no-no in the winter. Go for simple rings and bands instead.

– Cuff bracelets:
Instead of skinny bracelets you can’t wear over your gloves, look for cuff bracelets that won’t get lost under your jacket. They are designed to be noticed and are an absolute must have.

– Long chunky necklaces:
Whether you want to elevate your jeans and tee ensemble or add some personality to your LBD, a long chunky necklace can instantly transform any outfit.

What’s your go-to winter jewellery? Tell us in the comments below!