We are a tea drinking nation. Infact Indians across the world are known for their tea. Tea chains and lounges like Chaayos, Chai Point, Wagh Bakri are becoming more popular in India.

Most of us are very particular about our tea and how is it prepared.

It’s time to get particular about the cup in which we have our tea. Our cups say a lot about us and how we feel at the moment.

1. This tea mug is perfect for one too many reasons. For one, it looks great Additionally, being double-walled, this tea mug insulates your tea, is sturdy, lightweight and grips comfortably in your hands.


2. Photography, movies, film making if these are the keywords that define you, these tea mugs are for you.


3. Style Statement – If you love unique things and can shell out a little extra to make a statement, these mugs are for you.


4. Emoji wali chai – These mugs emote your state of mind more beautifully than you could. So if you feel like a boss, just go ahead and have a cup of tea in your emoticon cup.


5. Tapri wali chai – If you miss office ki tapri wali chai or roadside tea, having tea served in these cups will make you smile.



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