Most posts out there are obsessed with youth! Fashion advice pointed to the teenagers and those in their 20’s is found in every nook and cranny of the Internet, but what about the thriving 30’s?  That decade when you get comfortable within your own skin and know a thing or two about your deep-set habits and beliefs. It can be a liberating decade miles away from your insecure 20’s. So why not incorporate some new styles and designs into this most enjoyable of times?

1. If most of your 20’s was filled with body issues and covering up, why not decide to show a bit of skin now and again? Try an off-shoulder look or at least a wide boat neck as a baby step forward. Who knew showing skin could still be chic?

2. Another trend to embrace in your 30’s are the gorgeous, flowing, graceful culottes. Think harem pants but shorter, culottes can add layers of intrigue to any outfit. Pair with a crop top or body suits; add a belt or chunky heels, these are as classy as they get.

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3. Get hip with flared denims and revel in the trend that came back to the delight of us all.

4. You could also experiment with mixing slouchy clothes with structured jackets or tights. Interesting combinations make for interesting conversation, so give us something to talk about.

5. Also, your 30’s give you the freedom to finally try the trends you’ve feared like long, flowing skirts. They don’t have to look matronly if worn right and one quick search can let you know that there is nothing matronly about accentuating your waist.

6. This is also the decade to get out of your boring work clothes rut. Invest in well-tailored suits in unanticipated colours to ensure you leave your mark.You could even go for an entirely monochromatic look that says ‘Powerful’. There is power in simplicity, embrace it!

7. Again, remember that your 30’s are one of the most liberating decades of your life thus far so why not experiment with some plunging necklines? A crisp white shirt needn’t be buttoned all the way to the top. Get comfortable in your own skin like never before while keeping it classy.

8. This is also the perfect decade to indulge in some dresses with high slits. Think Angelina Jolie’s penchant for slit dresses and that will be inspiration enough.

9. And for the times you want the comfort without sacrificing the chic, go for pajama inspired pants.

10. And if you’re feeling super empowered, why not ditch the jackets and go in for some fabulous capes instead?

Slowly acquire some or all of the above during your 30’s and turn into a polished, sophisticated lady who knows what she wants and definitely knows where she is going.
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Author: Team Hoppingo