This Cute Panda Eye Mask Is A Must Buy For Winters

Team Hoppingo

It is hightime hibernating during winters became totally legit for humans too. Polar beers, squirrels, snakes and some animal species are known to hibernate during winters. If these animals can hibernate, why can’t we as human species hibernate in our blankets until the winter subsides?

Policies like unlimited vacation time and work from home make partial hibernation seems doable!

A cozy blanket and a constant supply of chai can make this dream hibernation even more heavenly.

But how to we take our hiberation experience to another level? We found a very cute panda eye mask that promises to do the trick.

Originally priced at 400 INR, it is now available for only 199 INR. What a steal! We're getting one for all our friends!


An investment that’ll make you feel like the cute little panda.

Let us know what you think of our recommendation.

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