Packing Cubes Are An Absolute Essential When You Are Planning To Travel

Swati Gauba

'Travel Light!', this advise is something that most of us get to hear every single time we decide to go on a vacay. But do we ever listen? That's a big resounding NO. We often pack enough for trips twice as long as our planned vacation and yet we never learn. The next time a trip comes along, we can almost definitely be found packing the entire world yet again. Incorrigible!  Even though huge suitcases cause a lot of hassle while traveling to different places or while traveling with kids, we are yet to find anyone who has actually won this game of packing light.

But here's a travel essential I absolutely endorse. It just makes you look like a minimalist on the outside and hides your little secret stash of extra clothes, shoes, and jewelry like a pro. I am talking about packing cubes

For the uninitiated, packing cubes are zippered fabric organizers that typically come in a rectangular shape. They not only compress your luggage but also make it easier to find stuff in your luggage. Packing cubes are much more durable and unlike a compression bag, you can easily access your luggage in a packing cube. They're also super useful if you want to keep your unused and used clothes separate through the trip. That's a heaven-sent for a neat freak like me!


If travel is part of your 2019 resolution, you MUST buy a few packing cubes to make sure you have a smooth trip.





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