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Saree,  the elegant six yards of fabric that Indian women carry with grace and elegance. The neatly tucked-in pleats and the elegance of the drape make the saree a truly unique garment. It’s this drape that truly completes an Indian woman’s wardrobe. Explore latest blouse designs stylish collection ideas in India 2021. Search designer blouses in various prints, patterns, fabrics, styles & more at Hoppingo.

The kind of blouse that is adorned with the saree is also very important. The style/ design/ fabric of the blouse is what completes the look and adds the oomph to the saree.

Stylish blouse designs have evolved over time in terms of their style, design, and necklines. Designers are showcasing new and innovative blouse ideas every year making them the rage with small-time designers and boutique houses. The common tailor shops also easily duplicate these innovative designs.

The saree blouse is such a versatile garment that it can be designed not only from the front like most garments but from the back as well. The back design of the blouse is now given a lot of importance, as the front usually gets covered with the saree drape.

As we are approaching the festive and wedding season, we spoke to fashion stylists and curated some design ideas for your latest saree blouses. Take a look and find out your favorite that you would like to wear for the next event. Some are readymade and easily available on Amazon and some are design ideas that you can get made by your favorite couturier.

1. Black Lycra Stretchable blouse

A black saree is a wardrobe essential for cocktail nights. We all own at least one black saree and sometimes to change the look you can wear it with a modern stretchable bustier top. These tops are very versatile and can be worn with western wear as well.

Black Lycra Stretchable Blouse Designs Stylish

Black Women Stretchable Blouse Designs Stylish

Black Fabrics Stretchable Blouse Designs Stylish

Black Kachnar Stretchable Blouse Designs Stylish

Embroidery Unstitched Stretchable Blouse Designs Stylish

2. Gold Blouse Designs

Another extremely functional color is Gold. A golden blouse goes with just about any color saree. It can instantly lift up any saree and lend it a formal look for that special occasion. There are various shades of Gold to choose from. At least one Gold blouse is a must-have wardrobe essential according to fashion stylists.

Golden Sleeveless Blouse Designs Stylish


Golden Blouse Designs Stylish

Georgette Golden Sleeve Blouse Designs Stylish

Golden Stitched Blouse Designs Stylish

Golden Embroidered Blouse Designs Stylish

Golden Brocade Georgette Blouse Designs Stylish


3. Embellished Blouses

If you want to instantly lift up a solid saree then an embellished blouse will do wonders for it. It will instantly make it from stylish to chic. Dress it up with minimal modern jewelry and you are ready to make a statement.

Spangel Fashion Sequence Sleeveless Blouse Designs Stylish

Sequence Embroidered Stitched Blouse Designs Stylish

Sleeveless Princess Readymade Blouse Designs Stylish

Pujia Mills Womens Banglori Stitched Blouse Designs Stylish

Women Brocade Readymade Blouse Designs Stylish

Sleeveless Readymade Blouse Designs Stylish

Dadu Sequence Embroidered Blouse Designs Stylish

Rinkoo Womens Brocade Blouse Designs Stylish

Amaira Women Sleeveless Blouse Designs Stylish

Vamas Women Sleeveless Blouse Designs Stylish

Rangeen Culture Women Blouse Designs Stylish

Rinkoo Women Floral Readymade Blouse Designs Stylish

Febo Fashion Women Sequence Blouse Designs Stylish

4. Tailored Blouse Designs

In case you have a matching saree blouse and want to get it stitched, then we have a few trending blouse designs for you. Take a look at these interesting backs and necklines.

5. Celebrity’s Choice

Take a look at what is popular in Bollywood. Your favorite stars and their blouse choices.

Celebrity's Choice Blouse Designs Stylish

Celebrity's Choice Blouse Designs Stylish

Celebrity's Choice Blouse Designs Stylish

Celebrity's Choice Blouse Designs Stylish


Celebrity's Choice Blouse Designs Stylish


Celebrity's Choice Blouse Designs Stylish

6. Designer Fashion

Now, the show stoppers. Do take a look at the Top Indian designers and their blouse designs.

Sabyasachi Mukharjee

This is a signature blouse design from Sabyasachi.

Sabyasachi Mukharjee Blouse Designs Stylish

Take a look at these innovative two-layered cholis. Can be worn as a single layer in summers.

Sabyasachi Mukharjee Blouse Designs Stylish

A simple high neck blouse with full sleeves giving a smart confident look to the wearer.

Sabyasachi Mukharjee Blouse Designs Stylish

Manish Malhotra

This sexy yet minimalistic blouse will surely be a head-turner.

Manish Malhotra Blouse Designs Stylish

This exaggerated sleeve blouse will surely make heads turn.

Manish Malhotra Blouse Designs Stylish

A high neck blouse with cut sleeves and a high back looks extremely chic.

Manish Malhotra Blouse Designs Stylish

Hope you found that perfect design for your next saree. We will soon be adding more blouse design ideas to this post, Stay tuned.

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