This Hair Care Product Is A Must Buy According To Anshita Juneja

Swati Gauba

What if I tell you that your favorite beauty blogger swears by this hair care product?

And not only does she swear by it, but you can also buy it online in India and it's super affordable too! Yes, we understand that some of the coolest brands and products simply haven't made it to Indian shores yet. But this one product is sure to change your hair story and you can have it delivered asap.

But first, the lady in question is none other than the famous fashion and beauty blogger Anshita Juneja

In her own words, her hair photos get the maximum likes and comments on Instagram which means she knows the secret for healthy tresses. And when we took one look at her Instagram, we were totally onboard and all ears. Because who doesn't want gorgeous hair like hers?

Going by her advice, we are so compelled to try Pantene Pro V Oil replacement. Perfect for the "no time for oiling" lifestyle.

According to Anshita, "It makes your hair soft and shiny and works on dry and frizzy hair as it has the benefits of oils including shine, moisture balance, nourishment, damage protection, smoothness, and damage repair"



This product already seems like a winner to us at Hoppingo and we can't wait to order our own Pantene Pro V Oil replacement. For a detailed review, read Anshita's review here 


She's also reviewed more products which look interesting and you might want to get your hands on the product. It's Hair Care Fruit Oils. If you love champis and keeping oil in your head overnight, you can definitely give this a try. Read here for a detailed review



Some other hair oils you could try if hair if you are looking at improving the quality of your hair. We'd recommend sticking to one instead of changing oils frequently







Have you found your 'go to' oil? Let us know in comments below


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