5 Must Have Household Products According To Tanya Khanijow

Must Have Household Products Available on Amazon

Gone are the days when you need to consult friends for their lifestyle choices that may or may not be relevant. Nowadays, a big thanks go to emerging influencers who have made our life quite easy with their suggestions and sense of aesthetics along with an eye for good taste.

One such influencer is Tanya Khanijow, this silver button holder is best known for her simple yet elegant and captivating presentations. Her channel is all about living a life she wished to create for herself, some DIYs, Decor, Hauls, Gardening and wholesome yet funny vlogs!

In one of the vlogs, Tanya shares her top picks from Amazon. While starting the video, Tanya said that the best thing about Amazon is, you can get a variety of goods that may not be available at the store near your house.

However, she also added the downside of purchasing from Amazon and that is  – a lot of extra packaging, which becomes difficult to discard. It’s not environment-friendly. To tackle this, Tanya has been recently using the packaging and extra material as a DIY. She later said that some of the products on the list were already opened and some will be unpacked in front of the camera only. Let’s take a look at Tanya’s Amazon picks of Must Have Household Products.

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Supreme Scissor Foldable Table

Tanya couldn’t swoon less over the foldable table she has gotten from Amazon! While showing this beauty she showed her beautiful office space as well. Later she mentioned that she needed one more table for working in case someone has to be at her office thus she got this table.

She mentioned that this table can hold up to 100 kgs of weight and is super strong. Also, it can be folded into any size of requirement and can work as either a mini coffee table or a study table. One of the definite must have household products.


Bekvan 2-Step Stool

Tanya later showed a 2 step stool that she unboxed on the camera only. The main objective of getting this table was to get to shelves situated at a higher elevation of her kitchen. She face issues in installing the stool, yet once it got all arranged it looked totally stunning and served its purpose.

Tanya stood on the stool stating that it could hold up to 100kgs of weight and expressed her happy surprise when she could finally see her kitchen racks on higher elevations. She said that the color of the stool is slightly lighter than shown in the picture but it looks extremely pretty and Pinterest-worthy. Again, one of the winners when it comes to must have household products.


IKEA Dish Drying Mat

The next thing that Tanya showcased was the green coloured dry mat, that she claimed to be extremely useful. She said that majority of the time we are scared of getting our glass mugs or utensils broke while washing them and avoid keeping them with other utensils. At the same time keeping them on the skin’s surface will make the surface wet and messy, thus a dry mat is indeed the requirement.

She also suggested that you can wash the mat once a week and you are good to go with using it further. Now, who wouldn’t agree that this is one of the must have household products.

Bathla Foldable Ladder 4 Steps

The next thing that Tanya introduces to her viewers is a four-step utility ladder that she considers to be quite important keeping tasks like changing curtains and cleaning ceiling and ceiling fans in mind. She says that the ladder she got is quite strong and has four steps. That is perfect for people having height phobia.

The other variants in the same were 5 steps and 3 steps in many color options. Out of all the colors Tanya chooses the grey one as she doesn’t really like bright or poppy colors for home decors. Later she suggested that it is a personal preference but the quality of the ladder is unparalleled.


Boltless Rack

The last product that Tanya introduced was a boltless rack, and she has unpacked and assembled the rack in front of the camera, which took her a long time. In between, she split into laughter contemplating the amount of time it is taking to assemble the boltless rack. When it was finally arranged she couldn’t stop talking about the aesthetic it was giving to her utility area.

She add that she will put plants on the rack and make that space more put-together and beautiful with the help of the rack.

Here’s how you could set it up in corner of your room. Picture only for inspiration!

Here was the list of tops Amazon picks by Tanya, we hope you have got some idea about decorating your home too.

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