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About Zivame

About Zivame

Zivame is home for comfortable and quality female wears with emphasis on lingerie. They are in the business of selling fitted and comfortable innerwear. The type of innerwear you have on can make or mar the fitness of your outerwear. Have you ever worn a bra or panties that really made you uneasy and restless in public? Well, Zivame is here to meet all of your personal wears to bring out the confidence in you all day and night. Other accessories like socks, masks, leggings are also available.

What We Love About The Website

A click on the website opens you to a variety of endless choices for comfort and class. The colorful site is welcoming and makes you feel at home as you browse through different sections of the site.

Zivame Products


There are different sets of bras to meet different needs and wears. For example, the strapless bra is comfortable for a Saree dress that shows the shoulders.


The wears we put on to sleep can help us have a restful and peaceful sleep. No matter the weather there’s suitable nightwear for different weathers in their store.

Active Wear

Wears for sports or doing house chores are also available. They enable mobility and calmness as you go about your daily routine.


The materials used are top-notch and suitable for different weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about itching or uneasiness while in any of their panties.

Swim And Beach Wears

The right material to enable mobility and ease in water is guaranteed as you have fun on the beach or in pools.


They care about making living more healthy and safe for you. For example, they have the toilet spray to disinfect toilet seats so you don’t have to worry about infections. Also, they have the Pee Wash Natural intimate wash to kill bacteria without harming the natural pH of the vagina. It is also useful against urinary tract disorders. Due to the recent pandemic; they have reusable face masks and gloves to keep you safe and protected as you keep to the social distance rules.

Price And Offers

Prices are pleasantly affordable with a minimum of 20% discount on all products and fast delivery of all items.

Return Policy

Due to the sense of extra hygiene inner wears are given and it’s very personal use to customers; returns are not allowed.

FAQs on Zivame

1. I’m a big fan of buying products from an app, do Zivame have an app?

Zivame has an app where you can browse through and complete your order. In fact, there’s a coupon available if you use the app.

2. I would love to know how to make a mask; is a tutorial available on the Zivame website?

Yes, they have articles on their blog to help make a DIY face mask. Other articles on how to use and take care of inner or outerwears are also available on the blog.

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