Cool Gadgets On Amazon According To The Unique Gadgets

Cool Gadgets On Amazon According To The Unique Gadgets

Unique Gadgets is a popular YouTube channel loved equally by nerdy techies and beginners. The presentation is extremely easy to understand that you would be glued to your screen until the entire video doesn’t end. Moreover, all the gadgets featured in the videos look quite functional and you may want to purchase them right off. In one such video, Unique Gadgets have literally shocked us with the kind of products they showed under the title, “cool gadgets on Amazon”. Right from the display of the first product to further on, Unique Gates has made “wow” a constant expression with its list.

To give you a glimpse, here is an introduction of the video as stated by Unique Gadgets, “have you thought of a visiting card that works like a multi-tool? Have you seen a bike that can fly (referring to a toy bike)? In the video, you will see many unseen and unheard products that will take you by surprise”. Now that the opening lines were able to grab your attention, let’s start with the entire list of cool gadgets on Amazon by unique gadgets.


Wallet Ninja

The very first gadget that was introduced by Unique Gadgets will take you by surprise altogether. You might actually have never heard of the gadget before; Wallet Ninja. It is a customizable tool or advanced visiting card that can work as a screwdriver, can opener, cell phone stand, bottle opener, or cardboard cutter. This Wallet Ninja comes with 18 such features and is ISA-approved for traveling by air. You can keep it in your wallet and you will be amazed at its functionality. Plus, it is available on Amazon for under 200 INR


The next gadget shared by Unique Gadgets was Misa. Misa is a socializing family robot of the future. Misa is a smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile device that can play with your kids, keep track of your schedule and keep your house secure. As a companion, tutor, companion, videographer, housekeeper, entertainer, and more, Misa will fit right in with your family.

Misa interacts with its environment and is a useful, amusing, and memorable addition to any family thanks to its distinct personality and lively disposition. It can see, hear, teach, communicate, and even relate to you, making it an ideal personal assistant for helping you with your everyday activities.

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HHD H6 is a deforming toy with an HD camera, audio, video, and photos, that can make filling in a suitable environment easy. This product looks like a cool toy motorcycle that can turn into a drone. Moreover, it can fly as per its vision system and can catch control signals easily. Along with landing and take-off features, this gadget has an emergency stop feature too. It has three-speed variants; low, medium and high. Overall, if you are looking for a cool filming gadget HHD H6 is the right choice for you.

HeHengDa Toys H G In Electric RC Deformation Motorcycle Drone WIFI Control Car RTR Model

Upcart Lift

If you too find it overwhelming to shift or carry heavy luggage then Upcart Lift is here to assist you. This product makes it extremely easy to lift heavy loads and reduces the efforts to 50%. Moreover, it will work smoothly on rough surfacese and can be used on stairs too. It has a strong grip and comes in four different handlings and you can get this hand truck in just 1700 rs., which is indeed a deal to grab!


PUP Scan

The following item on the list is the definition of cool in every way. The Pet Scanner scans photographs or pictures fast and stores JPEG/PDF files in seconds. It’s plug-and-play, and it’s compatible with Windows XP/7/Vista/Mac OS 10.4 or higher versions.

The device is small and portable, and it may be used in banks, insurance companies, real estate agencies, residences, workplaces, libraries, and even outdoors. Lawyers, businesses, students, travellers, and amateur archivists will find this book useful. With this puppy scanner, you can quickly scan and save your essential data, eliminating the need to go for printing business and keeping your information private.

Prynt Pocket

This gadget can be a great gift for your photo crazy BFF or can elevate the essence of the moment by multifold by its functionality. Prynt Pocket is a portable instant photo printer, that you can attach to your mobile phone for instant pictures. You can use this product either to develop a still photograph or stop a video to take a photograph, which is really cool.

Canary Flex

Canary Flex is an Indoor and Outdoor weatherproof HD security camera that comes with wireless and plugin features. This device may be used to maintain your front porch, nursery, backyard pool, home office, or small company. Additionally, the HD Video, Day & Night – Wide-angle lens, auto night vision with picture pan, and zoom provides you greater security control.

Nubia Watch

Here comes the super sleek and extremely functional smartwatch, Nubia. Its attractive design will make you drawn towards it instantly, moreover, the kind of features it has will make you go nuts about it. The watch can calculate your steps, calories, tells the weather, receives messages, and can make you appear on the phone with its camera. It comes with a whopping seven-day-long battery life.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaner comes with 3Stage Filtration Cyclone System, Kardia delivers strong suction power ensuring long-time operation Powerful swirling action gives remarkable cleaning results every time. Its HEPA filtration system makes it stand out from others and you can enjoy an allergy-free environment by trapping and removing the smallest of airborne pollutants. Also, it has an LED light that makes you see the darker areas of the room and it removes more than 99.9% of dust particles from the surface.


The EDC pen is way more than a pen and can rightly be denoted as a utility device. It’s 6 cm in length and made up of strong titanium which can help in breaking or tearing strong things in case of emergency. Moreover, due to its small size, you can wear it as a pendant or carry it as a key chain.

Here ends the list of cool gadgets available at Amazon. We hope you like the featured ones and are seriously considering purchasing a few.

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