Samapti Banerjee’s 9 Most Purchased Skincare Products

Most Purchased Skincare Products Available Online

Isn’t it great to have someone else experiment with the products you always wanted to try and get to know about the products with their first-hand experience? Find Sampati Banerjee’s most purchased skincare products.

Many of the times we are confused between skincare and makeup, then the whole list of skincare confuses us more, and let’s not even introduce the concept of what suits your skin and what does not. Yeah, taking care of your skin is as tricky as trigonometry and now how we wish would have taught taking care of ourselves over trigonometry and algebra (okay, they are hell important for bigger level research but logically everyone has a skin and not everyone is a mathematician). Anyway, let’s stop the battle and thank the algorithm and technology, which is derived from mathematics only, to get us platforms like YouTube. Where YouTubers share their lifestyle or passion with us.

Samapti is one among the celebrated YouTubers for skincare and has whopping 60k followers. While starting the video on her most purchased skincare product, she started with her signature gesture and warmly welcomed everyone saying, “welcome to my YouTube channel, happy to see you all and lots of love from Tata (her dog).”

She shared her most repurchased products for skincare. She said it is always good to show love to the products that work best for you by purchasing them again and again. Then she shared the list of the products that she has been buying continuously for ages. Mentioned below is the list.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Samapti said, “she loves this cream and despite being a bit expensive it worth the entire cost.’ She later said that her skin loves the cream and it has a thick texture. It doesn’t feel oily or too sticky and moisturizes the skin. This product calms down the skin and Samapti uses it pretty often as a night sleeping pack. Moreover, the cream has a beautiful blue colour which doesn’t show up on the skin and emulsifies nicely.

Bioderma Cicabio

Samapti said that she uses this product when her skin gets super irritated. She said that when her skin gets irritated, she uses the cream on the affected area, and in the morning skin appears much better. She also said that the texture of the cream is quite tricky and sometimes it gets the ball up but Samapati said she uses the product only for spot treatment. She mentioned that she keeps using a lot of different products which at times makes her skin go angry and in situations like this she uses Bioderma Cicabio.

She said that she has purchased the item over and over again. She usually uses the cream with Midnight Blue calming (the product shown above) as her everyday sleeping mask to keep her skin happy.

The Purito Unscented Centella Serum

Samapti said that ever since she has started taking skincare seriously, she is a big fan of the K Beauty concept, she has been using this serum, It is unscented, calming, and hydrating. The application of this product has changed her skin for the better and her skin is in love with it.

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Lotus Lip Balm

This balm has been introduced to her by her maasi (aunt), and ever since then, she is been using it (over eight years). She said that it’s quite funny that the packaging doesn’t have a list of all the ingredients but overall it works best for her hence she really doesn’t care. Later she said that this balm has a beautiful orange tint and flavor/smell of cherries in it and it works wonders for her.

Plum Sugar Scrub

The next product shared by Samapti was plum sugar scrub, which she has purchased many times. However, many people do not like using it, as the sugar granules melt really quickly but she loves the product. Samapti said the scrubber moisturizes her skin completely and works really well as a lip scrubber.

Simple Moisturizer

This product has a story of its own! When Samapti got it, the batch had a weird smell and she vouch to never purchase it again but as time passes on, she got it yet another time, and luckily the smell wasn’t there. Thereafter she has purchased it several times, it nourishes her skin nicely, is affordable, and is a no-nonsense product. Later she said that when she loves something she doesn’t give up on it easily, and thus started her repurchasing session with this moisturizer.

Isntree Green Tea Toner

The next product that was a big hit for Samapti introduced was Instree green tea toner. Which she said is the most calming tonner she has ever used! She said she can use it in the morning, at night and every time her body feels like having that extra smoothness. She said that this toner is especially for oily skin but despite not having oily skin the product suits her well.

Niamax D Gel

She claimed that if anyone has been following her channel for a year, it is evident that she was mad about this product. Later she corrupted herself and said, she still is mad about the product. She said that the product was introduced to her by Aayusi (she didn’t reflect much on the relationship she share with Aayushi), who has shared many more good product recommendations. Samapti said that she is absolutely in love with the product.

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Cosrx Galactomyces Essence

Samapti said that this essence is a must if you are looking for brighter skin in one go. However, she had a disclaimer that, if fermented ingredients do not suit you, it is better to stay away from them but for the one who does not have any issue with ferments it’s the best thing that can happen to them. It will make your skin glowing and radiating.

Minimalist Squalane

Samapti said that this oil comes under the category of “no-nonsense” is quite simple. In fact, when she feels that her skin can not take much, she uses this non-sticky oil. However, it doesn’t emulsify that well, but if you are looking for a skin oil and nothing has suited you well, this oil is the one for you. You can also use it as a cleanser.


Samapti ended the video by saying that it is always good to keep using the products that your skin loves. Watch video below

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