Do you know what are parents searching for? Here are few popular terms – back to school, welcome to back to school that are trending as popular search terms as schools reopen. Are your children heading back to school in 2021, after almost a year and a half? Take a look through our specially curated back to school supplies list to help you save time and money on your back to school shopping.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive shopping list for all your school supplies from Covid essentials, to stationary, water bottles and more. Whether you are heading back to high-school or taking your children to play school, we’ve got a variety of back to school essentials.

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A mandatory feature in the new world that your children cannot do without. look for interesting and colorful masks that your children would not like to take off all day.



In addition to keeping their hands clean. Make sure your children are carrying sanitizers and disinfectant wipes in their backpack.



Getting a stylish and spacious backpack ensures that you carry items like mobile phones, books, stationary and laptops in one place. Whether you are going to school or  college, getting a smart and functional backpack is essential.

3.Pencil Pouch

Some students like to have all their supplies in one place. This pencil case can hold everything they need, from their assortment of ink pens to sticky notes. It’s big enough to keep their supplies organised while compact enough to fit comfortably in their backpack or school desk.


Despite technology taking over in many schools, traditional school materials will never cease to exist, pencils will always hold supreme importance. Make sure your child is always ready with  sharp pencils, thanks to these manual and electric pencil sharpeners.


Highlighting your favorite text is involuntary while studying. This set of 5 pastel highlighter pens have a polyester tip with three different line widths. It is Environment friendly with it’s water-based ink.


6.Correction Tape/ White Out Pens

We all make mistakes, especially in school. But some mistakes can be easily rectified. These correction tapes and white out pens come in handy when it comes to fixing permanent paper errors.


7.Pencil Grip Posture Correction Tool 

These pencil grips have been designed by a doctor to improve handwriting and pencil grip. The pencil grip is used as a training tool and also for comfort.





Back to school means back to writing assignments and making notes. These six subject, single notebook with 300 pages ruled sheets can have all your subjects in one book. These notebooks are made of eco-friendly high quality paper.


9.Sticky Notes

Use sticky notes for a brainstorming or for jotting down new ideas Sticky notes are also used for learning and retaining key information while studying.

10.Water Bottle

Use as a water bottle or as a water Sprayer for an instant refreshed feeling. This mist sprayer water bottle is ideal for the school bag. Pressing the nozzle lightly can squirt water, making you feel refreshed and moisturized. 

11. Lunch Box

Pack your children’s favorite food which they can have in school. These lunch boxes keep your child’s food warm and fresh and curb those hunger pangs.

12.Stain Remover Pen

This Portable no mess stain remover pen, fits neatly into backpacks and pencil boxes. Works well on tomato ketchup, coffee, tea, chocolate syrup and more for those cafeteria accidents. Also removes pen marks from the crisp white school shirts.




Use these attractive bookmarks to find your last read pages. Don’t waste time finding where you last left off.


14. Pens

There are so many pens to choose from for smooth writing. Gel pens, boil points, jet ink pens, pinpoit ball pen and many more. Find the one which will make you go on writing.



15.Art and Craft Essentials

Have you experienced the panic when your child asks for help on their school project that is due next day. There is loads of paper that needs to be cut. Glitter, tapes and colors needed for decoration. Color pens and pencils for that perfect shade.





16. Tissues/ Wet Wipes

The importance of cleanliness and hygiene is never enough. Add these interesting and attractive wipe cans, tissue tablets and tissues to your child’s lunch box or backpacks to ensure that they are used by them.

17. Mask Chain for Kids



Article compiled with inputs from parents and teachers.

Hope our curated back to school essentials list makes one task less for you to do. Do help us make this list longer by giving your experienced inputs. We will add them to this list along with your name in recommended essentials.

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Author: Aparna Malhotra

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