This Kitchen Must Have Item Will Make Your Life Easier

Shopping is inevitable on every overseas trip. But sometimes you shop for totally unexpected things! Apart from the usual souvenirs, clothes, and food, sometimes you stumble upon totally unexpected by life changing items. And they don't even need to be super expensive or exclusive. So without further delay, let me tell you what I've been going on about. On one such trip abroad, I found this life saving, must have, kitchen item and I swear by it.

It's the scotch brite soap dispensing dishwand but I like to call it a magical wand!


This dishwand has made cleaning utensils a cakewalk and I no longer rely on anyone for washing my utensils. It's completely mess-free as it dispenses soap on applying appropriate pressure.

Later, while going through, I realized that this magical dishwand is available in India as well. What brilliant luck! I wonder how this gem remained hidden all these years. It's super cold outside and there is no way we can survive without this magical wand. I found it at the right time and my hands thank me every single day, especially in these relentlessly cold days.

Travel can have such unexpected benefits, right?



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