There are many different styles of a pocket knife multi tool, of varying usefulness and price. If you’re in the market for a new pocket knife, here are some things to consider when deciding between them. You can find pocketknives on all leading online stores like Flipkart, Amazon.

Types of Pocketknives – Pocket Knife Multi Tool

Since the rise of the Swiss Army Knife in 1891, there has been a proliferation of different styles and uses for pocketknives. While you can do a lot with a multi-tool, there are good reasons, in both emergency and everyday settings, to have a dedicated pocketknife. Here we’ll cover the most common types:

1. The Swiss Army Knife (SAK)

SAK is the original pocketknife, and probably the most versatile. The standard model contains a knife blade paired with scissors or an awl; in addition, there are typically multiple screwdriver heads, a bottle opener, and a can opener. There’s even a built-in emery board for keeping your nails in check. The SAK is a great choice for anyone who needs to carry around rugged tools on a regular basis.

2. Pen Knife

The penknife is just that: a knife designed to fit in the pocket of your jacket and always be within arm’s reach. Penknives typically have two different blades: one straight and sharp, and the other curved and sharp. The latter blade is sometimes called a “spey” or “sheepsfoot” blade, and it’s useful for scoring the bark of trees to collect sap, among other things.

Penknives are aesthetically pleasing, but not particularly useful in an emergency situation. If you’re looking for something stylish that’ll go with any outfit, a penknife is a way to go.

3. Folding Utility Knife

The folding utility knife is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pocketknife that will also work as a box cutter. Utility knives are extremely thin, making them great for everyday use around the office or at home. They typically have only one blade of any particular length.

4. Credit Card Knife

The credit card knife is really more of a novelty than anything else; while you can get some utility out of it, it’s much better as a conversation piece than an actual pocketknife. The credit card knife has two different blades, one on either end; it really isn’t thick enough to handle any difficult tasks, but it does make for a nice letter opener (and the blade is sharp enough to pierce an envelope).

5. Karambit Training Knife

The karambit training knife is a special blade designed to be used in practice sessions. Learning how to use a karambit can be difficult, and an actual blade is lethal.

6. Butterfly Knife

The most practical types of pocketknife are the “all-in-one” and the “butterfly knife.” The former has a large number of tools built as part of the blade, along with a few other functions. Most all-in-ones have at least three blades: one for regular cutting tasks, one serrated edge for sawing through fibrous materials, and one for cutting wire. Some all-in-one knives include a bottle opener, screwdriver heads, and even emergency whistles.

The butterfly knife is incredibly useful for opening packages or envelopes; it’s used to slice open the top of an envelope, where it will stay until you’re ready to seal it up again. Butterfly knives tend to be a little bit thicker than other types of pocket knives. These tend to be pricier than the all-in-one models, but they’re highly functional and well worth the money if you spend a lot of time opening boxes or envelopes. It’s a value-for-money pocket knife multi tool.

7. Folding Pocket Knife

While the folding pocket knife is more practical than your average pocketknife, you can do some serious damage to an intruder or use it for camping or in the kitchen. There are in fact different kinds of folding pocket knife that can be used. These are the two best sellers on Amazon.



8. Army Led Knife

Army knives are typically all-in-one pocket knife multi tool that have a very high number of screwdriver tips. The army knife is typically designed to fit inside the uniform pocket, and it has a variety of different blades for cutting through fabrics or ropes quickly.


9. Cigar Cutter Knife

The gut hook knife, also known as the gut blade, is used by hunters to the gut game; flipping out the knife’s built-in gut hook automatically separates the skin from muscle with a flick of the wrist. This special blade also doubles as an excellent survival tool and can be used for making notches in trees or even cutting zip ties.


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The best pocketknife is going to be one that’s durable enough to last. Hope you found the pocket knife multi tool that you are looking for. Share with us in the comments below.

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