Build your own personalized chocolate box

Bored of customizing gifts with pictures? We know, making a picture collage is so passe! But customization and personalization is still very much in vogue. So how can you leverage the trend without falling back on seriously overdone ideas? Let us tell you!
But first, let us ask you a question. What is one way of making chocolate even better than it already is? By customizing it! Yes, you can get whatever you want written in chocolate. These guys will put your message in chocolate, a message with max 27 alphabets. These customized chocolate messages will surely surprise you and your love ones with how wonderful the taste and presentation is!

Here are some quirky messages that will surely bring a smile;
If it’s someone’s 50th Anniversary
YOU BOTH MAKE 50 LOOK GOOD <3 Write to us with more ideas and get creative with 27 alphabets.