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Quality Kitchenware and Equipment on Wonderchef Online Store
If you love to spend time in the kitchen, by now, you already know the relevance of quality kitchen essentials. You must have also come to the realization that you really can’t have enough of kitchen utensils and other equipment in your kitchen. However, stocking up on high-quality kitchenware could be a little difficult sometimes as there’s always enough bombardment from the media on the best kitchen items to buy. Sometimes, you only just need one relevant information to make a good decision.
Wonderchef is arguably one of the best online stores in India and has been serving the kitchen community for over a decade. Founded in 2009 by Kapoor and Ravi Saxena, Wonderchef has built a reputation for consistently offering premium kitchen appliances, cookware and bakeware.
What We Love About Wonderchef

Varieties to choose from: The categories of products on Wonderchef online shopping portal include; cookware, appliances, Nutri-blend, choppers, flasks, cooktops, cookers and mixer grinders. And each of these categories contains items that are further categorized in terms of color, volume, price range and discount range. Categories like cookers have variances like material type and size.
Great discounts: Wonderchef offers reasonable discounts on virtually all products. Each category has discounts from as low as 3% to as high as 61%.
Uniqueness: The uniqueness in Wonderchef products is the awesome blend of great aesthetics and impeccable functionality.

Here Are A Few Of The Best Selling Products Of Wonderchef On Amazon
1.) Wonderchef Prato compact juicer
This easy-to-operate equipment is the ideal solution for a fast-paced life. It features a dual speed and pulse function perfect for juicing. With a discounted price of 2,475 Rupees, it’s definitely a must-have in your kitchen cupboard.
2.) Wonderchef Ultima 3 Burner Glass Cooktop
This Wonderchef Cooktop features a high-quality thick glass top which is pretty easy to clean and maintain. Plus there’s a one year guarantee on the glass top. Its compact design guarantees you a convenient cooking experience always.
3.) Wonder Ferro cast-iron oval casserole
Cooking could not be easier with this enamel-coated casserole. This weighty pan features a matte-black enamel interior and comes with an equally heavy lid, to improve your cooking performance, giving you the desired flavorful dishes. The vibrant colour also adds some style to your kitchen.
These premium quality products from Wonderchef are certainly worth investing in as you’re sure to always get value for your money. What makes it even more amazing is the free shipping costs that come with every Wonderchef product you purchase.
Return Policy
Wonderchef encourages customers to reach out to their customer service on the discovery of product damage or a defect after delivery as they promise to authorize a return and issue a replacement accordingly. All Wonderchef products have their respective warranty period indicated on the product packages. Hence, in the event of damage or defect attributed to Wonderchef – that after due verification, a customer can initiate a request not later than seven days after receiving the delivery of the product.
The policy further explains that while users may initiate a request for return or exchange of products, they also would be required to produce a copy of the original invoice at the time of placing the requests. The user must also ensure that the product(s) returned must be unused and intact. However, the company clearly states that there is no leverage for a cash refund after delivery of the product(s).
How do I clean kitchen utensils
Kitchen utensils can be washed with water and dish detergent. Use warm soapy water and sponge regularly to remove food residues Allow it to air-dry. Sanitization should also be done at regular intervals to kill harmful bacteria.

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